TENGA Egg Stepper Review

TENGA Egg Stepper Review

TENGA Egg Stepper Review.

TENGA Egg Stepper Review. – Tenga Eggs this is something everyone been going on about as it’s one of the easiest toys to get hold of. We decided to start review these eggs on by one and see which one’s the best. We’re starting with the Stepper and will work our way down. If you’ve got any questions or would like to join our reviewing team then just comment below or message us. 0 Sharing helps us keep going so please share – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.

 TENGA Egg Stepper Review

Product Description:

Crack open the pleasure with the TENGA Egg Stepper. This egg will deliver the up most amount of pleasure and yes it is one of the best male sex toys there is. The Tenga eggs will leave you with the most mind-blowing orgasm that you can imagine and will keep it happening time after time.

You might wonder how this little egg is revolutionising the sex toy world? Well this till toy can stretch up to 11 inches and 8 inches of girth and then can fit back in a nice egg shape, just think of the possibilities, travel, easy to hide, fun to use, un noticeable in even a pocket. It’s hard to imagine just how amazing these little balls of love are.

All you’ve got to do is crack it open apply the lube that comes with it and be ready to enjoy body-shakingly-good orgasms. So are you ready to try these amazing tenga eggs? Pick your’s up now for the micro price that it is (price displayed at the bottom) See what this Tenga Egg Stepper can do for you. – TENGA Egg Stepper Review.

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TENGA Egg Stepper Review

My Opinion:

TENGA Egg Stepper where start. So I bought this and some of the other models of the egg and got asked to review them, so far this the one I’ve been working on and playing with the most. Okay well at first I didn’t expect to much as it’s just an egg and come at a very cheap price. (even better if you get the 6 pack) You can pick them up in most sex shops and their very discreet and non threatening for men who don’t have many sex toys.

I started using it right away and cracked it open. First I applied the lube and got working on it. Okay so since I’ve been using it I’ve found two good ways to create different feeling one is to let all the air out and create suction so it feels more like a pussy. You’ll feel your penis bounce against the end and it will massage your whole length. Two is to let the air stay inside and create less suction. This feels similar to a good blowjob and will make more suction at the base. Both of these are plenty of fun and after us use it and feel the Stepper texture it will become clear that it was worth the money.

What do I think so far: 

Well after I’ve had a play with it I think it’s well worth the money, it’s not all amazing as it can sometimes be a little slippery to hold and cause you to lose grip, but for the majority it’s a top toy. I would recommend it more for beginners as it’s easy to hide and good fun. For you more hardcore fans I’d go for the TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup As it’s more of a for penis massage. I would say there a must have to try to great for getting a partner in bed and trying sex toys with you. Good for some holiday fun, even for you hardcore users it’s worth getting one and having a good go with it. – TENGA Egg Stepper Review.

TENGA Egg Stepper Review

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The Good:

– Size. 

The size and design are very cute and something that will make your easter a little more exciting (it’s an egg, get it?) ;).

– Texture.

The texture feel superb and will massage your whole length with no problems at all. It feels very realistic and with the lube it will make a very good sex experience.

– Price.

The price is very good and means you can try a few models to find the best one.

– Lubrication.

It comes with a great lubrication that really goes well with this toy. I can’t wait to try my others now.

– Climax.

It will make you climax over and over. It’s really made masturbation fun again.

– Girls love them.

It’s such a fun toy because girls don’t mind using them on you. Any man who gets one and gives it to his partner will get results and have her use it.

The Bad:

Little slippy.

The reason I said hardcore masturbators should go for the onacup is just really because this one can get a little slippery to hold if you use it for 10 to 20 minutes. It’s still a very good toy though.


So where does that leave us? It’s a toy that’s very fun and worth the money, if you ant to break into the sex toy world or just try something different this is the toy for you. It comes in many different styles and so far the strepper is my favourite. It’s a sex toy that both you and your partner will enjoy and will give you a good few orgasms in its life. It looks good and really is a cool sex toy. As with most Tenga toys the lubrication is fantastic and complements this sex toy so much. Totally worth a go and the money. – TENGA Egg Stepper Review.

TENGA Egg Stepper Review

TENGA Egg Stepper Review

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Price: $13.99.

TENGA Egg Stepper Review. – Worth every penny and a great to for travel fun and seeing what you like. When there’s so many expensive sex toys out there it’s good to sometimes just get a toy that’s easy and fun to use that also shows you what textures you like. We’ve already sent out the next load of these tengas to our awesome reviews and soon we will se which is the best to buy! – Hope this review helped you out. – Free shipping on orders over $40 – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.

TENGA Egg Stepper Review.

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