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How To Have Sex In The Hot Spanish Heat

Hola chicos y chicas!

Summer is here and we all know that mundane, everyday tasks such as ‘walking the dog’ can be off putting by the incredible temperatures outside.

This is definitely true when it comes to sex. The thought of sticky, hot, uncomfortable sex may be appealing to some but for the majority of people, it’s a turn off.

The summer is not kind to our sex lives and so we put together a post on how to have sex in the hot Spanish heat.

summer sex tips

#1 – Keep cool

If turning on the AC or keeping a window open isn’t enough, try having a cold shower beforehand to get you in the mood to actually be cool laying next to each other.

Consider even wetting your hair so that the cool water is constantly around you both.


#2 – Avoid cuddling

This may be hard for some but try avoiding cuddling in the heat as it just makes your hotter and stickier. It can be quite a turn on having sex without needing to hold and touch each other.


#3 Use Sex Toys

Consider some sex toys to get the ball rolling and take out some of the work. Here is my favorite Spanish sex toy provider that deliver discreetly and with ease they’re called mejor juguetes sexuales.


#4 Night owl

The night time is the coolest time of the day (or in the early hours) so consider putting off sex until these times.


#5 – Wet, wet wet!

If you can try having sex in the sea or in the pool, you’ll stay cool, it’s really sexy and it’s something to tick off of your bucket list! (This works best at night too if you don’t want to get caught!).

#6 – Cool It Down

Keep your bedroom cool by keeping the blinds shut, that way when you do decide to have sex it’s a least a little bit cooler than everywhere else in the house.


#6.5 – Try A Hot Sex Position

I just read this article that goes through the best summer sex positions. As the position you do it in is key to staying cool, calm and collected.


#7 – Take A Shower Together Shower

Just like having sex in the pool or in the sea, having sex in a cool shower will keep you both cool, refreshed and the moment going because you’re never going to overheat!


#8 – Cold Shower Before

You could also have a few minutes inside a cold shower before sex, that way you’ll be feeling nice and clean, along with cool.

This works even better if you both do it.


#9 – Dark The Place Down

Yes keeping it dark is one of the keys to coolness. So if you’ve got some shutters pull them down.

Trust us when we say this will make a massive difference.


#10 – Hotel rooms

Our last tip may not appeal to everyone but, consider booking a hotel room for the weekend. You can leave the Air conditioning on all day long, blinds shut and constant shower sex without having to worry about neighbors, bills or being too hot.


#11 – Get Naked

Don’t even try and have sex full clothed, get rid of everything and if you like some protection then you can keep underwear on, but even the smallest amount of clothing makes a big difference in the summer heat.


#12 – Fresh Air

Even though it’s hot, hot, hot. Fresh air will help cool the room down. So if you’ve got some of them famous spanish blinds that can just let through the air, use them, while blacking out the room for the best cooling results.


#13 – Cooled drinks And No Food

Consider having a nice cool drink before and avoid eating any food before you have sex.

Food can eat us up and when it’s hot there’s nothing worse than feeling full, naked, horny, but too hot and tired for sex.

Seriously it’s a real bummer.


#14 – Limit Stress

The heat can sometimes be the best excuse your body needs to not have sex. And usually your body acts like this because of stress.

So do some stressless activities that’ll de-stress you.


  • Reading a nice book.
  • Going for a cool swim.
  • Taking a cool bath.


Because it isn’t always the heat that’s the problem, it’s sometimes just the sex and the time not being right.

So make it right by changing the way your body thinks.


#15 – Another Five Awesome Tips

I just found the perfect video on more hot summer sex tips.

It’s defonitly worth checking out.

I hope you have a lovely day and if you’ve got any advice then please use the comments down below and let us in on it.

How To Start Trying Sexual Fantasies In Your Relationship

How To Start Trying Sexual Fantasies In Your Relationship – Sexual fantasies, we all have them, some of us act on them and others just let them sit in their mind while they go about their lives. This can sometimes be boring and it can be hard knowing that you’ll never be fully satisfied. Maybe your sexual fantasy is light, something like BDSM or getting your partner to take control of your sex life, or it might be a little more risky, like having two men/women at once, maybe a sex party, or something even more naughty. So, it’s time to enjoy the sex and try something new that you won’t forget. I’m going to show you the steps you need to take in order to try them fantasies. – Sharing is caring, if you share it makes me happy and makes this worth while. – Remember that the comments are always welcome and are below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Start Trying Sexual Fantasies In Your Relationship

#1. Start Small, Then Go Big

You don’t want to start with really big fantasies first, they take a lot of energy and can be a little to exposing. So find out what you want to try that’s a little small, something like having sex with a sex toy or in a car, just little things that you’ve wanted to do for a while. The more steps you take the easier they’ll get. So it’s a really good plan to start taking small steps and then before you know it you’ll be running with your sexual fantasies.


