The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80

The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80

The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For 80$

We love a good sex toy and couples sex toys are even better. We thought why not put them both together and create a great thing. This is our custom collection of sex toys and it should blow you away. These sex toys are the best you can get and they come together a 80 dollars which is very cheap and will make it a must have. Over the past few months this is what we’ve seen to be great couples sex toys. – Remember to comment below if you’ve got any questions about this post! – Sharing is caring so hit the sexy share buttons now! – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

 Tracey Cox Supersex Beginner’s Bondage Tape Double Pack

 The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80

To start the list off we’ve added a very hot sex item which we love. This is bondage tap, it’s very fun and exciting and you can use it in loads of ways to have some really intense and fun pleasure.

It’s a great couples sex toy and really can’t be complained about! It feels amazing and you can use it on men and women so really its ideal and a must have for this couples sex kit.

Where to buy: Tracey Cox Supersex Beginner’s Bondage Tape Double Pack

Price: $14.99 

Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring

The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80

We’ve talked about this vibrating cock ring a lot and as it’s one of the best we do highly recommend it, the powerful bullet will stimulate her clit while you give the penetration.

You can even use the bullet vibrator on its own and stimulate her. This is the best toy for giving a girl an orgasm without trying.

It also makes your erection harder, so you can go longer and will make you last longer in bed. I’ve also found I have great orgasms when I use cock rings.

All in all this is a top vibrating cock ring and is highly recommended. – This is The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80.

Where to buy: Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring

Price: $23.99 

Tease Me Silver Handcuffs

The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80

If the tap isn’t for you then these handcuffs might be better? If you’ve never used handcuffs during sex then you’ve been missing out and really need to give them a go.

These are great and tough so they won’t break instantly unlike some which I’ve used. If you’re looking for a little naughty sex these are always great and involve trust which makes orgasms more fun and likely.

Where to buy: Tease Me Silver Handcuffs

Price: $8.99 

Masked Moments Blindfolds Twin Pack

The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80

This blindfold pack is another way to spice up sex, both where a blindfold and your other sense will improve making sex much more intense and better. This is a huge plus if you’re having sex and really will make sex so much more fun.

I love when me and my partner use these, things like shivers and pleasure waves happen a lot more. There always a great sex toy to call on and give a go. It’s one of my favourite things to do and to use.

Don’t under-estimate  how powerful these are, they will lift off insecurities and make sex so much more fun and open.

Where to buy: Masked Moments Blindfolds Twin Pack

Price: $7.99 

Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Finger Bullet

The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80

IF you want to have magic hands then treat yourself/your man to one of these finger bullets.

This is like most girls dreams, just slip it on your finger and start pleasuring her, it’s a bullet that you can really enjoy and use it how you please. Not bad right?

Well if that’s what you’re looking for then it’s great and you’ve got to have this in your couples sex toy box.

I use this will a few things like blindfolds to really spice it up. Just mix all these toys together and see where it gets you.

Where to buy: Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Finger Bullet

Price: $7.99 

Lovehoney BASICS Slimline Butt Buddy Butt Plug

The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80

The last toy we’ve got is this slimline butt plug. The is the best butt plug for beginners and women and men friendly. It’s really something and worth your attention.

It’s not hard to use and in honesty you’ll love it once you try it. This isn’t a normal toy and you’ve got to be a bit open-minded to use it.

It’s great for women and you’d be surprised how much anal sex will spice up a relationship. It’s great and really does do a good job, like it’s slimline so literally will be easy to get inside and as it stands it is just the right size for pleasure and enjoyment.

If you think you’re ready its a great toy to try out.

Where to buy: Lovehoney BASICS Slimline Butt Buddy Butt Plug

Price: $12.99 

 Total: $76.

This is really The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80 And you’ll be able to spice up your sex life! At just under 80 dollars it’s the ideal gift for christmas, your partner will be very happy that they got this and have all these fun things to try. Remember the lube and if you want even more fun then try some orgasm balm, it’s so intense.

The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80

The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80

The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80 – These sex toys will knock you away and for that price you really can’t complain right? It’s great to see just how far money can go when you put your mind to it, if you think outside the box and get only what you think is great you’ll end up having a fantastic sex life. Just make the leap and get a great sex toy in the first place. – Sharing is caring so remember to hit them share buttons. – Comment below if you need more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

The Best Couple Sex Toy Kit For $80

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