TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review

TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review.

TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review.

TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review. – This is the next level of pleasure. We wanted to write a review for this toy as it’s been a favourite for a while now and keeps getting better reviews as it ages. This is one of the ultimate all round sex toy experiences you can buy and the rolling head is the thing that makes it. We hope you enjoy this review and hopefully it helps you make your mind up about this toy. – Remember to share. – Mr Male  Sex Toys Reviews.

 TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review.

Product Description:

The TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup, The ultimate male sex toy experiences. Twist and roll in every direction while stroking to build up one of the most impossibly exciting sensations you’ll ever have, this easy to grip toy will leave you twitching and wanting more each time, its heads designed to give you a male sex toy experience that’s unmatched by any product and that’s what it does. It’s pre-lubed up and ready for you to enjoy the deep sensations that this toy offers. The rolling movements will simulate a girl rocking back and forth and movie even more sexually, never seen a sex toy that can do that right?

So you’re paying a really small price for this male sex toy, you’ll get to feel satisfaction like never before along with one of the best orgasms you could possibly have. This japanese sex toy is a master of its own special level. Get your’s today and be a better more sexually active man. – TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review.

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My Opinion:

So the TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup is finally here. The first day I got this I was so excited and ready to use it, I’ve had a few male sex toys but nothing with a rolling head/pre lubed, so I got it and it’s very big in size which is great. It doesn’t look anything like a sex toy and it’s very easy to use. I’ve had a few tenga toys and I know the deal with them, someone told me to get a cheap cock ring with it and put it down the end for the best stimulation ever, I tried and what I got was damn right amazing. I used the Lovehoney BASICS Love Ring Vibrating Ring, and it’s cheap enough to not have to worry I put it in on my last use and it made my whole penis feel pleasure a feeling I’ve never felt.

So I gave it ago and found how amazing a rolling head could be. Why don’t more sex toys have it? I as myself that a lot as it’s one of the most intense experiences I’ve had and I think all the 5 * reviews mean people agree. It feels so realistic and so much lice real sex and the orgasm to follow at the end was unmatchable, it’s so tempting to use it without a condom and it does feel even more pleasurable, but either way it’s absolutely amazing.  So if you want a tenga toy that’s great and one all men should be open-minded to this it. It will not just be great for the orgasms you achieve but it will help you get more confidence to try different male masturbators and strokers. – TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review

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The Good:

– Rolling head.

The rolling head is obviously the reason you need to buy this male masturbator it feels so realistic and adds something completely new to your sex toy game, it made me keep cumming and makes orgasms must more fun.

– Design.

It don’t look or feel like a sex toy until you’re inside it, so it’s easy to hide and not threatening if you’ve got a partner.

– Orgasm.

I’ve never cam so much in my life I don’t think, it is the longer orgasm I’ve ever had I’ll tell you that.

– Lube.

The pre lube is something that everyone likes as you don’t have to worry about if you’ve put enough on.

– Tenga.

The sex toys that they make just keep getting better and better and more fun.

– Price.

The price isn’t bad at all for what you get and the fun you’ll have it’s a must.

The Bad:

– Want a full-time model now.

After using this I need a full-time model that I can use all the time, it’s that addictive that you’ll agree. – TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review.


In my books Tenga have done it again with another great and easy to use sex toy. The rolling head is just one of the many reasons to buy this male sex toy and if you want something like this you won’t think twice after getting it. I’d like to see a longer lasting model and I think I will get one of there no ones soon as I already miss mine. For the money and the fun you could have definitely a must buy and worth everything. If you’ve got any questions about this toy just put them below and I’ll sort them out. – TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review.

TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review.

TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review.

Where To Buy: TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup.

Price: $22.99.

TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review. – See not a bad toy right? You’ll have loads of fun with it and it’s at a great price that you can’t say no too. It’s a really masturbation changer and will change-up your masturbation game for good. If you need a toy like this them check our shop out as we’ve got some of the lowest prices online.  – Thanks for reading and we will be doing more reviews and sending more toys out this week so stay tuned. – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.

TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review.

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