The Best Ways To Add Spice To Your Sex life With Sex Toys

The Best Ways To Add Spice To Your Sex life With Sex Toys

The best Ways To Add Spice To Your Sex life With Sex Toys – So you want to have a little added spice to your sex life. Well it’s never been so easy that to just read this article and make some notes. If you want to change the way you think about sex then this really is the best way you can do so. We also have loads more tips that will help you make sex more thrilling, these sex toys are the best and they really can change the way you and your partner orgasm forever. – Disclosure: If you want to add something to the article then just put it in the comments below and if you want to help us out then please remember to share, as sharing is caring. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

 The Best Ways To Add Spice To Your Sex life With Sex Toys

Bath Sex

Waterproof sex toys really are the future and if you’re looking to spice up your sex life then taking you and your man partner into the bath is always going to be a great idea. You can use a waterproof vibrator or any kind of waterproof toy to really get the pleasure started adn really it does just keep getting better once you try it out.

Once you get her to the point you want her then she can just jump on you and you can take the fun even further that’s why this is really fun to do and the only thing you need to do is keep your eye on the ball and try not to cum to quick.


Jiggle Balls

If you want to spice things up then getting your partner some jiggle balls will always be really worth while, they jiggle and they’ll create loads of pleasure and also tighten her up, these are two of the must have thins when it comes to sex and you’ll be really surprised how great they are when you use them properly. They really do change peoples sex life for the better and you’d be silly not to try them out. – this is The Best Ways To Add Spice To Your Sex life With Sex Toys.


Couples Sex Toys

You can always pick yourself up a couples sex toy, there’s are always great because you can get ones that will vibrator for her and also vibrator for you, this makes sex a lot more interesting and really does push things in a whole new direction.

You can even buy special sex toys that will change the way your female partner orgasms and if you’re feeling naughty you can get some deep throat spray that will make every blow job she gives you even more orgasmic.


Vibrating cock rings

Vibrating cock rings are a great way to have sexual pleasure and they really put the man in more control. You just put it on your penis and then you’ll be able to start the fun. It’s that easy and it really is that simple.

Cock rings also make your penis harder which will make this a lot more interesting for the both of you, if you’re ready for that then it will be a great way to change things up for the both of you.

It will also make you not cum as quick and that’s why you really need to invest in a vibrating cock ring.



Bondage is always a lot of fun and if you both get some bondage sex toys you’ll really be looking to heat things up in the bedroom, you can buy whips restraints and billfolds, each of them things will make your sex so much more intense and really will help you find a more powerful and orgasmic way to make sex more fun.

One of you always has to be in control and once you find that person things really will lift up in ways like never before.


Sex Games

You can get yourself a sex game? Thats always a great way to spice sex up, if you get a sex game that gives you hot new things to try every day, some with sex toys and some without then you’ll be able to try something new and hopefully enjoy sex more. – The Best Ways To Add Spice To Your Sex life With Sex Toys.


Mutual masturbation

Have you ever got off while the other partner did too? Well you can both get off together and watch each other while using sex toys, this sometimes takes sometime to get used to but once you get used to it, it really will make things a lot of fun.

It usually ends up with great sex because you both won’t be able to keep your hands off each other.


Anal play

Anal play is always something that most people write off and it shouldn’t be that way, men have intense orgasms with anal play and women have more enjoyment and fun once they start opening up to it. Sex toys make it easier to try and that’s why you should give sex toys a try right now.


Oral Sex

Oral sex toys are always a lot of fun and if you don’t fancy going down on your partner you can always use one and really get her going, it will really work and it changes the way you do things for the better.


Sex God 

Want to be a sex god? Well sex toys really will help you perform better in bed, whether it’s finger vibrators, cock rings, penis pumps or just about anything that helps couples sex. All of that will make you have sex with more passion and power so it’s a great idea to invest.


Penis extender

If you want to open up new positions and maybe give your partner something to add to her fantasies you could always get a penis extender, it will give you a bigger penis and make her feel more intense. This will make sex so much more orgasmic. – The Best Ways To Add Spice To Your Sex life With Sex Toys.




The best Ways To Add Spice To Your Sex life With Sex Toys – It’s really important to add a little spice to your sex life every now and then and if you want more of the best tips then just make sure you check out out other posts. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

The best Ways To Add Spice To Your Sex life With Sex Toys

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