Mistakes men always make in bed.

Mistakes men always make in bed.

Mistakes men always make in bed.

Mistakes men always make in bed. – Things that all men should avoid in the bedroom, this is things all men do in the bedroom that turns off girls and leaves them unsatisfied. We might be able to teach you a thing or two about what to not do in bed. After asking loads of random girls this is the mistakes that men seem to make all the time no matter what their told. – Sharing is caring 🙂 – Comment if you’ve got anymore. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

Mistakes men always make in bed.

Digging deep. 

Not all guys but most guys at some point think that women want to be fingered like their a hole being dug, sometime that “come here” motion can work but be ready to be told to stop. Great mistake that can be fixed by just being more gentle and not using anything to complicated.


Not cutting their nails is one of the biggest mistakes a guy can make, having that little pointy bit that’s like a razor blade takes all the fun out of fingering and causes a lot of pain so much sure you fill your nails and cut them down before you try to finger a girl. -that was a Mistakes men always make in bed.

Talking dirty.

This isn’t so bad and I think women do the same, talking dirty when a man say’s he’s going to cum all over your face and in your mouth is kinda a moment killer, some girls will think it’s hot so just go on he girl you’re with because it always changes but just think it through. Women like dirty talk but more like: I’m going to slowly pull down your skirt and lightly put my hand between your legs. I love that talk and that always gets me. So next time you’re talking dirty just be less subtle and think it through more. Or just YOLO it and don’t care. 😉

Not Warming up.

I think every man who’s just starting out can face this problem and hit that wall where you’re not sure if it’s ready to happen. One of the biggest problems girls seemed to have was men starting sex without foreplay and even go in straight in for a cheeky finger with no seduction or kissing or even touching. It seems the romance and love is dying, hahaha.


A lot of people also said a big mistake is being so rough, don’t get me wrong I love a man to take control but be a bit careful with your teeth and how you touch my sweet spots because if you bit it will most likely hurt. Sometimes girls say they want to rough but what they mean by that is put them in there place and just be good and firm with them that way they don’t get hurt and can just have fun.

Too much tongue.

This is a turn on for some girls but others said when men try to get their whole tongue in your mouth and swirl it around :O that’s something that takes some getting used too. But equally can turn girls on if it’s in the right place 😉 Just stick to oral sex. – Mistakes men always make in bed. Another Mistakes men always make in bed.


 I think I will agree as a lad and say that even after years we sometimes bit off more than we can chew and try the spinning plat technique that can sometimes end in disaster but also equally end well so as long as you can do it then do it, but if it’s hard for you to do 3 things at once then just stick to the thing she likes the most and keep to that instead of try 3 things but only doing them to half the power. Thats just my advice. – Mistakes men always make in bed.


– Remember to cut your nails and wear nice aftershave.

–  Try to limit the talk down in sex especially the first few times.

– Ask a girl is it was good but don’t ask for reassurance girls seem to hate telling a man that they did a good job.

– If a girl ever jokes about your skill ask her why she doesn’t or didn’t teach you better.

– Follow her body movements because they’ll usually lead you to gold.

– Make sure to not bit or be too rough with any parts of her.

– Learn some sex tips on our site as they’ll most likely help you all round and make you much better at giving oral sex and give you the edge on penetration sex.

Mistakes men always make in bed.

Mistakes men always make in bed.

Mistakes men always make in bed. – Some of these are really true, I think a lot of men make some of these mistakes at the start of their sex life, easy to fix though and hopefully won’t have too many awkward moments. Posts like this are fun to write involve a lot of questioning people and getting to meet some great people who help us out. – If you need any more advice just check our other stuff and remember that we have loads of sex help, tips and tricks on our blog page. – Sharing makes you amazing. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

Mistakes men always make in bed.

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