#2. Never Rush, Remember That Things Take Time For A Reason

You should also plan out the fantasies and take your time. You don’t need to rush, just like starting small you need to remember that rushing can make sex less fun. So take on one new challenge a week instead of trying 100’s of things instantly trying to make them work. You’ll blow the sexual experience and just end up having to start again after it happens.


#3. Go Exploring

Explore your partners body, it’s a great way to start having fun. Explore things that you’ve never done before and treat their body differently, you’ll be amazed with what you can achieve. You can start by getting blindfolds, turning the lights down low, then add some music and take full control of your partners body. Add as much pleasure as possible.


#4. Use The Internet To Find Out More

If you’re about to involve yourself in something a little more naughty than the sexual fantasies above then you may want to go online and speak to people who’ve had experience with it. If you go looking on forums you’ll see people who’ve had experiences and can teach you about the good and bad. It’s silly to research the things like sex before you get yourself in the deep end and risk hurting your sex life.


#5. Go Get Some Sex Toys

The second thing I do when trying to unlock someone sexual fantasies is get some sex toys, sex toys are a really out of this world way of unlocking sexual fantasies. You can try a massager wand, bullet vibrator and maybe even a male masturbator, that’s all you need for amazing pleasure.


#6. Have Less Sex, But Make It More Intense

Another tips is to have less sex but make the sex that you do have full with energy, there’s no point in letting yourself go… You need to have the sex that matters, you can have sex 100 times and only remember 10 of them sexual sessions, go for quality over quantity. The sex will be amazing after that.


#7. Get Horny

Get yourself horny, when the mans horny it’s easier to make the sex great, try not masturbating a few days before sex, that way you’ll have a much more hornier sex life. Give it a try to see how it goes. You can also look at foods that make you more horny and raise your sex drive.


#8. Create A List Of Things You’d Like To Try

One of the best tips I can give you is to create a list of things that you’d enjoy trying, that way you can start ticking them off, see how far you’ll go and add some excitement to the process of doing your sexual fantasies. It’s a really clean way to enjoy fantasies when you do it like this. You can start it with small fantasies and then just keep building them up

How To Start Trying Sexual Fantasies In Your Relationship

How To Start Trying Sexual Fantasies In Your Relationship

How To Start Trying Sexual Fantasies In Your Relationship – You’re now ready to bring your sex fantasy in to the real world. Be careful and be sure to enjoy it, remember to always have safe sex and do things properly. – Sharing is caring, so please share. – Comment below for extra advice on this or other sex related things. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Start Trying Sexual Fantasies In Your Relationship


Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try – We all need to put little challenges into our sex life. Sometimes the bigger the better and for that reason I’ve decided to give you all some challenges that you can try in bed with your partner. These are idea for spicing up the sex, getting more sex and even feeling like you’ve achieved something from having sex. This is out of this world and you just can’t go wrong with it. – If you’re looking for something to really get thins back tonight then just add these and be sure to complete them one at a time. – Sharing is caring, let other people get involved in the amazing sex. – Comment if you’ve got any more challenge ideas for your sex life. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try


#1. How Many Times Can You Have Sex In A Month

This is something that changed the way I had sex with my partner. We just got a pen and paper and we challenged each other to see how much sex we could have in one month. We did good, but the month after that we set targets and she got her friends involved, it actually made the whole thing extremely orgasmic and intense in so many ways.

If you’re looking for was to have bump up the sex you’re having then it can be as simple as just challenging the times you can do it.


#2. How Many Sex Positions can You Try Per Month

Once we did the first month, we got our copy of the Kama Sutra out and started seeing how many sexual positions we could master every month. This made sex a lot of fun and actually made our love spark back, we got so excited about sex, foreplay started become not even needed.

Which is weird, my female partner was so horny all the time that we just kept elevating the sex we we’re having.


#3. Don’t Let Your Partner Cum For A Week With Constant Teasing

You can also try the opposite kind of pleasure, which is the build up game, this is where you just keep building up and letting down your partner. This will drive them crazy and when you finally cum after a week of teasing it’ll feel like your whole body is just emptying out and the orgasm will send your body into a completely different world.


#4. Try One New Thing A Per Week

There are loads of different things you can try in the bedroom to make it even more exciting. I set a challenge for new couples suffering with bad sex, it’s simple you just pick 52 new things to try, these can be sex positions, sex toys, fantasies, sexual testing (anal, oral), different types of orgasms, etc.

You only need to do one new thing per week, but spend the whole week trying to master it.


