Spectra Gel Jelly Anal Beads Review

Spectra Gel Jelly Anal Beads Review

 Spectra Gel Jelly Anal Beads Review.


Spectra Gel Jelly Anal Beads Review. – The all time perfect beginner anal sex toy for men and women get your partner or yourself involved in the very pleasurable and sexual world of alan sex toyday! Best Price online. – Mr Fleshlight Reviews.

Spectra Gel Jelly Anal Beads Review

Product Description:

The Spectra Gel Jelly Anal Beads a great set of 10 jelly anal beads, this is enough to get any anal sex lover where they need to be with its 10 beads 5 small and 5 large it’s perfect for beginners and experts you can start with the small or go straight in for the large.
They are very easy to use and at the great price of 10$ its a steel. If you want to add a little spice to couples bedroom fun or just want to take anal sex a little further this is what you need. We full agree that every man and woman should at least try anal sex stimulation in one way especially men as it unlocks a great would of sex toys and some of the most intense orgasms you can have!
So get buying no and change your sex life for the better.

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My Opinion:

First timers need this toy! Hello Ladies and Gents I have been sent these great beads to review the Spectra gel jelly anal beads to be prisist. I was looking forward to getting then and they arrived after a day or sending in my info to mr fleshlight!
Before I start I have to say I’m over the moon with these beads and have found a few very great uses for them. Okay so first off the price 10$ I think thats a bargain and after I tried them I knew it was. Okay I am seeing a girl and wanted her to try anal sex. I wanted these for myself but I mentioned this because of the story. I bought these for me and because I’ve wanted to try anal stimulation for years and thought this would be a great place to start.
It’s very non scary and is great for more experienced players and for beginners. I started with them on my own and had a lot of fun. Some of the most fun I’ve had sexually I finally get all the jokes about mens G-spot is up their asses, well P-spot and finally realized the power of it all! If only I had listened a few years ago!! Any way so after being opened up in the world of anal play I decided to tell the girl I was seeing.
I have a thing called an anal douche and when I got this I also brought this anal douche fsdfsdf and this butt plug asd asd I highly recommend both If you don’t have them already. An anal douche Is a must when using this toy and all you do is have a shower 30 minutes or an hour before and just use it to clean yourself so I did that and got this girl involved, I had used them that day and just finished cleaning I could see her keep looking at them and asking all these questions, what they feel like, pain, are they easy to use, how much, So I asked if she wanted to try them. I’ve never seen anyones eyes light up so much
She did and If I’m honest I never really thought girls could like anal sex? I was wrong as long as it’s not a massive toy turns out they love it.She started using them and we got playing with toys and after a few hours of what was the hottest sex of my life we before finished and went to sleep so I found this toy and it’s great looks are amazing for getting girls and boys alike to try something new that they didn’t know they wouldn enjoy. I would recommend it just for that and It’s now my new favourite anal toy! Prostate massager next!!

 Spectra Gel Jelly Anal Beads Review

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The Good.

– Length.

Their the best length and really can be used to your ideal preferences. A nice little touch.

– Very easy to look at.

Easy to look at and very good looking. The best anal beads to get other people trying them by far.

– Price.

10$ I can’t believe I nearly didn’t get this toy! Thanks mr fleshlight for persuading me.

– Girls and boys both love it.

As I said up there girls do like anal sex when it comes in a sexy little package like this.

– Feels places I didn’t know I had.
I didn’t know the power of anal sex fun till I had this toy and gave it ago. Really fully satisfied isn’t even the word.

The Bad.

– Want them to make a vibrating model.

Spectra Gel Jelly Anal Beads Review


Boys if you haven’t tried anal sex don’t get put of by it. This toy really will make you orgasm in a new way! I think its so still every man isn’t doing it when it feels so great and will literally unlock the ability to have more than one orgasm in a sit in
thats most man’s dream. You get a feeling that girls have all the fun constantly with there massive and intense orgasms well now we can join them with the Spectra Gel Jelly Anal Beads really give them a try and see what you think you’ve got nothing to lose and their tones of fun and great for couples.

Where To Buy:

Buy the: Spectra Gel Jelly Anal Beads Here for the best price online.


 Only: $10.00

Spectra Gel Jelly Anal Beads Review

That was the Spectra Gel Jelly Anal Beads Review. We love these at mr fleshlight and highly recommend them to anyone wanted to try anal stimulation! They’re all round the best anal beads for beginners. We have the best price online so go and take a look at them. – Mr Fleshlight.

 Spectra Gel Jelly Anal Beads Review.

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