The sex lubrication buying guide

The sex lubrication buying guide

The sex lubrication buying guide

This is the sex lubrication buying guide we will look at the different things to think about and explain lube better we show you all the types of lubes and what they are best for. If you’ve never tried lube you’re missing out.  

Types of Lube.

– Anal.

This is more slippy and doesn’t come off. With vaginal lube after 3 to 5 minutes you will probably have to apply more as with anal lube it’s not the case I would not recommend using this with a sex toy or on her vagina stick to using it for anal sex.

– Cooling/Tingley

This is personally one of my favourites although they don’t taste very nice they make you tingle all over which is amazing I would recommend this more for women as some men get annoyed with the feeling but it will definitely add something to your sex toy and sex life.

– Arousal Lubricants

One word amazing! These arousal lubricants are amazing for keeping a girl wet and getting her ready. Great for couples sex and can be used with sex toys too. To all men if you want to speed up the process of good sex this is for you.

– Sensitive skin

These are really only for the people who get rushes or have really soft and sensitive skin I wouldn’t worry about getting this right away try a normal lube first as these can be a little boring.

– Desensitizing Lubricants 

Desensitizing is a great type of lube, if you want to last a lot longer in bed and i mean a lot longer this is perfect! It will add some much to sex which gives you both time to test everything out and enjoy it so definitely a must.

– Flavored Lubricants

Mmmmm, If you want to treat your girlfriend get her this! Next time she gives you a blowjob it will be the best you’ve ever had if you pick up a nice flavour something that tastes good (look at reviews) she will be licking it like a lolly.

Oil Based Lubricant 

Not my cup of tea! Some of my friends love using them but to be honest my skin doesn’t like the feel of it. there amazing for foreplay and can make amazing massage oil but not my favourite for sex. Warning Oil based lube is not condom safe.

– Silicone Based Lubricant

The best type of lube! Its long-lasting and come at a really good prices. 

– Vegan Friendly 

Never used this type of lube before! The name says it all! 🙂 

– Warming Lubricants

These are great! Add a little spice to sex and work amazing with sex toys. If you’re into a little tingle down there GET THIS NOW!! You won’t regret. 

– Water Based Lubricant 

The most comment and is really fun to use! Sometimes have to re apply a few times but does the job.

So where do we begin? You know a little about each lubricant now so lets find out which are the best. 

Cleaning lube. 

Okay this may not have come into your mind but lube can be super messy so if you’re not staying in a hotel it can be best to use a water based lube they run out quick but don’t smell don’t stain and will dry so its great if you don’t want a mess. 

The sex lubrication buying guide

The sex lubrication buying guide

Best tasting lube:

– Vanilla 

– Strawberry

– Mint

These 3 taste the best just check reviews and make sure they say it tastes nice. 

I believe they only do flavour in water based lube and even if they do it in more stick to water based

The best lube for sex toys: 

The best fleshlight lube is: Give Lube Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel Lubricant 100ml

The best lube for anal sex toys: Maximus Anal Lubricant 250ml

The best all round sex toy lube: Durex Play Gel Lubricant with Aloe Vera 50ml

Thanks for reading The sex lubrication buying guide we hope you enjoyed and if you want sex toys we’re the people to come to! 


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