#5. Try One Sex Toy Per…

If you’ve got the cash then try one a week and if not you can try one per month, just go and get a new sex toy, it can be big or small, it can be BDSM related or a vibrator, even lube or a different type of condom.

Just try to use one new thing every month. This really does increase the pleasure you have while having sex.


#6. Have Sex In Every Room Of Your House Before The Weeks Over

Don’t be lazy, your house should be one place that you’ve had sex in every room. I’d say set a challenge to do your whole house within one week, see how man rooms you can cover, the only way it counts is if you both cum in each room. 😉 How many rooms can you do?


#7. Get The Sexual Bucket List

The sexual bucket list is a great way to increase the quality of the sex you’re having. It’s just a book that’s filled with loads of sex advice and challenges that you’ve got to tick off in order to complete it. It’s lots of fun and great for couples who’re looking to try something different in the bedroom.


#8. Write A Sexual Fantasy List, Start Ticking Things Off

Just like the sexual bucket list you can create your own list of things and start having fun with it. Both of you need to take a piece of paper and you’ve both got to write down 10 – 20 things you want to try in the next year in the bedroom, all have to be possible and you then have to do one a week with no exceptions.

See how great your sex becomes when you do something like this.

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try – Wow, who knew how fun sex could be. It’s unbelievable that sex can be so intense, it’s silly to think people don’t just add these little challenges to other stuff in their life. I hope you’ve enjoyed, if you have then please remember the share buttons. – Comment below if you’ve got any advice or want any advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try

Do Older Women Like Younger Men?

Do Older Women Like Younger Men? – As a younger man who enjoys older women I felt like it is only fair to share some of the things I’ve learnt over the years with you people. That’s why I’m going to start by telling you about older women and whether they’ll date a younger man, this is the truth and it’s all written out of my experience and that’s why it’s important to understand it. – So, I’m going to show you what older women look for, I’m also going to show you if you’ve got a chance of getting a date. – Sharing is caring, so please share this article as much as possible. – Comment if you fancy a chat or if you have any questions. I love to chat so feel free to talk to me. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try


#1. Fantasies, Some Women Do It Just For The Fantasy

Who doesn’t want to have someone younger who knows different sex moves and is new and fresh? So, a lot of women like having sex with younger men really for the sexual fantasy attached.

Most women subconsciously go for the stronger man, a man who can look after her and that’s why women naturally have an attraction to stronger men and when they’re younger it’s even more thrilling to think about and act on.


#2. Younger, Hotter And Better In Bed

If you’re a good-looking lad and you know a thing or two in bed this will interest her to extremes. Sex appeal, is 50% of what you have and 50% of what people think you have, it’s really that simple.

You control how much sex appeal people think you have, so control their imagination, make them think you’re a real stud and they’ll completely believe it in the bedroom.

Remember the female orgasm is all about her mind.


#3. It’s Something Different And Can Spice Up Life

For the same reason men like younger women, younger women enjoy it, it’s something new, different and exciting. For that reason you should start thinking how can you make her notice you and that you can spice things up and change the way she thinks about and has sex.

If you enter even the slightest chance of something like that happening then you’ll be amazed with the results you can have.


#4. Women Sometimes Feel Like Their Hay Days Are Over

Once a women gets to 30 years old they stop getting constant male attention, this doesn’t completely stop, but it does stop quicker than you can imagine.

So, when you start giving her attention her eyes will light up, this will make her want to push it and see how far you’re willing to go, this is all just for reassurance that she’s still got it, but before she’ll know it, she’ll actually want a little more than just reassurance and you’ll see that she actually wants you.

This isn’t uncommon and I’ve been the victim of this a few times ;).


#5. Someone To Spend Time With

It’s always nice to spend time with someone and they say you are who you hang around with, so hanging around with someone who’s young and full of life will help them grow and become someone amazing.


#6. It Can Be Frustrating In Some Ways Too

Not all women like it, there’s a big frustration with age that doesn’t allow them to completely commit to you. This thing is death and it’s that you’ll never live happily ever after. If you’re 10 years older, you can sometiems make it work, but even then it can be really hard to make things happen how you intend them too.


#7. Younger Men Listen More

Once men get to a certain age their brain is so full they usually stop caring and listening, this makes the conversation all about them and can even make them quite selfish. If you’re a young man then you’ll know the power of listening and for that reason you can actually change the way an older woman thinks about you, just being there to listen and not give bad judgment or advice is something that’ll make you quite attractive.


#8. Sex Is More Experimental

A woman reaches her sexual prime in her early 30’s and a man is in his from 18 to around 24. This makes the sex of people at these ages unexplainable good, experimental, exciting, fun and damn right hot. You’ll never have felt anything quite like the sex you have when you’re both horny and living out a fantasy.

Do Older Women Like Younger Men?

Do Older Women Like Younger Men?

