Social Networking Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes

Social Networking Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes

Social Networking Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes – The biggest dating platform right now is social media. More people meet or advance their relationship using social media than ever before and with that being said a lot of people make little mistakes that they go on to regret. I don’t think there’s many people who haven’t spilled their heart over Facebook and then had the person literally not replay for 5 days straight. Believe it or not this happens all the time. So to avoid this happening to you just read this list of mistakes similar to the one above that will help you be a social media dating pro. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to care as much as possible. – Comment if you need any help or want any advice, it really makes me happy. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Social Networking Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes


#1. Telling Your Life Story Over IM

Instant message can be a truly handy tool “Put on the dinner I’m home in five”, “Are you busy today?”,etc. But I find that on the whole it’s to tempting to just talk, the problem about just talking is that eventually you’ll run out of stuff to say, making it awkward when you meet in real life or making you like each other less because all your saying is: Hi and how are you. Them kind of convocations just don’t get you ticking.

Even if you have loads of stuff to talk about it’s usually a bad idea, due to not being able to talk about it properly, it makes talking in real life just as boring as im and people often lose their mystery once IM is introduced.


#2. Getting To Sexual Without Meeting

Look if you’re a teen then you’ve most likely had a time where you’ve got way to sexy over IM with someone you’re yet to meet or know not very well. This may sound like a good thing? Nope, it makes meeting in life the next time really awkward, most of the time nobody mentions the sexyness and everything is really awkward.

The truth is you can be close over chat and different people in real life, for this reason you need to be careful.


#3. Drunk Texts That You Should Send

Nothing too good has ever came from a drunk text, dunk texting is something the social networking sites welcome. So now it’s so easy people do it all the time. Even me, myself have been a victim of drunk texting and the next morning you wake up with that overbearing guilt and shitty feeling.

You know you fucked up when you wake up and it takes you like 5 minutes to remember what you did.


#4. Acting Different To How You Are In Real Life (I’m A Sex King/Queen, Real Life You’ve Never Had Sex)

Look if you’re talking to your partner more on social media than in real life you’re going to come across different. Some people can portray their personality through their writing and others have massive amounts of trouble, so who you sound like isn’t always going to be who you are. You need to keep that in mind.

You can also make people believe that you’re much more into certain things than you are, for instance: I love sex so much, I can’t wait to have it with you… Them you meet them in real life and they won’t even kiss you.

It’s due to it being to easy to talk and people let their sexual self take control and make their logical, real self take a back seat.


#5. Talking All The Time

As I’ve mentioned before you’ll talk so much that eventually you get bored with them and don’t want to talk to them any more. This happens to so many people. That’s why it’s good to leave social media, at least while you’re in the early stages.

Don’t waste your best conversations on social media you’ll just grow to regret it.


#6. Taking To Long To Meet In Real Life

Because it’s so easy to get your fix of each other on social networks and Skype you can literally only see each other once every 3 weeks and be happy, now that’s fine if you’re in a long distance relationship and it will actually help you ease the missing. But if you live less than 30 minutes from each other than it’s not a real relationship and something needs to change.


#7. Adding Them Right After You Meet

There’s no time to meet again, sometimes things just aren’t ment to happen and if you spend so much time chancing a girl online you may miss one that’s in real life and right in front of you. This is going to be the case for a lot of this generations.


#8. Looking At All Their Ex Partners

You have a key to all their ex’s pictures, this really isn’t a good look for you and that’s why you should leave it out. by having your whole life on Facebook you keep your mistakes and you also keep the relationship pictures, so it can seriously damaged you and that’s why it’s such a bad idea.


#9. Messaging One Of Their Ex Partners (Bad Idea)

Look sometimes you’ll go through life and you’ll bump into an ex, that’s bad enough, but when you’ve got Facebook they can literally stalk you and have constant contact with you. This isn’t a good idea because one you can make the mistake of messaging them and two they can message you. This also allows your partner to get involved and say things she wouldn’t normally say to her in real life.


#10. It Makes You Have To Be Exclusive

Look sometimes when you first start dating you may have one or two people you’re dating, not sleeping with but dating, this can be normal in some countries, having social media makes this very hard, as you’ll be  in pictures and people will talk. Not worth the hassle.

Social Networking Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes

Social Networking Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes

Social Networking Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes – It’s now easier than ever for you to avoid making these simple but bad social media fails. Just remember that there’s a whole world outside for you to explore. So go and do it. – Sharing is caring, so please share and comments are out of this world. So tell us what you think. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Social Networking Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes

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