Ten ways to make your girlfriend better in bed

Ten ways to make your girlfriend better in bed

Ten ways to make your girlfriend better in bed.

Ten ways to make your girlfriend better in bed. – Does your partner need a little help in bed? Is it getting annoying when she’s not listening or doing things you don’t like? Well as it’s not her fault we will teach you ten ways to help her one and get her to be amazing in bed. This is top advice and will hopefully help you get better sex and have more of an intimate relationship. – Remember to press them share buttons below and to write us a comment if you’ve got anything to say. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Ten ways to make your girlfriend better in bed

 Talk to her

Never tell a girl directly that she’s bad in bed, this will never end well and will just make her feel rubbish.

But what you can do is explained to her what you enjoy, say “God it really turns me on when you get on top, it makes me so hard” That’s something that will turn her one.

Now I do understand some girls just lack energy in the bedroom and that can be the main problem, getting her excited will help. This tip is more for the guys who want to try something adventures.


Take control 

Often women are insecure and worried about their bodies, not all women but most will get a little nervous when it comes to sex. A great way around this is to take control.

Make her feel like you’re making all the movies, this will be a turn on for her and she’ll probably start playing back to it, it will make sex better and you might unlock something fun for the both of you.


Have sex more often

How can she improve in bed if she doesn’t ever have sex, sex once a week isn’t enough, you need to try sex 3?4 times a week, you’ll start learning more about each other and hopefully she will start picking up on what you like. This is a quick way to start becoming great in bed together and find a lot of new fun sex moves.


Drop hints

Drop very little hints about sex, maybe make a joke or too, try to make her understand what you think you would like in bed, something as simple as I really want to try something but I’m not sure you’ll like it, that makes her want to like it and happy try it before you’ve even said anything.

This will make it easier for you to get better sex quickly.


Ask her what she’s into

Usually if you ask a girl what she’s into she’ll tell you some little bits, maybe she likes it when you kiss her neck or give her oral sex, that matters but what you want her to do is ask what you’re into.

If you play this game with women most the time you’ll get an answer and find out what she likes and then she’ll be like what you’re into and you can then say I love it when you’re rough and on top of me, this will then make her want to do it and make you happy, you can say whatever you want her to do, just make her feel like she’s done it before.


Tell her when she does it right.

This is a common mistake most men make, men don’t make as much noise as girls, well some do but it’s lower, so how can she tell if you’re enjoying it? Make sure you show it feels good and you tell her when she’s got the right spot or doing it well, this will help her confidence and make it easier for you to make her better in bed. – This is the Ten ways to make your girlfriend better in bed hopefully you’re enjoying it.


Try something new.

There’s always a new sex toy or tip you can try on her, trying a fantasy or something new is the perfect way to spice up sex.

We get a lot of women and men that love sex in naughty places like cars, see what turns her on and then act on it, this will make her feel naughty and if she lacks energy in bed she’ll gain it. This is the best way for getting energy back in sex, if that doesn’t work then try out some of our vibrating cock rings, they will do the trick.


New position. 

Doggy style is probably your best bet. If you want to make her better in bed and don’t want to be sat learning a new position that might not work, doggy style is definitely your best bet, it’s a very easy position to learn and takes near to no time to get it right.

Even if she’s bad at sex in this position you’ll be able to take control and make it feel a lot more fun. just have her on all floors and do it how she likes and how you like. – Are you enjoying the Ten ways to make your girlfriend better in bed?

Oral sex.

You can always try to give her some amazing oral sex, if she’s not selfish she’ll repay you with oral sex or something even better. So make sure you give her good oral sex and do it how she likes. It will pay off massively when it comes to sex after. We have a great tutorial on oral sex here. 



The key to a very sexual night is music. Pick something a little faster and it should make you both want quicker sex, there’s a few which you could use it’s all down to personal choice. Get something quick that’s smooth and you can keep in rhythm with. If she’s on top she’ll do the same and in any position you try, it should make her more active in bed. – Ten ways to make your girlfriend better in bed.

Ten ways to make your girlfriend better in bed

Ten ways to make your girlfriend better in bed

This was the ten ways to make your girlfriend better in bed. – It takes a big man to tell her you want change! It’s better just playing it this way, you’ll keep both of you happy and end up with a win, win situation that will result in better sex for the both of you. – If you need any private advice comment below and make sure that you hit them share buttons. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Ten ways to make your girlfriend better in bed.

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