Do Older Women Like Younger Men? – This is really all it’s about, so if you like older women there’s no better way to get one than to be yourself and just dress to impress that age. Women enjoy your age and always want to be able to feel like a younger man can enjoy them. – Sharing is caring, so please be amazing and share. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Do Older Women Like Younger Men?

Everything you need to know about penis enlargement

Everything you need to know about penis enlargement surgery

It seems to be a big craze right now, with more and more men getting penis enlargement we wonder where it will stop. We went and did some research and learnt exactly what it means and we saw whether it really does do a lot for your penis size. I always wondered this and after doing the research it’s crazy to see how much people will pay for that extra size. We like to give you all the advice you need to be able to make a choice on whether you want to get your penis enlarged. This is a question that a lot of men have asked and hopefully we will be able to help you with. – Remember that the comments area below and if you’ve got anything to say or ask then just comment. – Sharing is caring so please share. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Everything you need to know about penis enlargement


What is it:

You can get both the length and the circumference of your penis enlarged by getting penis enlargement surgery.

They’ll usually put you under and take different substances like fat from your butt and place it into your penis. This will make you have a bigger penis.


What does it do:

It makes you have a bigger penis, which is usually the reason why people are social awkward and not confident. So if you’re being held back by the size of your penis this can help make it grow and really sort out your comfort and insecurities.


How Much Does It Cost:

It can cost anywhere from $2000 to $5000 depending on what you get done and how much you want it enlarged. This is expensive due to the fact that the results can go within the first years.

There’s certain rules you’ve got to take, for example due to the fact your body burns fat, if you become to hungry or crash diet you may lose weight from your penis, the second problem is this will make your penis lumpy and probably take a lot of the attraction away.



There’s definitely a lot of dangers involved when you’re playing with anything like the penis, especially when you’re cutting it open and for that reason a lot of men don’t take the risks.

After researching a lot I found that a lot of people lose the results of the enlargement, some have trouble getting an erection, others don’t orgasm and more commonly the penis goes really lumpy and looks extremely uneven.

This isn’t worth the money or the health risks. You could go through all that risk just to lose erection or results, which just doesn’t seem right.



The best and most common alternative is a penis pump. They’re easy to use and just 10 to 30 minutes of use per day can massively increase the size of your penis. People have been known to add inches to the size of their penis using penis pump, this is something that’s not uncommon, with me personally knowing people including myself who’ve added inches in size.

There’s also exercises you can do as a man that’ll grow your penis, exercises that just lightly stretch the penis, they grow both girth and length, making the penis much bigger and adding size almost instantly.

You could also just grab a penis extension, this is a sex toy that just slips over the penis and allows you to have sex making your partner think your penis is a lot better than it really is.

Shop Fifty Shades of Grey with 365 day no hassle returns at Lovehoney

Everything you need to know about penis enlargement surgery  – See it doesn’t seem worth it, it seems that a penis pump will do a better job and cause less problems, it seems like a good idea but in honesty you might want to think about it for a while – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Everything you need to know about penis enlargement surgery 

How To Get A Date With An Older Women

How To Get A Date With An Older Women – It used to be my dream to date an older women, me being 28 now and the women I date being around 35 to 40 I thought it was time to let you guys in on my advice to dating older women. Now, the age gap that I have right now with most my partners isn’t that big, but I’ve been dating women of that age since my early twenties. That’s the age I was when I met my first older women and had some fun and it’s definitely an amazing experience, their bodies are completely different and most of them enjoy sex a lot more than women at my own age. That’s why I’ve decided to teach you where I went wrong and how to avoid the problems I had myself while trying to get a date with an older women. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share after you’ve read. – Comment if you want more advice from me. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get A Date With An Older Women


#1. Hang Round With An Older Audience

You’ve got to get comfortable hanging around with older women and older people. This helps you conversate and stops you being stuck when approaching an older women in the future.

You’ll also get introduced to older women and once you start hanging with that audience you’ll see just how easy it is to start dating and picking up women who’re older than you.


#2. Get Online Dating This Really Works

I you’re looking to date a women who’s 10 + years older, in her 30’s/40’s then you’ll have a much better chance by using a dating site, there are loads of older women and a very low quality of guys, this makes it easy for you to get a date, pick them up and start having fun.

I find that when you put yourself in an environment like that you’ll usually excel and start making some serious progress.


#3. Learn What Older Women Want And Be It

I’ve learnt that every women wants something different, the quicker you learn what your partner wants the easier it will be for you to be just that.

Older women either want a consistent man or a man who’ll thrill them and help them relive their youth.

Most older women still seek complements and miss their 20’s where men would follow them around. If you provide that old style feeling of complements and sex appeal she’ll do crazy things.


