Sex Toy Buying Guide For Men

Sex Toy Buying Guide For Men

Sex Toy Buying Guide For Men – Are you new to the sex toy world? Want to know what you need and what feels the best? Well you´ve found the right place. I´m going to show you all the best male sex toys that you need to try, these sex toys are all in categories and will all be top quality. I´m also going to show you where to buy these sex toys online that´s anonymous shipping so you don´t have to explain to anyone of go to an awkward shop and get one. This is the ultimate guide to getting a male sex toy. – If you´ve got any more advice to add then please use the comments below. Make sure you drop us a line if you want any help or a chat. – Sharing is amazing so if you find this useful the please share it makes me smile – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Sex Toy Buging Guide For Men

Where to buy your sex toys online

So before I teach you about sex toys you need to know where to find the best one and as there´s loads of places to choose from it can be a little hard, I use 2 shops for nearly every one of my sex toys and I will list them below.


Love Honey

I use them for most of my sex toys, I get my vibrating cock rings, male masturbators and female sex toys off there.
They have anonymous shipping and have some of the best priced sex toys online. This is why you need to use them and this is why they blow my mind every single time I do use them.


Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve have another amazing collection of sex toys and if you want a lot of variety and some great prices be sure you use them.
They also have anonymous shipping and also have some amazing deals on sex toys, you really can´t get much better than some of these and that´s why you need to give them a try.
I have brought a few toys off them and I recommend checking out their male collection.



I wasn’t going to add this one because it´s not a fully sex toys shop, but they´re one of the best money can buy and are really worth trying.



IF you’ve ever wanted to have sex with a porn star well nows your time.
Fleshlight have nearly every famous porn star out there and they really do an amazing job of moulding their pussy into an amazing sex toy.
You can buy real vaginas, butts and mouths all moulded off really porn stars. Very fun stuff and they also have amazing prices.


What kind of sex toys give the most pleasure

Okay here´s some of the best sex toys for men, I went through and got to gether all my notes and all the best sex toys that I´ve ever use and I will walk you through them.


Male masturbators

So we can start with the male masturbators, they’re the best and there´s loads to choose from. I love this one, it´s ultra tight and comes and an amazing price that you shouldn’t turn your nose up at.
The pleasure you can receive with a toy like this is unheard of and that´s why you should take some time and give one a try.



We talk about fleshlights above and the more that they have, you get to have sex with a really realistic fake vagina that will really blow your mind.
You just need to get some lube and then go nuts with it, you´ll feel the power of a fleshlight once you start.


Butt plugs

Butt plugs, if you´re feeling like you want to explore then a butt plug is something that you really need to try mixing with a male masturabtor, this is from a pro so trust me when I say that it will feel amazing.


What sex toys are good for performance?

So you want to make your penis better in bed? Well I’ve got just the thing for you these sex toys will put your penis to the test and make him work 10 x better than before.


Delay spray

Delay spray makes you last longer in bed, it means you won´t have to worry about cumming to soon and it will really sort out any premature ejaculation problems that you suffer from.
This is one of the best purchases you’ll make and trust me you do need it.


Penis pumps

If you want a bigger penis then a penis pump will make your penis more healthy and add loads of size to it.
You just apply it and pump once a day 5 days a week and within a month you´ll start seeing permanent results that will never go away.


Penis extenders

Penis extenders are an instant way to get a bigger penis, you just pop them on your penis and then you’ll be able to add 3 to 8 inches in size straight away, they even go bigger than that.


What toy should you try

Well if you´re planning on having a really good alone time then I´d get a male masturbator, butt plug, delay spray and some lube, that´s all you need to have a very intense and powerful orgasm that you won´t forget any time soon, well worth the cash and out of this world for beginners.


Sex Toy Buying Guide For Men

Sex Toy Buying Guide For Men

Sex Toy Buying Guide For Men – You´re now ready to go into the sex toy world and get a real sex toy that you´ll love, this is a big day for you and it should be. Go and get a sex toy that you won´t forget, It´s just the best way forward and after you do come here and tell us about it in the comments below. – Are you ready to be amazing? Share then! It takes one second and makes us happy so please share with the world. Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Sex Toy Buying Guide For Men

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