Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review

Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review

Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review.

Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review. – Want to have safer more enjoyable anal sex? Well something as easy as an anal douche can make anal sex not just better but completely worry free, this way you can get back to enjoying your partner or your toy, we decided it was time to review this Nexus anal douche as it’s one of the best douches you can buy and because we’ve been doing a lot of posts of safe anal sex and clean anal sex we thought it would be the perfect review to do. – Please share. – Mr Male Sex Toy Reviews.

Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review

Product Description:

Are you a fan of anal play? Well if you are then the Nexus Anal Douche 224ml is a must, stay clean and never have to worry when you use this anal douche. Easy to use – It will clean you in one use, it will only take a second and you’ll be ready for some fun. It’s designed to be quick, easy and simple and will not take any time before you’re having loads of anal fun.

This is the perfect anal hygiene factor for before and after to make sure there’s no mess and to stop anything bad from happening.  It’s your one toy that will make all anal sex play with a toy or a partner fun and stop you ever having to worry, this really is a must for any fans of anal sex and this really will clean so much better than any finger or anything so we highly recommend it. Remember to go pick yourself up one as you won’t regret it not one single bit. – Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review.

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Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review

My Opinion:

 This is a must have!! The Nexus Anal Douche 224ml is really the one anal toy you’ve got to have, people all the time worry about anal sex and it’s usually because they don’t want any mess or any embarrassment, well if you use on of these before you’ll lose all of that and it will be as clean as a whistle and nothing will fault you. This makes a big deal because after that you’ll be more confident to try different things and to maybe try new toys which changed your whole concept which really is a good thing. – Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review.

Anal sex can sometimes take a while to build up to and using an anal douche as good as this one is the perfect way to start, this anal douche is one of the best I’ve tried so far, it looks clean and is very easy to use and takes a lot of the problems with my last one away. It’s single use which means all you need to do is squirt the water once and you’ll be all clean and ready to go. There’s no taking it apart to fill it you just submerge in water and squeeze the suction will do the rest. This isn’t to shabby and as an anal douche goes the Nexus really is one of the best you can buy.

Do I recommend it:

Well there isn’t too much I can say about an anal douche part from this one is a must, it’s easy to use and doesn’t feel bad when it’s doing its job, it’s better than a lot of ways of cleaning and will give you complete peace of mind which really will make anal sex more fun and regular, if you’re just doing it to use a toy even it’s great and will stop any mess while using a toy. I recommend this one out of all the ones I’ve tried. – Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review.

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Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review

The Good:

– A must have.

When I say that I mean if you’re having regular anal sex or want to start, this really is a must have it will stop any problems and make anal sex a lot more pleasurable.

– Quality.

It’s a great quality douche and you really can’t fault that part of it.

– Design.

It’s got a very good look and looks really well made, strong and non threatening which is all a great reason to get it.

– The feel.

When I’m using it, it feels better than anything I’ve used to clean before and it doesn’t hurt or have much discomfort.

– Easy to use.

It couldn’t get more easy to use than this douche is quick and takes 30 seconds and you’re ready to go.

– Knowing it works.

With the Nexus Anal Douche 224ml you know it will keep you clean for ages unlike others.

The Bad:

For this price you can’t go wrong with this toy. For me there’s no bads.


 If you’re looking for an anal douche and want one that will last, work, and do the job, this is the anal douche for you! The Nexus Anal Douche 224ml is my new favourite cleaning device and if you use it right you’ll be clean and fresh with in no time, I full recommend it and if you’re like me and like anal toys it’s a real must, boy or girl you will have a use for this and it will help you enjoy anal sex more. If used it will also make anal sex more frequent. – Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review.

Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review

Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review.

Where to buy: Nexus Anal Douche 224ml.

Price: $17.99.

Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review. – This really is a great anal douche and is not a bad price at all, for such a must have you’ve got to spend the money one, because worry will be gone and two, because anal sex with toys or with someone is so much more fun after you use it. If you need any advice or want any tips on how to use this simple anal douche just comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toy Reviews.

Nexus Anal Douche 224ml Review.

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