#4. Be Confident In Yourself

You’re f**king awesome and you should know that by now. No matter who you are you’re in your own version of reality and in that reality you’re as awesome as someone can get. You need to rock this side of things and enjoy it as much as possible.


#5. Offer Them Out To Coffee

Coffee is the best date, people love coffee dates they’re seriously the easiest way to pull women these days, they’re not threatening and it’s easy to get a yes.

I always make sure they know it’s a date, the worse thing you can do is make them think it’s to learn something or to ask questions.

It’s easier to be straight up and ask them for a coffee date, even make fun of how silly a coffee date sounds.


#6. Remember To Charm And Complement

The key is to avoid neediness at all costs, you really don’t want to appear needy in any way shape or form. neediness is the absolute worse trait you can have as a man.

But, without being needy you need to give them compliments and remind them how hot they are, don’t over power them, just a occassional you’re gorgeous, sexy or hot is all a women needs and for your to treat her like women are going to push you that much further ahead of most the men at her age.


#7. Go To Places Where Older Women Hang Out

There’s certain bars and events where you’ll get more older women who’re in their 30’s. These places aren’t your normal clubs, they’re more about having fun and good music. It’s different in every country, but you’ll usually know the clubs/bars which have people who’re older.


#8. Don’t Take It Too Seriously

The worse thing you could do is take you or the relationship to seriously. It’s best to look at it as fun and just have a great time. It’s the way life should be. Don’t over complicate it and make things more stressed than they need to be, just have fun, make her enjoy herself and don’t be too nervous.

How To Get A Date With An Older Women

How To Get A Date With An Older Women

How To Get A Date With An Older Women – It can sometimes go wrong, but you’ve just got to keep yourself on the market and keep going for it. A lot of men just don’t believe it can happen, that’s why they never get it. So have some faith and really go for it. – Sharing is caring so please share. – Comment below for more advice or to add something to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get A Date With An Older Women

10 Reasons Why Successful People Have Much Better Sex Lives

10 Reasons Why Successful People Have Much Better Sex Lives – You may wonder why the quality of sex you have with your partner changes throughout the wealth and success you have? It’s common to see a massive increase in sex and good quality sex while being successful and doing something you love. It’s time to understand this, so we’re going to tell you what the big difference is with your body once you get successful in this simple article. – Sharing is caring, so remember to share as much as you want to. – Comment if you’ve got anything else to add to this article, I love to have a chat. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.


10 Reasons Why Successful People Have Much Better Sex Lives

#1. Less Of The Death Threatening Stress

If you work hard and get to the point in your life you’re successful doing something you love, you’ll find that your life is much less stressful, you still have stress, but the constant threat of problems become a lot easier to deal with.

This lowers stress making it so much easier to just have great sex, worry literally stops sex from becoming fun and that’s why being successful is so important to people who want to have great sex lives.


#2. Passion Is Attractive To Both Sexes

A passionate person is the single most attractive thing. Women get really turned on by a man with a goal and a target. They may seem like they hate it, by saying things like we don’t spend time together, but the truth is, if you spent all day with her you’d be needy and no giving her space.

By having success you have complete control over you life, this makes it a lot easier for you to be attractive and powerful.


#3. People Who’re Successful Usually Work Lots, Making The Time People Do Have Together Hot

People who’re doing something they love for a living work a lot and the time they do get off is usually filled with loads of great quality time.

Meaning much hotter sex because their partner missed them and much more intense quality time. Trust me when I say this happens.


#4. It’s Easy To Have A Hot Sex Life When You Can Go On Holiday Every Week

If you’re successful in this day in age you’ll make trips all around the world, sometimes inside the country you live in and other times to completely different venues in different countries.

When this starts happening you’ll see how your sex life improves when you’re waking up in paris, london, new york, etc. This changes the way sex feels.


#5. Expensive Cars Have Seat Warmers… Is There Any More I Must Add

Once you get a $80,000 + car, even though this isn’t really about success, it’s still hot and when them sear warmers kick in and you can jump in the back of the car and have some extra orgasmic fun, you’ll be surprised at what happens.


#6. Good Sex Can Be Expensive

The best sex you’ll have will be the sex that you paid for indirectly. I don’t mean a prostitute, no I mean a nice dinner, maybe a spa day, even a booked holiday.

Things like this cost money, but do make sex amazing for both the man and the women. There’s nothing like let’s have we’re excited sex.


#7. Items Stimulate People’s Sex Drives

Women and men are sexually stimulated by items, people get turned on by the way they feel when they’re successful and women/men love a person of power and successful men are that. This makes life a lot more interesting for both men and women.


#8. Can Afford A Great Diet

Nutrition and healthy eating is key to being a more sexy person. If you eat the best food your skin will improve, your body will get better and you’ll feel amazing in general.

