TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator Review

TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator Review

TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator Review.

TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator Review. – Got another on of the Tenga 3d male masturbators here today. Last week we did a review of the TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator Review and this week we have the different texture that is zen. So we decided to see if it matched up for another review or and see what they thought about it. So far this year tenga has been one of our favourite sex toy manufacturers and have brought a lot of new and fun sex toys to the table hopefully this toy will be as good. – Remember hit the share button down below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.

TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator Review

Product Description:

Treat yourself to a deep, smoothing masturbation release with the TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator. This male masturabtor is a whole new range and on completely different level to others, its double textured so you can start with the inside and then flip it inside out and have 2 x the orgasmic power in one male masturbator, also makes it more easy-to-use. If you think that’s great then you’ll get even more excited when you feel how real it is and how much excitement can be had with it. It’s better than most and with it being Tenga you know you’re getting the best.

There are loads of ways it can spice up your sex life from you using it or a partner and you can experiment with different sensation lubes and more. For this amazing price how can you resist the TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator? Come get yours now, you won’t regret it! – TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator Review.

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TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator Review

My Opinion:

Is the TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator really better than sex? I’m on a little challenge trying to find the best sex toy, I’ve tried over tenga 3D models but was interested to see what the Zen would offer. I’ve seen people say it’s the best and also how much it’s like sex or better in some cases so it was about time to get my hands on it.

What did I think? 

At the time I got this I was excited but tried not to believe the hype as it in the past it’s killed some sex toys for me. I got it and was very happy with the packaging and the 3D case it comes with. All very stylish and something that you could display (If you’ve got the balls). I cracked it open and got to it. Wow I was happy, it’s easy to clean, has two textures that both do amazing and even better than that it’s so realist with lube, I do believe the hype now and for that price it’s a perfect toy. (spent more time alone than ever now). Another thing that’s really interesting is how quiet it is, I use toys like this  a lot and usually if you’ve got a lot of lube their loud, not this one it kept that quiet feel all the way through and with both textures.

So far I’ve had a lot of intense and exciting experiences with the TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator and it keeps getting better. It’s great for beginners as it’s so non threatening and made a good addition to my sex toy collection. Over-the-moon that I got mine and look forward to seeing what else Tenga release this year. – TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator Review.

TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator Review

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The Good:

– Quiet.

It’s very quiet and you could use with housemates in or in a family home with nor problems.

– Dual Textures.

We all love a sex toy that doubles up and can be made into two right? And this has that ability and it’s done amazingly with two great textures.

– Easy to clean.

So easy to clean, it really will take you a few seconds and will be ready to rock and roll again.

– Unique.

It’s a unique toy that not many people have done, or done well so it’s lovely to see tenga do an amazing job.

– Pleasure.

High pleasure and I can’t complain with how easy it is to orgasm with this toy and it’s realism.

– Worth it.

It’s look and realism are great and make it more of a must have than ever before. It’s totally worth it! Get It! 🙂

The Bad:

There’s not too much I can think of. The only really bads I see with toys are things that this doesn’t have. I will keep using it for a few weeks and write back if it changes.


This toy is one of a kind and is another great sex toy from Tenga, looking at other people’s reviews on other models from the 3D range show me that so far all of them are good. I can only comment on this one by saying wow, it’s worth the money and will take your time and make it into pleasure. So if you’re ready for a sex toy you really won’t forget it should be this. For me it’s been loads of fun and will just keep using it more and more from now. Also it’s got a very reasonable price tag that shouldn’t be forgot. If you’re into masturbation as much as bet this where it’s at! Thanks Mr Male Sex toys For Letting me review and hope it helps you guys. – TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator Review.

TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator Review

TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator

Where to buy for the best price: TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator.

Price: $49.99.

The TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator Review. – After that we will definitely be looking into doing more reviews with tenga products! We’re updating the shop soon so if they keep getting good reviews we will test some more of their products out. This toy and the over models of it are really good and last as long as a fleshlight which is what we’ve all wanted from Tenga for a while now. If you want more then just check out the sex toy reviews and if you want to some advice just go to mr male sex toy blog here. – Mr Male Sex toys Reviews.

TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator Review.

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