Stoya Fleshlight Girls Lotus Celebrity Fleshlight Review.

Stoya Fleshlights Everything You Need To Know

Stoya Fleshlight Girls Lotus Celebrity Fleshlight Review.

Stoya Fleshlight Girls Lotus Fleshlight review – Today we are review this amazing celebrity/porn star fleshlight. It has to have been one of my favourite celebrity fleshlights next to the Jenna Haze fleshlight. We will run through the good and the bad and we will tell you about our experience with this fabulous Stoya Fleshlight Girls Lotus Fleshlight. Buy the fleshlight here: Stoya fleshlight

celebrity Fleshlight

Stoya Fleshlight Girls Lotus Fleshlight

Description of the Stoya Fleshlight Girl:

The super sex Goth girl next door is now all your’s with its realistic feel and amazing inside it will have you screaming with pleasure.
This male masturbator/celebrity fleshlight is not one to look at twice you use it and then from then you’ll never use your hand again so treat yourself to the Stoya celebrity fleshlight.

Key features of the Stoya fleshlight:

– It’s Stoyas pussy from a few of the most well know porn movies you can watch her fuck while fucking her too.

– It’s easy to clean and can be used 1000’s of times.

– It uses Real Feel Super Skin, This means it’s just like fucking a girl really you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, I couldn’t.

– Really high quality.

Stoya Fleshlight Girls Lotus Celebrity Fleshlight Review.

My thoughts on the Stoya fleshlight (review):

This celebrity fleshlight is not one to turn down it’s the exact module of her vagina and I really couldn’t tell you one difference between this and her real pussy.
It’s great fun to use and it feels like your really fucking her. (be careful I found out that a toy like this can be rather addictive) Haha. It’s such a great sex toy to add to my collection and I have to say one of my favourites.
I was worried about spending too much money on a fleshlight but I’m so happy I did, now I’ve used it I couldn’t put a price on it. The only problem I had was I use it so much and I have to clean it after 😉 Not really the biggest problem to have.
Everytime I use it all I can think is wow this is hot and then I remember it’s based off a real womans vagina and that just takes it to the next level.

The Good

– The moulding of stoys vagina is perfect.

– Feels just like having sex with a real girl.

– Good build quality.

– Good fun to use and add something new to sex.

– One of the best sex toys I’ve ever had.

– The inside lotus style, it has to be the greatest fleshlight inside style.

– If you put the inside sleeve in water before you use it, it goes all warm and feels even more like a real pussy.

I could talk about all the good stuff all day for this toy.

Stoya Fleshlight Girls Lotus Fleshlight

The Bad

Cleaning could be easier
It’s not to hard to clean takes about 30 to a minute and little longer to dry as it goes not a big deal at all.


Where to buy:

We have the best price of the stoya fleshlight right here! With free shipping and discrete packaging. 

Stoya fleshlight girls lotus celebrity fleshlight.

Stoya Fleshlight Review - Celebrity Fleshlight Review - Mr Fleshlight


Only: $99.99


The is one of my favourite toys and has led me to buying another 3 fleshlights. It will have you feeling great pleasure and is great for any sized penis big or small. If you get the stoya fleshlight you won’t need any other fleshlight in your collection it completely fills all sex toy needs.
If i’m honest it makes porn a lot more intense also you can easily put it in between pillows and connect it to things to make it a no handed experience all in all it’s a great fleshlight and a brilliant buy! Thanks mr fleshlight for sending it to me! 🙂

 Link to buy.

Thanks for reading our review of the Stoya Fleshlight Girls Lotus Celebrity Fleshlight Review. We hope you liked it and it helped you make a decision on which fleshlight to buy. We have tones of stuff in our male sex toy shop that will make sex so much fun just take a look – Mr male sex toys.

Stoya Fleshlight Girls Lotus Celebrity Fleshlight Review.


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