Should You Go To A Sex Party

Should You Go To A Sex Party

Should You Go To A Sex Party – There’s been a lot of hype and a massive change in the amount of people wanting to try sex parties. It seems that the last year or two has opened people’s minds up to something that people have been enjoying since the Roman times. After going to more than my fair share of sex parties I thought it would be time to explain to people if they should also try it. This article will help couples who’re new to the sex industry debate joining sex clubs, parties and more naughty ways to have consensual sex.  I will also help people who’re single debate whether it’s worth risking your name for a night of fun. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you’ve got any questions for me. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Should You Go To A Sex Party


What’s Your Fantasy?

Do you have a sexual fantasy? Most people do and that’s why sex parties are become so popular.

If you have a sexual fantasy that involves:

  • Threesome
  • Group sex
  • Public sex
  • Someone watching you have sex
  • Watching someone have sex
  • Watching someone have sex with your partner

Or any other sexual fantasy that could be related to sex parties, then you may have more of a chance of trying sex parties.

A lot of people just want to have sex, the problem with this is once they’re exposed to this environment it gets hard to go back to the normal world and have sex, so if you just want to have sex with people you may be more successful just sticking to the pick ups.


What You’ll Get If You Go To A Good Sex Party

Different venues offer different values. Sometimes you get dinner and drinks, then someone goes lets get this started and you all start having fun. Other times there will be beds everywhere and you just turn up have a little drink and start socializing with people, then eventually you have sex and once that starts the mood changes and everyone goes into a sexual vibe.

But on a whole you’ll get 50 to 100 people, sometimes dressed up, usually with swinger masks and nice underwear.

Then at once point you’ll start having sex, sometimes it’s with three women or men, you have mixed rooms and there’s loads of different environments for you to have pleasure in.


Does It Affect A Relationship

You’ll never meet a relationship from sex parties and you’ll also have to have a tough partnership, one where you both get extremely turned on by sex parties, it’s also better if you’re a new couple, that way you’ll have a lot less to lose and not be so guilty after.


Are Sex Parties Awkward

Depends what person you are. I’m a little awkward and at the start I’m sometimes a little like “what shall I be doing with myself”, but after I get started the awkwardness disappears and the fun starts beginning.

It’s quite exciting and the awkwardness never lasts too long.


What Kind Of Person Are You

IF you’re a very confident, none caring person then you’ll do fine in a sex party atmpospher.

You don’t have to be either of them things, but sometimes it’s hard to get into it and lift the social barrier between love, sex and dating.

This isn’t something to be sad about, it’s actually something to be happy about, so if you’re to emotional and don’t see youself doing it, don’t be sad.


My Recommendations For Going To A Sex Party

I’ve got a few rules for people looking to go to sex parties.


Do It In A Different City

If there’s one in your city then you’ll often see someone you know and it’s kind of awkward even though you should become friends through this conection, usually the person will get very protective and it’ll become a very awkward convosation or moment.

So always try to do it in a different place to where you live, this worlds so little you can sometimes meet people in your real life, many times, so just try to keep some distance from your sexual life and your real life.


Wear Protection

Never have sex without protection, some people are really clean and safe, but others are really dirty and can defonitly give you something dodgy. If a person is asking you to have sex with them without protection the chances are they have asked loads of people and have some weird problems with their junk.

Also as a force of habbit I always pull out even with a condom on. You never know what lube people are using and the last thing you want is to get someone pregnant ;).


Start Slow You Don’t Have To Have Sex With 5 Men/Women At The Same Time

Look, I see a lot of people coming to a sex party and they literally panic and just go nuts and go to far out their comfort zone because they’re no used to the sex.

Doing things like having mass group sex, multiple lovers and constant sex, this is great but, it’s a great idea to save some pleasure for later, try a threesome, but then save different sex for a different time.


Remember The Lube

Usually they’ll supply lube, but sometimes you’ll not like it, so make sure you bring condom safe lube and that way you’ll have extra fun without the worry.



If you’re open sexually and a confident person with a target of what they want an a desire to try a sex party that won’t go away, then go and give it a try, if you love it brilliant, if you hate it then just leave it and cross it off the list of things you’ve tried.

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Should You Go To A Sex Party – So, it’s time to make that decision that’s been on your mind for the passed few days? Can you? Will you? This will all be answered soon. If you’re happy to enjoy the lifestyle of having sex with multiple people then this could be the best thing for you. If you’re conscious of your body, this can change the way you feel about yourself forever.

Should You Go To A Sex Party

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