Ten things that make men bad in bed

Ten things that make men bad in bed

Ten things that make men bad in bed.

Ten things that make men bad in bed. – A lot of men go their whole life without ever truly knowing if they’re good or bad in bed. For that reason we’ve made a list of ten things which make men bad in bed, this is a list of things that turn women off that men do a lot. Don’t worry if you do some of these as most men do. Comment the one you do the most and ask for advice if you need it. – Like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and google plus – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Ten things that make men bad in bed

Not cutting their nails

This is one of the quickest ways to end sex for me. When I’m with a man and he hasn’t cut his nails and has a little pointy bit that literally cuts my vagina, men remember to cut and file your nails.

Being really rough

Don’t get me wrong I love it when a man is rough and I want him to be, it’s just when men treat my clitoris like it’s a whole that they’ve got to dig. It’s a very sensitive place so make sure you’re more than gentle unless I ask otherwise.

Don’t let us warm up

SOme men just love to jump right now and start sex, I blame movies for this one. Very rarely us women can go from walking in a room, kissing for 5 seconds, and then sex, it sometimes happens but it’s always best to not forget to kiss, stroke, play and pleasure me before we go anywhere near penetration.

Grunting in our ears

Maybe some women will find this a turn on? I find it so awkward when a man is grunting in my ear as we’re having sex, or breathing really heavy is another way to turn off a girl. It’s fine to do, just not in a girls ear. – Ten things that make men bad in bed comment your favourite one below.

Getting annoyed that we don’t orgasm.

Most women won’t orgasm every time we have sex, especially if it was just penetrative sex, this really does take a special girl to like. So don’t get annoyed and blame us if we don’t orgasm, we try our best and it’s us who wants it not you. 😉 – If you want to speed up the orgasm process you can always try this: Best couples sex toy.

Stopping just as we’re climaxing.

There’s a few men out there who do this, I’ve had a man who literally would stop for breaks as I was climaxing, it would be a real way to make me frustrated. I take a little to get myself to cum and when I was just about to he would decide to start touching my boobs and leave my vagina alone. If you’re a man avoid this at all costs, keep going till we’ve had an orgasm or asked you to stop.

Thinking we’re porn stars.

Again there’s some men who want to do 100 positions in less that 3 minutes and I end up being chucked around everywhere. If you want to make most women have a nice time do a position but stay in it and have a little fun, don’t spend 1 second then change, change every 4 or 5 minutes so we can enjoy it more. this is one of the number one things is Ten things that make men bad in bed.

Pushing my head down while in oral sex.

Being head F$#cked is what happens these days, I think men might watch too much porn! It seems every time I got to give my partner a blow job he pushes my head as far down as he can, doesn’t think about gag reflex and then starts humping my head. This can be fun if I’m in that naughty/rough mood, but when it’s just as some foreplay it’s so irritating. – Ten things that make men bad in bed.

Nipple aggression.

I think it’s something a lot of men have. I can’t tell you how many times my nipples have been bit or twisted during sex, it’s like they’re trying to tune me in, like a radio. This also happens with my neck, don’t get me wrong necks are great for pleasure! When a guy bits a little to hard or starts sucking and giving me a love bit, it’s just plain awkward for both of us.

Asking about orgasm.

I do find a lot of men will do this and it’s completely fine, sometimes it’s annoying though. Guys who ask before, during and after if you’ve orgasmed and try to find out every detail to make sure you wasn’t faking. This will take its toll on the best of girls. I don’t mind if I’m dating a guy and after a few months he’s like “do you enjoy sex?” That’s fine it’s just what he stops mid way to ask if I’ve came or am going too. My answer is always “You’ll know when I’ve came!” This is just my opinion and I reckon most women will agree, as when I made this it involved a lot of friends and wine and talking about bad things men do in bed. – This is the Ten things that make men bad in bed, hopefully you enjoyed.

Ten things that make men bad in bed

Ten things that make men bad in bed

Ten things that make men bad in bed. – You’d be shocked at how many men do these things in bed, they aren’t all as bad as each other and every womans different so she might like some of these. This should help you make a good decision of what to not do in bed and what to do. If you need anymore advice just check the risk of our sex tips and sex help. – Comment below if you need more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Ten things that make men bad in bed.

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