Lesbian Sex Advice You Need To Know

Not All Women Are The Same

Lesbian Sex Advice You Need To Know – There are lots of crappy articles out there about sex tips that have no effect. I wanted to create something using my sexual experience from the past few years to create something truly orgasmic for all lesbians. This is aimed at all lesbians that really want to start having orgasms. This is for beginners but can be used by anyone. Today I’m just going to show you exactly what you need to know in order give yourself and others orgasm after orgasm. This is what you want and need. – Sharing is caring, so please share as much as you can. – Comment if you want to ask any questions or add anything to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Not All Women Are The Same

#1. Not All Women Are The Same

A lot of lesbians make the mistake of thinking all women are the same as themselves, which in fact isn’t true. It’s a lot easier for women to get a women off, that is true, but women are all different and the quicker you understand that, the easier orgasmic pleasure will become.

Now some of the ways you’ll be able to see what pleasure she enjoys is to just look at her body language while doing it. See how she reacts to your movements, stimulation and touching. You’ll be able to use your own body language as a reference to help understand where you need to pleasure.

You can change so many things about sex, but the easiest way to improve sex is to give oral please, do simple, flick and circle motion, see where her bodies going, work out the speeds she enjoys and once you’ve pleasure her for a few minutes you’ll know exactly how she likes it. At that point you can take the pleasure into your own hands and tease her, build her up and then let her exploded.


#2. Don’t Get Them Off The Same Way You Get Off (People Are Lazy)

When I masturbate I’m trying to get myself off as quick as possible, it’s very rare that I actually take the time to stimulate myself to the maximum, in time we all become lazy lovers and for that reason you should never look at how your partner gets off and implement it, they might enjoy that method, but if you give them the same as they’re already getting then nothing changes.

You can usually see by what they do on you, what they enjoy, but never go for average, always try to build them up, drop them down and repeat, you want them to be seriously ready to explode by the time you’re done with them.


#3. Take It Slow With Sex Toys

Don’t rush, a lot of couples rush on the sex toy train, the truth is, sex toys are something you should be saving for when sex dips down and you need to make it better. If you jump right in with loads of sex toys then all you’re doing is making your own lives harder. It’ll then be harder to get your partner off and there will be less to look forward to in the future.

Trying sex toys life: Bullet vibrators, vibrators, strap on dildos and dildos are a great way and the ones I picked there are my favorites.


#4. Remember The Power Of Build Up

If you want to upgrade your partners orgasm then you should always stop and start. You’ll want to warn your partner what you’re doing before you do this, but if you do then you just ask them to tell you when they’re getting close to the orgasm, then stop, just repeat three/four times and when you finally let her orgasm she’ll have the best orgasm.


#5. Get A Toy You Can Penetrate With

Penetration is exciting and makes a different. Getting a nice strap on that stimulates you both is a nice way of upgrading your sex life. It just add a little more pleasure and makes things work a little better. If that sounds good to you then give it a try.


#6. It’s Not All About Sex

As you may know it’s not all about sex, you’ve sometimes got to remember to cuddle and love each other. It’s an important part of making sex better. If you’re not feeling loved then climaxing is going to get increasingly hard for you to do.


#7. There’s Always Going To Be Someone Who Enjoys Sex More

Just because you’re two women doesn’t mean you’ll have the same-sex drivers. No matter what kind of relationship you’re in you’ll have a relationship that has someone who enjoy sex more than the other. The person who enjoy sex more will l always be better at it.


#8. Sex Is Better When It’s Not Every Day

So even if it’s your partner who likes sex every day, it’s not a bad thing, because sex gets better when it’s not every day. It’s so much more exciting and having a little rest actually helps increase the chance of an orgasm.


#9. Stress Effects Orgasm

If you’re both stressed out then you’ll see a massive shock in the quality of sex, de stress once a week to help get sex back up to a normal level.


#10. Sometimes Your Partner Just Won’t Be Able To Cum

Sometime both you and your partner won’t have it in you to have an orgasm, when this happens you’ve just got to forget about it and not worry. IT’s still a lot of fun, but that’s just what I think about it. Some women can cum every time I’ve just seen it as a rare occurrence.

Lesbian Sex Advice You Need To Know

Lesbian Sex Advice You Need To Know

Lesbian Sex Advice You Need To Know – You really do need to get inside this and do all the stuff I talk about. Sex toys are so intense and you have to get them right now. – Sharing is caring so be sure to hit them share buttons. – Comment if you’ve got any questions or want to add anything to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Lesbian Sex Advice You Need To Know

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