TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Review

TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Review

TENGA Black Flip Hole

Masturbator Review.

TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Review.¬†– I’ve personally been waiting for Tenga to release something like this for a while. This is one of the most innovative male sex toys I’ve used and that’s why we wanted to send it out for reviewing. It’s a strong contender on the best male sex toys and highly recommend it to any man. We hope you enjoy this review and remember if you can write and want to do some writing for us then just send a message or comment below. – Remember sharing is caring ūüôā – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews

 TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Review

Product Description:

The ultimate male masturbator. The¬†TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator is on its own level, one of the best toys out right now. This Tenga masturbator is innovative and will change the way male sex toys are built. It’s customised pleasure will leave you shaking and its cleaver easy to use design will have you going all night. It has hundreds of nodules, bumps, ridges, suction and much more inside. Easy to hide and the perfect sex toy for all men.

The three buttons allow you to customise the suction and customise the experience, make it tighter, or looser and enjoy the variation of pleasure you can receive. You’ll be surprised when you realise that a toy can be much better than the real thing. It comes with three types of water-based lube all will give you a different sensation from mild, real and fire you’ll be biting the pillow and trying not to moan for pleasure. Are you a man who likes a sex toy? Well then don’t waste any time! Get this toy now and you’ll really change everything about your solo sex time forever. Are you ready to be let into the world of amazing male sex toys? Join it now! –¬†TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Review.

TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Review

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My Opinion:

Masturbatoion heaven? This is my opinion on the¬†TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator. Tenga have been making toys that are more than one use and this was one of the first. Tenga specialised in them single use eggs and a few toys like that. They we’re so good and felt amazing but only lasted a few times at the best. When I saw this was out and it was a long-lasting toy and had such amazing reviews I went for it and made the buy. Mr Male Sex Toys let me review and sent me the toy.

The box is very nice and doesn’t have any weird girl images on it, the toy it’s self comes out and automatically you want to try it. It’s a nice size and has so much going on inside. The first thing I did was grab the fire lube that comes with it and also the mild and had a good play with it. The best I’ve had is an understatement. The best I will have is probably more realistic. It feels so intense and will massager your whole length and leave you clinging to any nearby surface. You need a nice generous amount of lube and a bit of free time because you’ll not be able to put this down once you try it. It can get heavy after 1 to 2 hours use but that happens even without the toy. The pressure pads help to apply pressure to the bottom, middle or top and you just hold your finger there. It’s a very nice customised feel and personally I always put it on the top. Feels amazing so far the best toy I’ve used.

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TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Review

The Good:

– One of the best. (The best I’ve Tried)

It’s one of the best toys out there right now. Tenga really did make a unique and brilliant toy here. I will find it hard to match this toy or any of the pleasure it gives me.

– So much sensation.

There’s a lot going on which makes the sensations all the more intense. With the right lube you’ll have your legs-trembling and body moving in no time.

– Pressure Pads.

Great for adding pressure and having more suction to the top or the bottom of the penis.

– Some might say better than the real thing.

This gave me orgasms like no other toy and I think it could be better than the real deal after using it for a few weeks.

– Orgasm factor.

Orgasm after orgasm is an understatement! It’s been a fun few weeks lets just say that.

РGet one! 

If you’ve got a bit of cash laying about and want to invest in a really good male sex toy it has to be the¬†TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator I really don’t think you’ll do any better.

 TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Review

The Bad:


As most of these masturbators they make a little suction noise every now and then.

Little Heavy.

This isn’t a bad thing and something I only notice because I use it for a few hours at stop and start. So it can get a little heavy after that. Nothing to worry about though.


Worth every penny and then some. The best male sex toy I’ve had and I want a friend who’s tried it so we can talk about it. It’s so hard to explain this toy when people haven’t tried it and seen what it can really do. There’s so much sensation and so much fun to be had. It’s worth the money and so much more and it will last use after use. All round this is my number 1# male sex toy and I look forward to trying more just like it. –¬†TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Review.

TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Review

TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Review

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TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Review. – You made your mind up yet about this toy? It really is a no brainer. If you’ve got a little cash and want a male sex toy that will last and really will pleasure you. This is the kind of toy that I clear a whole night for so I can just use it and feel its intense pleasure. We highly recommend this toy and hope you feel the same way. Any questions just leave them below. Free next day shipping. – Mr Male Sex Toys.

TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Review.

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