TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review

TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review


TENGA 3D Spiral

Masturbator Review.

TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review. – Tenga have just released their new long-lasting male masturbator! We have loved a lot of tenga products and have always wanted them to make some more long-lasting toys and something that isn’t just single use. This toy lives up to that! It’s texture is amazing and that’s why we’re reviewing it. This will hopefully help you pick a good male masturbator and if you need any more advice just comment below and we will point you in the right direction. – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.

 TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review

Product Description:

The TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator the luxury male masturbator from Tenga. This masturbation sleeve comes in it’s on display case and is ready to be used with its two different types of ribbing it will massage and pleasure your whole length.

You can take foreplay to the next level or just use it to spice up your masturbation, porn watching has never been so intense! You can tighten your grip to receive even more pleasure and with its spiral texture you’ll be left feeling weak kneed and shaky from all the pleasure. It comes with a sample lube located in the box, you can jump right into the fun and be ready to fill sex toy pleasure like never before. Get the latest Tenga Male masturbator today with free shipping and for just $49.99. Have a better more fulfilled sex life today.  – TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review.

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TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review

My Opinion:

After using the TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator I realized how much fun you can have with just a toy. I have a partner and we’ve been looking at getting some toys for each other, she’s got bullet vibrators and a rabbit vibrator and I wanted to try something. I’ve been looking at fleshlights but got turned away as my partner felt like it was too much like another person. When I saw the Tenga male masturbator I didn’t even think about it I just got it. So it arrived the next day and I got asked if I’d like to review it, so there I went. The first time I used this toy was alone and it really came to life, its intense texture and tight feel made me feel like I was in bliss-land and the way its multi-textured makes it so much more pleasurable. After the first use I was left heat beating quick and completely pleasure also some what amazed at how good this toy was.

So later that week after using it a few times and having some more fun I decided to try it with my partner. THIS IS THE PERFECT COUPLE TOY! Sorry for shouting but wow, it’s so pleasurable in the hands of a partner and really will get any man shaking. You don’t have to use that much water-based lube and I was shocked how much she enjoyed playing with it. It’s like having a blowjob them having sex and then even more. She loved it much more and since then I get so many handjobs it’s like a new power! It’s also really easy to clean and takes seconds. Thanks Tenga for releasing an amazing toy!  – TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review.

TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review

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The Good:

– Texture.

It’s texture is where this toy comes to life and makes it so different. It doesn’t cause friction and you don’t have to use hardly any lube with it. The texture is smooth but bumpy and you’ll be able to feel it going all up and down your length.

– Quality.

I haven’t seen many male sex toys with this much quality, it looks clean and it will be able to go on for a lot of hard sessions.

– Intense pleasure.

As I said up there it’s one of the best sexual experiences I’ve had. It feels amazing and is a must for any man who wants to spice up his bed time fun.

– Couple play.

This made it all the more better. You put this in the hands of a girl and they’ll treat it like a new toy, giving you more regular handjobs and it will make you’re foreplay the best it’s ever been.

– Easy to clean.

It takes no time to clean and as long as you have a hair dryer on cool you can give it a quick blast and it will dry off in no time. – Mr male sex toys taught me that.

– Look.

 It looks so hot and nothing like a sex toy while it’s in the box. It’s good quality and will be good if your partner doesn’t like the idea of you using a fleshlight with another womans vagina on it.

TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review

The Bad:

 Nothing it’s a solid toy, price is great, pleasure is amazing, can’t complain one bit!


 I would give this a 10 out of 10 it’s a great toy for solo and couple play and will make your solo sex time so much more better. If you’re sick of wanking and want a change or just want your partner to give you a little more pleasure really this is the way forward. It’s easy to use and is great fun. It doesn’t cost much at all and comes with free shipping. I use mine whenever I get one minute alone and it’s so tempting to use it always with the pleasure it provides. I can’t wait to try more tenga products but until then this will keep me more than satisfied. If you’re still thinking about getting it then check the reviews on the product as they all agree. I hope you enjoyed and thanks Mr male sex toys for letting me review. – TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review.

TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review

TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review

Where to buy at best price: TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator

Price: $49.99
TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review. – If you want to try something new and think male masturbators are it then this is the best sex toy for you! There’s nothing better than a good male masturbator and this thing is amazing! It’s texture will have you climaxing in no time! We have it at the best price online and with free shipping so go on treat yourself! – The best a man can get 🙂 – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.

TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review.

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