Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life Instantly

Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life Instantly

Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life Instantly

This is just some quick tips to help spice your sex up instantly. We all need a little start-up and to get ourselves on the right track! A brilliant way to do all of this is to just follow these little tips and see where they take you, they shouldn’t be too hard to do and will hopefully help you out. It sometimes does couples good to get inside that sexy part of the brain where your fantasies are, get there and then share with everyone. – Comment below if you want to chat or know something more about this post. – Sharing is caring so make sure you share 🙂 – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life Instantly

Sex In The Shower

We Recently did a post about having sex in the shower and it made us think how hot it was.

If you do it right, it’s extremely fun and naughty and can be different and really make sex feel new.

If you’ve got a nice shower then you should go for it, maybe try once a week having a night-time shower together or morning shower and in it having a bit of sexual fun. You won’t regret it. – This is the Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life Instantly, hope it’s helping.


Beginner bondage is another way to get things hot and sweaty. People right bondage off as they think it’s all PVC and ball gags/chains.

In Fact there’s a whole lot of beginner stuff before you get to that point. There’s Whips, Ticklers (tickle skin) Handcuffs, Blindfolds, Nipple suckers, and Restraints. All of that is really good fun and can make any couple of feel naughty.

I would recommend going to our post on bondage and getting some handcuffs, a tickler and some blindfolds. Thats perfect for being naughty and trying something new, also won’t cost too much money

Hotel room

Hotel room sex is always better! You can be loud and not worry about interruptions, it’s hot because it’s a new room that you’ve never been in and you can have sex all around it, in the shower, bath, bathroom, bedroom, floor, anywhere you want too,

There’s nothing more fun than doing this and as you can have loud exciting sex it makes stuff so much better, you can really enjoy it all and it;s great for spicing things up.

It also give women a reason to dress up and a man can look smart in a suit or a nice pair of jeans and shirt, while going out for dinner. – Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life Instantly Comment if you’re enjoying.


Sex toys

One of the best ways to spice up sex and get it back on track is sex toys. There’s so many different types and as you can buy couples sex toys there’s always something new to enjoy.

Sometimes all that’s lacking from sex is orgasm if you get that back then you’ll get more sex and it will feel better.

So buy her a bullet vibrator and maybe get a couple of sex toy like a vibrating cock ring and then see what it all feels like.


Trying a fetish will spice up your sex very quickly. It can be a little dangerous depending on the fetish but in honesty if it’s light then it can spice things up.

There are loads of people who enjoy feet of like to do something weird. If you unlock that for both of you it can really spice things up quickly.



Some women have fantasies about a threesome and you could always get a suction dildo and put it on the wall and let her ride it while she does you.

You could always get a male masturbator and have her sit in your face while you give her oral while she uses the toy.

Even to the point where women sometime want to leave the window open so they get a feeling like their being watched.

There’s so many fantasies that can be a little hard to do and never put strain on your relationship doing them. We’ve talked about wife swapping/threesome before and it seems to never end well for couples.

It’s the death ground for a lot of sex. – Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life Instantly.


Lights on lights off

For some people it’s as easy as lights on and lights off, if you’re always having the lights turned off then you need to address insecurities, once you do that you’ll have better sex, the lights on is fun to see each other and if you have sex with the lights on all the time, trying it in the dark is really naughty.



Playing a teasing game is always a great place to start. Try telling your partner for 10 minutes and making them want you, after the ten minutes of almost giving them oral sex, almost letting them inside, and just playing with them, they will really want sex.

This is a hot thing to try once a month and change the partner who does it each time.

Anal play

This had to be in this list, it’s another quick way to spice up sex, I’m not talking anal sex with a penis even, I’m talking butt plugs, anal beads, vibrators, all toys that tur both men and women on, just have sex with them in. – Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life Instantly.

Role Play

Role play is another great way to get things hot, you can dress up and change your personalities, this sometimes takes a second to get used to but is really good for sex.

Just be confident and try something that turns you both on, could be police, businessman and secretary, female boss, maid, it can be just about anything.

Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life Instantly

Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life Instantly

Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life Instantly – Did you enjoy this post? I hope you did and we always want to improve you sex life and make sex that much better for you. We have loads of advice about sex so make sure you check that out. – Remember to comment and ask us anything about this stuff. – Sharing is caring and it really does help support. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life Instantly 

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