Role Play For Beginners

Role Play For Beginners

Role Play For Beginners – Role play is about to get a whole lot more exciting. If you’re crazy and want to make a massive difference to the power you have in the bedroom then these tips will truly blow your mind. I’ve been giving people advice on their sex lives for more time than I can remember, so I wanted to show you people some of the most intense, toe tingling foreplay methods that’ll completely open and change the way you think about sex forever. This isn’t just a little bit of fun, this has the power to completely change the way you have sex with your partner. – If you want more advice after you’ve read this article then be sure to use the comments below. – Sharing is caring. 🙂 – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Role Play For Beginners

#1. Start By Pretending To Be Different People

There’s something new and exciting about being with someone you’ve never met before, so start your roleplay fantasy off by pretending to be different people.

At the start this will different, maybe even alien to you, but once you start breaking through you’ll be amazed at how incredible it is to get in the ind of someone else and it’s amazing that you can trick your brain into actually believing it.

It’s weird and wonderful and should be the first step in anyones roleplay lifestyle.


#2. Get An Outfit Or Some New Underwear

Get something that’s a little more dress up than normal and get some hot underwear. For men just wear tight, black boxers and women you can get some underwear like this.

You need to go outside of your comfort zone and pretend to be someone you’re not, this is when the fun really starts happening. Trust me when I say that.


#3. Now It’s Time To Create A Scenario

What is the most orgasmic experience you can think of? Is there one? Well if there is it’s time to start making it a reality.

Have a sit down with your partner and think about the things that you want to do, have a little plan and start thinking about ways you can simulate the scenario in the most orgasmic way possible.


#4. Try Have Sex Personas Who Do The Naughty Stuff In Your Life

I give myself a different name and so does my partner, this allows us both to detach from our current relationship, sounds silly but it makes it easier when doing more naughty things in the bedroom.


#5. Get Some Sex Toys To Help Play Out Scenarios 

You can start by introducing the suction dildo great for threesome simulation and then you can try something like a vibrating cock ring, this is perfect for creating extra stimulation and then if you’re really kinky you can even try a penis extension to add size to the penis and change the feel of it.


#6. Read The How To Play Cheating Roleplay

We’ve done an article on how to simulate a cheating fantasy and I recommend you give it a read, if you’re into that kind of roleplay it can definitely change the dynamic of your sexual relationship in a way like no other. Give it a try to see what you think about it.


#7. Try Some Fifty Shades Of Grey Sex

Have you ever wanted to have sex just a little rougher than normal? Well try adding BDSM to your sexual fantasy and see how well it goes for you. I usually recommend starting with restraints, then handcuffs and then finally a massage vibrator. That’s really all you need when it comes to orgasmic sex.

This isn’t for everyone, but i you’re into rough sex and love giving the trust to your partner, this maybe perfect for you.


#8. Don’t Be Scared To Open Your Mind

Opening your mind is a great thing. One of the worst things people do is have a closed mind about new things. You can never have a closed mind if you want to have fun sex.

You need to be able to separate yourself from the pleasure and just learn to let yourself enjoy the things they’re going on.


#9. You Need To Trust Your Partner

Trust is the key, it’s never a good idea to try any of these things if you don’t have trust for the person you’re with. These things are only fun when you trust the person you’re with.

This is through my own personal experience and just something I tell people.


#10. Start Slow, Warm Up And Every Month Get More Sexual

Remember that there’s no rush, don’t jump straight in with the crazy stuff. Take your time, do things correctly and make sure you have great foreplay, there’s no point in rushing the main point of sexual interaction.

So warm up, start slow and be sure to enjoy every moment of it all.


Role Play For Beginners – It’s time to begin your amazing foreplay journey, just remember to stay say and always get your partner to cum before you do. If more couples worked like this the sex would be out of this world. It’s all about getting your partner to the point of no return, the point where they must have an orgasm in order to stop. That’s when you know your job is done. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below and be sure to ask and tell me about your experiences and advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Role Play For Beginners

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