The Best Orgasm A Man Can Get

10 Anal Sex Toys For The Best Prostate Stimulation

The Best Orgasm A Man Can Get – I’m going to show you a few little secrets about a males body that you might not know. A lot of men say there life revolves around sex and that’s what they enjoy, well I’m going to show you a little secret to getting the most intense, leg shaking orgasm a man can have, it’s not going to be easy and it will involve the prostate, if you really want to know sexual heaven then this is the way to go about it. You’re about to enter the world of multiple orgasms. – If you learn something then please hit the share buttons below.


I’m going to try to teach you a little about your prostate, now don’t leave the post because you think the prostate is something you pleasure if you’re “Gay” it’s far from that and it’s just a secret that people don’t share because they feel embarrassed.

The prostate is the male equivalent of the g-spot and it can be pleasured in the same way, it will stimulate you and can unlock new orgasms. Some of the orgasms are dry and you can have multiple and some will make you orgasm through your penis.

Either way it’s much more intense and it will make your legs shake and literally make you feel on top of the world. Now there’s a few ways you can start prostate please off and I will tell you them below.

Note: After we talk about prostate we will talk about masturbation. – The Best Orgasm A Man Can Get.

Little Toy

Dr Joel Kaplan Prostate Locator Massager

The Best Orgasm A Man Can Get

A prostate locator toy is a great way to start prostate pleasure, it’s very little and every man could use it and get joy, it’s not a big scary toy and it doesn’t take any skill to pleasure your prostate with it.

It’s also completely silent and very hard to tell what it is, great if you live in a busy house with nosy people.

Where To Buy: Dr Joel Kaplan Prostate Locator Massager

Best Toy

Nexus Revo 2 Rotating Silicone Prostate Massager The Best Orgasm A Man Can Get

The Nexus Revo 2 is where it’s at with prostate pleasure, if you want to have a leg shockingly good orgasm and be left feeling amazing then you need to invest.

All you have to do is insert it and you’ll be ready to start feeling the pleasure. This is easy to control and because it’s god loads of settings you can make it as quick or as slow as you want.

Where To Buy: Nexus Revo 2 Rotating Silicone Prostate Massager

After you’ve got a prostate toy you need to get yourself some anal lube, this is just to make it easier to insert the toy, if you use this lubrication it will feel amazing and will go in with no problems at all.


Okay well now we’ve covered the prostate massagers it’s time to move onto the penis, you need a good male masturbator to make sure you have the most intense orgasm possible.

By intense I mean it will be like 3 orgasms happening at once, that pleasure is unmatchable and it’s not even hard to achieve, you just have to be a little open minded.

Male Masturbators

These two male masturabtors should sort you out. They are both different and will do the job easily and quickly. You need to get one as it will make it more intense and really get the blood pumping.

Cheap Toy

Doc Johnson UR3 Mood Exciter Double Sided Stroker

The Best Orgasm A Man Can Get

This double stroker is amazing and will do the job at making this whole experience a lot more intense. All you need to do is use this along side the prostate massager and you’ll feel just how good pleasure can be.

It maybe cheap but it really does hold it’s own against more expensive toys, I think it’s really worth adding to your collection and if you want to experience the best orgasm of your life at a good price this is the way to do it.

Where To Buy: Doc Johnson UR3 Mood Exciter Double Sided Stroker

Best Toy

Spider Hands Free Realistic Male Masturbator

The Best Orgasm A Man Can Get

If you can afford it this hands free sex toy is amazing. It can be used with hands and that’s how you’ll have to use it. It is really real and it will amaze you just how great it feels while you use it.

It is the best toy for making that orgasm all the more intense and it’s so realistic that your body won’t know what’s going on. It really is worth getting if you can afford it and I do recommend it.

Where To Buy: Spider Hands Free Realistic Male Masturbator

What to do:

Insert your prostate toy after you’ve applied lubrication to it, then sit back and relax, enjoy it as it builds in pressure.

Once you start feeling comfortable you need to start masturbating with your male masturbator, apply a water based lube and start building up the speed.

If you ever feel like you’re about to cum then you need to stop, you need to let your body build up.

Now once you’re going to let yourself cum you need to forces more on the prostate stimulation, you need to use your imagination and really try to give yourself pleasure, this way it should allow you to get more p-spot stimulation.

Do this for about 30 minutes to an hour and then just let yourself cum, now it should be super intense and feel like you’re on fire with pleasure. It can sometimes take a few attempts and sometimes you have to change the way you sit and the way you pleasure yourself.

You just need to focus on that prostate stimulation and it will get you where you need to be.

The Best Orgasm A Man Can Get – This will change the way you masturbate and have sex forever, it’s surprising just how great an orgasm can be when it’s powered by your prostate, you really will be amazed at what you can achieve with this guide. So go ahead and give it all a try, you won’t regret it. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog – Remember to share as much as you want too.

The Best Orgasm A Man Can Get

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