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Things You Need To Avoid In Sex

Things You Need To Avoid In Sex – You need to learn the things you do wrong in the bedroom, the quicker you do this the quicker you can improve in the bedroom. Now believe it or not it’s simple to become amazing in bed and it’s not about doing stuff, it’s actually about not doing stuff. That’s why I’m here to teach you the things you need to stay away from while having sex. These are things that most people try to end up failing with. – Sharing is amazing, so please remember to share as much as possible. – Comment below for more information about this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Things You Need To Avoid In Sex

#1. Accidentally Going In The Wrong Hole

Most men make this mistake by accident, sometimes on purpose and for that reason I’m going to tell you why you should be more careful. When you try to/accidentally go in the butt hole you can completely kill the moment, sometimes annoy your partner and even stop the sex. Your penis is big and when it just tries to go in the ass with no warning it hurts more than you can even imagine.

So as a sex move it’s better to focus on keeping it in than risking it popping out and killing the moment.


#2.Extreme Dirty Talking

If words like shit, cream pie, facial or any words related come up while talking dirty you’re probably going to hard. Don’t get me wrong some women love dirty talking like that, but most women get turned off pretty quick and actually have that kind of dirty talking, not to mention it’s a little cringe in honesty.

So instead of saying weird stuff like that, just lower it down and talk to her about sex/sexual memories.


#3. Touching Her Clit When She’s Not Wet

This can sometimes be a pain, you’re working your way down to her vagina after lots of kissing and touching, you get down there and she’s not wet, now most men usually do it anywhere, this is something that I’ve been guilty of doing a few times, but you shouldn’t, it’s so sensitive and it’s going to feel bad for them. You’re better off-putting your hand above the underwear and just touching her from there, much less stimulating.


#4. Jack hammering Her

Quite literally smashing her back doors in, isn’t something that’s worth doing, Women usually don’t enjoy it, there’s a time and a place and as more and more men watch porn they think that time and a place is always, women like it slow, close and with the right motion, the speed can get quite quick sometimes but you’ve got to treat it like a car, you don’t put your car in 6th gear first, you let it build up. It’s the same with the speed of your sex.


#5. Trying A Porn Position Or Sex Tip

You’ve got to be serious when you see one of them crazy sex positions in a porno you might want to forget it, I’ve spoken to porn stars and even they find it hard to have sex in some of them positions, so it may be hard for you to get in them let alone give pleasure in them positions. Also you’ve got to be careful about taking sex advice off some websites, a lot of its shit and doesn’t actually help you at all.


#6. Bad Breath 

Come on, brush them teeth. You need to have a clean, fresh smelling mouth to hae great sex. You want that breath to be on point and smell really good. So have a nice brush before hand because there’s nothing worse than a man with smelly breath while having sex, it can quite literally kill the moment.


#7. Not Putting Any Time To Foreplay

Look foreplay is something that should take around 90% of your time, the actual sex isn’t were the pleasure is had, most women orgasm before sex or not at all, so it’s best to make your partner cum a then have sex knowing that you’re both satisfied and having a nice time.


#8. Telling Her You’re Going To Make Her Orgasm

It adds pressure that doesn’t need to be there, once this pressure is on all they can think about is cumming as quick as possible to make you happy, when it doesn’t happy women panic and then usually fake it or ask you to stop. Avoid this happening to you and just don’t say anything about her orgasm.


#9. Forgetting To Cut And Groom Your Nails

A sharp nail is a mood killer, an instant mood killer for that reason you need to make sure your nails are cut and smooth, it’s going to take you a few minutes to achieve that and it’ll stop you from having awkward sex, definitely worth the time in my opinion.


#10. Not Having A Shower Before Hand Or At Least Cleaning

Look one of the biggest turn off for most women is a smelly man, if she wants to give you head and you haven’t swashed down there it will smell, even though you can’t smell it she will be able to and that’s going to be a major turn off. So before you even try to have sex just go and jump in the shower and have a nice wash you’ll really be amazed with how easy it is to get clean and have sex feeling confident and good. IT’s a quick thing that can make a big difference, also if you ever don’t have a shower near just use baby wipes or soap and water.