Give healthy living a try to see how much your sex game improves, this is something that a lot of successful people realize.


#9. People Who Are Successful Know How To Finish The Job

If you’re a successful person you know how to start a job and finish it, this is something that a lot of men and women never learn, so when you take a successful person and tell them to make you cum, they go for it and usually get the exact result they’ve been looking for, this is why success is an amazing thing for getting more sex.


#10. Women Can’t Hold Themselves Back

When you can woo a girl like no other you unlock a part of her brain that no other will be able too, you won’t be needy and looking for her approval, you’ll just be happy doing what you’re doing and enjoying life. That’s literally makes girls throw themselves at you.

Trust me people being successful will change your love life forever.

10 Reasons Why Successful People Have Much Better Sex Lives

10 Reasons Why Successful People Have Much Better Sex Lives

10 Reasons Why Successful People Have Much Better Sex Lives – So it really is time to start getting successful I guess. It affects everything from your live choices to your sex life and that’s why you should look for the work you love just like you’d look for the girl you love. – Sharing is out of this world, so please share as much as you can. – Comment if you want a chat or to add something to this article – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Reasons Why Successful People Have Much Better Sex Lives

First Time Couples Sex Party Advice

First Time Couples Sex Party Advice – Going to your first sex party can be exciting, nerve-racking, lustful and filled with emotions that you can’t quite explain. Using your stomach finding new ways to make you feel sick with nervous. STOP! There’s no need to worry any more! I’m going to teach you how to prepare for orgasmic sex parties, I’m going to tell you how your body should look and what you want to aim to feel and look like on the night. You’ll be amazed with how well this works and how incredibly easy this will all work for you. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you’ve got any questions for me. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

First Time Couples Sex Party Advice


Have A Talk About What You’re Both Allowed To Try (Create Rules) 

First thing you’ll need to do is create rules of what you and your partner can do. For example, I’d create a quick check sheet of things you can do. Then just assume anything else is a no.

For example:


  • Give oral
  • Have threesome
  • Have sex while people watch

Not allowed

  • Anal
  • Unprotected sex
  • group sex with more than (number) of people.

It’s always a good idea to keep one thing intermate between you and your partner. Otherwise you’ll lose passion and could spark jealousy.


Maybe Start By Having Sex With Another Couple On Your Own

I got into sex parties by trying a little couple sex, we start with friends on a drunk night. We were staying at a friend’s house and all sleeping in the same room, we were all drunk and it start by use both having sex on different sofas, very quickly it changed and become a wife swap :O (without wife’s), it was completely dark and the girls just switched sofas, which took away the awkwardness and actually made things even hotter.

The next moment it was like nothing happened, but we all had a very good time and all smiled and laughed about it. This is the ideal way to start having sex with other people and even though it’s hard to plan, you can always be open and see the response you get from people.


Don’t Rush Something As Big As This

There’s no need to rush something that’s as crazy as this. Sex parties are fun, but if you jump in right at the deep end it can sometimes give you a bad experience that actually makes you not want to try it again.

You’re better off taking things slow, having more kinky sex, then eventually going and trying something as big as this.



Is It Right For Your Relationship

If you’re really close with your partner and get jealous about silly things then sex parties aren’t going to before you. If though you’re new or have complete trust and both have a sexual fantasy for sex parties then you may be able to try them and see how it goes.

It’s not about your relationship, it’s more about the people you are and the way your life is. If you’re really awkward and not close with each other then this will be a bad experience and it’ll actually hurt your relationship, as if you’re more close you’ll actually be brought closer.

You really have to want it though.


Always Wear Protection And Take Birth Control

You need to wear protection and if you’re a women always on the pill, this is something that can’t be risked. There’s a lot of fluids at a sex party and the last thing you want is to get pregnant or an STD.


Try A Sex Party In A Different Area To Where You Live

If you’re going to give it a try you’ll want to go to a new area, this will help you get comfortable and stop you worrying about bumping into someone.

The world is a really small place, so always understand that when going to a sex party in your area. It’s best to just go an hour or so away and do it like that.


Remember That There’s Other Ways To Have Orgasmic Sex

You don’t have to only have sex party sex, you can start by having car sex, or by going to a sex bar and having sex while people watch, even go to a nude beach and get comfortable with showing your body to others, see how you feel this is a great way to get everything ready and start things off properly.


You’ll Always Need Lube When Going To A Sex Party

You do need lube, even if you’re so turned on there’s always going to be a time when you need your favorite lube, so it’s always a good plan to bring your own just incase you don’t like the ones they’ve got.


You Should Always Clean And Wear, New Clean Underwear

You should go to the shops and buy some new, black underwear. That way you’ll be clean, not have stains, smells and holes. It also feels sexy wearing new underwear.


