Sue Johanson Head Honcho Review

Sue Johanson Head Honcho Review

Sue Johanson Head Honcho Review.


Sue Johanson Head Honcho Review – We was shocked by this toy and we think you will be too. We hope you enjoy this full review and see if our reviews share the same thoughts as we do! This toy has free shipping and is the best price online so treat yourself while stokes in. – Mr Fleshlight Reviews.

Product description:

The best male masturbator we’ve seen! The head honcho will get any man where he needs to be! With its orgasm guaranteed label and a great price tag this is something all men should have in their life.
It’s so like the real thing and every man say’s it’s even better than a real blowjob with its simulation that stimulates the penis head and penis base simultaneously. It also has 3 suction cavities for the best real life feeling
that’s a big reason why everyone is talking and raving about how good the Sue Johanson Head Honcho is! get yours today!

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My Opinion:

Suction is the best! I didn’t realize how important suction was with a sex toy but wow! I do have to say I have wanted to try this for a while and have seen it so many places
I always love adding a new toy to my collection and this was the perfect one. It’s stretchy and is great this is my thoughts! This is stretchy enough to have any sized man in it, it’s feeling will leave you wanting to use it every day (Like I have)
And it’s size is just right. When I got it I was a little unsure whether it would be good, feel real, be tight enough all them things and I have to say I was shocked! Not by just them things by everything it feels great on the whole penis and feels just like sex does! It say’s that it’s a blowjob but this felt like some great sex to me.
You need a nice water based lube and don’t use flavoured or scented because they leave a smell of strawberries/banana for ages ;). I still can’t get over the price! I bought a fleshlight which has been amazing but I paid 4x as much so really happy with that and it’s really stong think this will be in my draw a few years to come.
The sensation is just like the real thing and as I said the suction of the Sue Johanson Head Honcho
is out of this world! Un explain about it feels great on the whole penis. I would recommend you get one of these it also spices up couples sex a huge amount and will get you really going just before you have real sex. So all round amazing.


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The good.

– Great for when partners out-of-town.

Best toy ever for when you’re on your own or partners away it will please you all day and night long.

– Tightness.

It’s the right tightness and the best I’ve seen on a male masturbator!

– Suction.

The 3 suction cavities are out this world and put this apart from all the other toys I have it’s a must to try.

– Couples can play.

OH Loves it and will play with it for much longer than anything else I have she likes that it’s different and it turns her on.

– Extreme, intense and amazing pleasure.

Some of the best pleasure I’ve had. I don’t think there’s many toys for this price that can make you feeling this great and pleasured.

The bad.

– Could be more attractive.

Not a problem at all but wouldn’t hurt it looking better.


Why have you not brought it? Get it now! For the sake of 20$ you’ll feel like you’re in sexual heaven and it doesn’t just take you there once it takes you there every time. It’s tight and just ready to be played with. It’s easy to clean and never disappoints so go on get one.
You won’t find a better male masturbator like this not for that amazing price and I think the suction cavities are in no toy like there in this one. 110% Recommend it. 🙂

Where to buy:

Click here to buy the Sue Johanson Head Honcho for the best price.


Only: $22.99.

The Sue Johanson Head Honcho Review – this really shocked us at this great price and with a guaranteed orgasm you’ll fall want to try this while we still have it in stock! This amazing deal is the best on the internet and with free shipping you’ll find no better else where. – Mr Fleshlight Review.

Sue Johanson Head Honcho Review.

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