Things You Need To Avoid In Sex

Things You Need To Avoid In Sex

Things You Need To Avoid In Sex – Your sex life is now about to improve. Just avoid the things above and you’ll be grand, this is exactly what you want to do, give it a try to you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as much as possible. – Comment below for more info, I love to talk. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Things You Need To Avoid In Sex

How To Look Like A Sex God

How To Look Like A Sex God – There’s not much for us men to do to look hot in the bedroom, but as I found out it’s not the big things it’s in fact the little things that really matter in the bedroom. That’s why I’m going to show you how the little things you can do to your appearance can turn you into a sex god, a man who looks like he can make a women cum multiple times without even thinking about it. If that sounds good to you then you need to keep reading. As a fellow-man I’m going to give you all the advice you need, so sit back, get a coffee and enjoy. – Remember to share this with fellow bros in order to share the advice around. – Comment if you want to add something to this article, or just have a chat with me. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.
How To Look Like A Sex God

#1. Get Sexy Underwear That She’ll Remember

Look men can wear sexy underwear too, so be one of them men, get yourself some sexy underwear. It needs to be new and a little tight, women don’t like baggy boxers usually. I personally wear Calvin Klein and as a man I can tell you they’re my favorites, they’re not to tight, but they always look great, feel great and go really well with certain clothes. For that reason you should pick up a pair.

This is just the same as her wearing some nice sexy underwear for you, so remember that and make sure you repay the favor to her, it’s the least you could do.


#2. Use A Penis Pump To Get You A Shower Not A Grower

I use a penis pump five days a week and it makes you penis look on point. It gives you size, makes it look so much bigger when none erect, it helps improve girth and makes your erection much stronger. I use this penis pump, it’s the best one I’ve found so much and if you’re after something like that then you’ll not regret picking up one of these.

You just use it in the shower before you have sex and you’ll feel and look so much bigger, great for them special nights of sex.


#3. Smell Like A Man, This Really Helps You Get Laid

Look, stop with all the sweet smells, you need to smell like a man and it’s easier than ever. Get yourself some old spice and look at what people who’re a few years older than you are wearing after shave wise. If you’re a post teen then look at what your dad wears and get some for yourself, old smells suit everyone, trust me. Give it a try to see what you think.


#4. You Can Also Get This Spray, Women Go Crazy For It

Old spice spray is fantastic, it’s a little bitter and has an old feel to it. This is one of the best body sprays you can buy in terms of smelling like a clean, fresh man. The reason you don’t want to smell to girly is because women are attracted to older men usually so by having an older smell you’ll seem much older and more attractive to them.


#5. Groom Your Junk, Don’t Go Too Crazy Though

Look you don’t need to shave your whole bush, nah. Women don’t like it, if you’re a guy who’s having one night stands all the time or having sex that could be seen as dirty then you should give yourself a trim, but just give yourself a trim if it’s anything else, you still want to be a man and to be that you’ve got to have a little hair and look like you’ve gone through puberty.


#6. Have A Shower, Brush Your Teeth And Make Sure You Clean All Of Your Body

Have a great shower and really clean all the parts of your body, get clean to the point you feel confident, this means you’ve got no smells and feel really clean and smell good, you also need to make sure you clean your teeth properly, make them as clean as possible you want to smell and be clean.


#7. Get A Nice Pair Of PJS Or A Track Suit, Something That’s Loose

This works a dream, mix this with the boxers and you’ll be grand, women love men in hot pjs, with/without a top. It’s just attractive for them, so it’s always worth trying. Just get a loose pair that’s easy to get off and comfortable to be in.


#8. The Morning Of The Sex, Do A Little Cardio, Some Push Ups Get The Blood Pumping

IT’s always good to get the blood pumping, you don’t need to do a full workout, just do ten minutes of cardio, get the blood pumping and make yourself feel good. You will be amazed with the results you achieve doing this.


#9. Eat The Right Foods

Eating healthy will make you more horny, so if you’re both eating the same site you’ll want sex more, so give it a try start eating more vegetables, fruit, honey, etc. You’ll see such a change in how much sex you want/can have.


#10. Have A Shave And Be Sure To Remember Lube

Have a shave and avoid bum fluff beards, they just price and can be quite annoying while you give oral sex so be sure to take them off. And you need to pick up some of this flavored lube, it’ll make oral sex taste so amazing and also make the sex much more slippy and fun.

How To Look Like A Sex God

How To Look Like A Sex God

How To Look Like A Sex God – Looking good completes a lot of the battle when it comes to sex. The better you look, the more sex you’re going to have. You don’t have to have a size pack you’ve just got to feel good in your body that’s really all it takes. If you can do that then you can achieve anything. Give it a try for yourself. – Sharing is caring, so please remember to share as much as possible. – Comment below for more advice on sex. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Look Like A Sex God