Remember To Groom And Usually Go Hairless (Both Men And Women.)

A lot of people just go hairless and a lot of men just do light grooming, nobodies ever to hair at the nice sex parties, this is something to remember. So if don’t mind, make sure you groom as it’s clean and will make you more wanted.

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First Time Couples Sex Party Advice – It’s all about being clean and opening up your mind to new experiences that not just you, but other people can enjoy. That’s the real trick and it sometimes take a few months to get your body in that motion. It’s quite intense having people offer you with sex directly and just going through with it. Give it a try to see how you feel about. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you’ve got anything else to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

First Time Couples Sex Party Advice

Should You Go To A Sex Party

Should You Go To A Sex Party – There’s been a lot of hype and a massive change in the amount of people wanting to try sex parties. It seems that the last year or two has opened people’s minds up to something that people have been enjoying since the Roman times. After going to more than my fair share of sex parties I thought it would be time to explain to people if they should also try it. This article will help couples who’re new to the sex industry debate joining sex clubs, parties and more naughty ways to have consensual sex.  I will also help people who’re single debate whether it’s worth risking your name for a night of fun. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you’ve got any questions for me. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Should You Go To A Sex Party


What’s Your Fantasy?

Do you have a sexual fantasy? Most people do and that’s why sex parties are become so popular.

If you have a sexual fantasy that involves:

  • Threesome
  • Group sex
  • Public sex
  • Someone watching you have sex
  • Watching someone have sex
  • Watching someone have sex with your partner

Or any other sexual fantasy that could be related to sex parties, then you may have more of a chance of trying sex parties.

A lot of people just want to have sex, the problem with this is once they’re exposed to this environment it gets hard to go back to the normal world and have sex, so if you just want to have sex with people you may be more successful just sticking to the pick ups.


What You’ll Get If You Go To A Good Sex Party

Different venues offer different values. Sometimes you get dinner and drinks, then someone goes lets get this started and you all start having fun. Other times there will be beds everywhere and you just turn up have a little drink and start socializing with people, then eventually you have sex and once that starts the mood changes and everyone goes into a sexual vibe.

But on a whole you’ll get 50 to 100 people, sometimes dressed up, usually with swinger masks and nice underwear.

Then at once point you’ll start having sex, sometimes it’s with three women or men, you have mixed rooms and there’s loads of different environments for you to have pleasure in.


Does It Affect A Relationship

You’ll never meet a relationship from sex parties and you’ll also have to have a tough partnership, one where you both get extremely turned on by sex parties, it’s also better if you’re a new couple, that way you’ll have a lot less to lose and not be so guilty after.


Are Sex Parties Awkward

Depends what person you are. I’m a little awkward and at the start I’m sometimes a little like “what shall I be doing with myself”, but after I get started the awkwardness disappears and the fun starts beginning.

It’s quite exciting and the awkwardness never lasts too long.


What Kind Of Person Are You

IF you’re a very confident, none caring person then you’ll do fine in a sex party atmpospher.

You don’t have to be either of them things, but sometimes it’s hard to get into it and lift the social barrier between love, sex and dating.

This isn’t something to be sad about, it’s actually something to be happy about, so if you’re to emotional and don’t see youself doing it, don’t be sad.


My Recommendations For Going To A Sex Party

I’ve got a few rules for people looking to go to sex parties.


Do It In A Different City

If there’s one in your city then you’ll often see someone you know and it’s kind of awkward even though you should become friends through this conection, usually the person will get very protective and it’ll become a very awkward convosation or moment.

So always try to do it in a different place to where you live, this worlds so little you can sometimes meet people in your real life, many times, so just try to keep some distance from your sexual life and your real life.


Wear Protection

Never have sex without protection, some people are really clean and safe, but others are really dirty and can defonitly give you something dodgy. If a person is asking you to have sex with them without protection the chances are they have asked loads of people and have some weird problems with their junk.

Also as a force of habbit I always pull out even with a condom on. You never know what lube people are using and the last thing you want is to get someone pregnant ;).


Start Slow You Don’t Have To Have Sex With 5 Men/Women At The Same Time

Look, I see a lot of people coming to a sex party and they literally panic and just go nuts and go to far out their comfort zone because they’re no used to the sex.

Doing things like having mass group sex, multiple lovers and constant sex, this is great but, it’s a great idea to save some pleasure for later, try a threesome, but then save different sex for a different time.


Remember The Lube

Usually they’ll supply lube, but sometimes you’ll not like it, so make sure you bring condom safe lube and that way you’ll have extra fun without the worry.



If you’re open sexually and a confident person with a target of what they want an a desire to try a sex party that won’t go away, then go and give it a try, if you love it brilliant, if you hate it then just leave it and cross it off the list of things you’ve tried.

