Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Womens Orgasms

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Womens Orgasms

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Womens Orgasms.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Womens Orgasms. – There’s things that no man or woman know about orgasms so we’re here to help you understand a little about the amazing thing that is explosive and some say better than male orgasms.. The female orgasm. This is ten things you didn’t know and hopefully you’ll learn something you never knew that will make you go :O And then continue your day. – Remember sharing is caring and that the comments give us something to talk about so please comment. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

They will make her look younger.

Yes it’s true, studies have shown that women who have more orgasms release hormones that make them have better skin and look more glowing, so next time you’re going to buy some make up instead just have some you time and see how far that gets you. – This is Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Womens Orgasms.

Girls fake it.

It’s shown that all women will fake it atleast once in their life. Girls just have a much harder time climaxing, it’s either fake it or ask you to stop, either of them is going to be risky but faking stops you from getting hurt. So it can be a win, win. Next time you try give her an orgasm read this and do i t right: How to get her oral sex.

Last so much longer.

A women has a much longer and more explosive orgasm than a man does, mens orgasms usually finish in seconds, womens can go on for over 15 seconds if done right. 15 seconds usually is the max though. Just think how intense that must feel. Guys are missing out, one of the benefits of being a girl I suppose.


Cuddling will increase the chance of orgasm and sex, if you spoon before sex you’ll both get extremely turned on at the fact you’re going to have sex, even if you don’t think you are. Your penis and her vagina will be releasing all kinds of stuff that will turn you on and can lead to her climaxing quicker. Are you enjoying Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Womens Orgasms?

She’ll have less orgasms than you.

It’s true that men usually orgasm 5 times more than women, not all women but most. Most women masturbator once to twice every two weeks and the common man can go 3 to 5 times a week on an average, this means men will have a lot more orgasms in their life, also men finish almost every time they have a wank, women sometimes don’t. The Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Womens Orgasms was fun to make.

They are good for her. 

Orgasms are really good for your health and in more than one way, they lower headache pain, lower crap pains, and do more than you could ever imagine. Just her having that little bit of fun is good all around. Next time she complains and tell’s you she has a headache just explain that an orgasm will make it better.


Get’s even better with age.

This may sounds silly but once you reach 40 it’s proven that orgasms start to get more intense and more pleasurable, it’s down to knowing your body a lot more, so you do have something to look forward. – Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Womens Orgasms, did you know any of these?

They may help you live longer.

It was said that having orgasm every day lowed the chance having some serious illnesses, it’s down to the hormones it releases and the fact that your brain will be more active in certain parts. Thats exciting news, it means that you need to have more orgasms, it’s a great excuses to get a sex toy.

Nipples and clit. 

It’s true women can orgasm through their nipples, if you feel the boob the right way some women are know to orgasm through that alone, this isn’t uncommon but it will take a lot of skill to get that ability down to a T. The second part of this is that only 30% of women can climax through penetration alone, most need clitoral stimulation, next time you’re going to have sex make sure you focus on that clit and make her thighs come to life.

Girls can orgasm through a workout.

This is a very crazy one, women can have mind-blowing orgasms through sit ups. There’s an exercise set could coregasm workout and it literally will make you cum just though doing sit ups. That’s something that I think all women need to try, maybe not at the gym 😉 But very worthy at home. Google the exercises and see just how amazing this will feel for you. It’s really worth a try right? I’m not being mean but how many men can do this? None? That gives us every right to get some more fun through training. – Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Womens Orgasms.

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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Womens Orgasms. – Did you learn anything that amazed you? Well comment if you did. I was shocked at some of these and I hope you were too. They really are a little strange women’s orgasms and it’s pretty certain that they are better than mens. To take a while to get though. I must admit men do have it easier in the time department. – Comments are below so remember to comment and sharing is awesome so please share. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Womens Orgasms.

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