Male masturbator buying guide!

male masturbators

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Male masturbator buying guide!

The Male masturbator buying guide, this is the best buying guide for men looking to buy a sex toy to change there solo sex forever! We’re going to look at all the best male masturbatores and what they have to offer. 

What they are and what they do:

A male masturbator is a sex toy for men that basically goes over the penis and makes your wank feel a lot more like having sex. They usually have little bumps or gel pimples to make it even more realistic and really make it an intense orgasm. So it’s really like a grip for your hand that goes around all of the penis. 


Vibrating male masturbator:

vibrating masturbators have got to be the most intense male sex toy available the way they feel is just unexplainable and will make your legs shake. The sex toy you put on the top of your penis and it has slow amazing vibrations that send shivers everywhere.

Normal masturbator: 

Normal just a hand like grip amazing feeling and sometimes can contain little bubbles or bumps that make it even more fun to use.

Moving tip:

These can be super hot! They’re a little hard to explain, they cover your penis and then you can move the tip of the male masturbator to make it feel like the girl is doing circles on your penis. They are really cheap too at about 10$ It’s a real must have. 


The tenga eggs are amazing they’re single use but you can use them about 5 to 8 times if you look after them and use them quick. They are amazing and come pre lubricated so if you want a quick fix this will be amazing for you.

male masturbator

Colt Power Stroker Masturbator



– TENGA Silver Flip Hole Male Masturbator Price: Only: $99.99

– Fun Zone Vulcan Vibrating Tight Anus Male Masturbator Price: Only: $26.99


– Tracey Cox Supersex Stroker  Price: Only: $14.99

– Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker Price: Only: $39.99

Don’t forget lube:

Lube is a big must with any of these, make sure you pick up lube as well we have a great buying guide bellow which should help you with all your lube buying questions for male sex toys. Even the pre lubed ones you will want some lube because if you want to reuse you can easily. 

Lubes that work with them:

Check our lube guide here: The sex lubrication buying guide


Breakdown of the male masturbator, the male masturbator is an amazing male sex toy with loads to other whether it’s the price that pulls you in or the ease of clean and how easy it is to use or if its more the that you want a really intense orgasm and don’t know where to start. The male masturbator has to be one of my all round favourite sex toys and will be for a long time it’s very rare where you find a sex toy thats better than sex but after you try a vibrating male masturbator its a whole new level of orgasm! So really if you want to try a sex toy and you’re debating which one give one of our sex toys on the list ago you won’t regret it.

That was the male masturbator buying guide – MrMaleSexToys.

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