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Should You Go To A Sex Party – So, it’s time to make that decision that’s been on your mind for the passed few days? Can you? Will you? This will all be answered soon. If you’re happy to enjoy the lifestyle of having sex with multiple people then this could be the best thing for you. If you’re conscious of your body, this can change the way you feel about yourself forever.

Should You Go To A Sex Party

How To Prepare For A Sex Party

How To Prepare For A Sex Party – It’s safe to say that the sex party scene is getting extremely large and spreading in places like America and England. It seems that everyone wants a part of the sex party life style, from couples, too people who’re just in it for sex. So, today it’s time to take a look at exact what you need to do to get yourself ready for a sex party. I’ve been to more than a couple in my life and  on a whole I say that people either love it with all their heart and get addicted to the feeling of lust, or dislike it and don’t do it again. Lets get this started.

How To Prepare For A Sex Party


You Need To Groom Your Hair Both Men And Women

Hair can be a turn on for some women/men, but at sex parties it’s best to go completely smooth if you’re a women and if you’re a man make sure you groom to the point your hair is short and not messy.

This is for hygiene reasons and will make you fit in better, it’s just the best look for sex parties and as someone who deals with them regularly I know this is the best way to get the job done.


Be As Clean As Possible

Make sure you have a nice, really clean shower before you go. Clean the places in-between and make sure you smell as nice as possible.

If you lift weights or train then a quick tip is to do it in the morning and shower twice, you’ll other wise have a wash and then just start smelling straight after. We usually find this with the more muscle men.


If You’re Going With A Partner Create Rules And Be Sure You Understand What You Want

A lot of partners/couples ask me how should they go about trying sex parties. They want to know all the ins and outs and I always say it’s simple, you create rules before you go:

  • No oral sex
  • No sex without a condom
  • No anal
  • Only three people at max
  • Just threesome with two women

Rules like that and then you make a promise that you’ll both follow these rules, if either of you break the rules then sex parties aren’t a good idea for you, due to the fact you’ll end up separating.

I then also recommend you know exactly what you’re going for. I.E: To watch your partner have sex with someone, to be watched having sex, to try a new sexual fantasy, to have a threesome, etc.


Make Sure You Bring Your Own Protection And Always Have Safe Sex

Sometimes sex parties will have their own condom supply, but I’ve been to more than a few places that don’t, so always make sure you bring your favorite type of protection to a sex party. If you’re looking to have sex and it feel just like the real thing then you need these skyn condoms, they’re unbelievably real feel. It feels like you’re wearing absolutely nothing.


Wear New, Clean, Black Underwear

You need to pick up some new, clean underwear. Basically underwear with holes, stains and a dirty look just won’t cut it.

Also never wear white underwear, you’d had to be actually crazy to do that.


Men Should Invest In Some Delay Spray

If you have the problem lasting long in bed then just invest in some delay spray and give yourself a few sprays before you go out. I use and recommend this delay spray, it always work and feels amazing.


Do It With A Friend If You Have The Option

I personally don’t do it with partners instead I do it with my friend, people who I have a lot of fun with and trust. I’m a guy and I actually have a girlfriend and we go to these things and keep an eye on each other making sure everything runs smoothly.

If you have that option definitely take it.


Bring Lube, Loads Of Lube

9 times out of ten they’ll have lube their, but if it’s more of a casual event then you may want to supply your own favorite lube.

I usually bring my favorite lube, just incase, but if there’s good quality lube there then it’s no problem.


You’re Welcome To Bring Sex Toys 

You’ll always see people with sex toys, sometimes they’re massive, sometimes just for pleasure, usually something like a butt plug, because this stops people putting their fingers in places you don’t want them ;). Hahaha, it does happen. I’m a guy and I’ve been there more than a few times.


Understand That People Sometimes Feel Guilty The Next Morning

I find that sex parties are better than threesomes, the reason why is because there are loads of you all doing something which makes it feel right.

But, the first time you do it you’ll be so horny and the next day you’ll be like “What did I do last night :O…”, this goes after you do it a few times, just remember to keep yourself grounded and remember that every step you take, will make the last feel even more normal. This can be dangerous and open you up to a world of sex that you didn’t ever intend to participate in.

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How To Prepare For A Sex Party – Sex parties can sometimes leave you with a feeling of quilt, you’ve just got to get passed that, the more you try it, the easier it will be for you to enjoy amazing sex. Just follow them rules and always be prepared to try new things, you need to be extra careful if you’re in a couple, just because it can sometimes get on top of you. I’ve been in this industry for a long time and it’s extremely normal to have weak couples break up and start attending sex parties on their own. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Prepare For A Sex Party