The Guide To Wife Sharing

The Guide To Wife Sharing

The Guide To Wife Sharing

Some couples have a thing for swinging or wife swapping, where you watch your other half having sex with a married man/woman. More often this is a mans fantasy but can sometimes be shared by women too. It’s either a fantasy or something you’ve wanted or have done before. It can open a lot of doors and can change the way your relationship works, we’re here to guide you through how to wife share and what it will do to your relationship, this is the full tips and how to’s on wife sharing. – If you enjoyed please share as it helps us out and comment if you’ve got any more tips you want to share. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

The Guide To Wife Sharing 

Can you withstand it? 

Before we start talking about tips, tricks and advice we usually ask the person if their relationship can stand it. If the partner you’re with really is the one then this is a bad idea.

Sometimes fantasies have to stay locked up, however if you’re willing to risk that for the sake of a lustful night then it’s really your call, we have had a lot of people who have wanted to try something like this and ended up ruining their relationship, as the wife ends up getting attracted to one of the men.

We are going to teach you how to avoid that happening and how to make her come back to you. This really is the ultimate guide to wife sharing.

Now if you think that you can withstand it and it’s a must for you to try then this next bit should help you.  – The Guide To Wife Sharing


Stranger or Friend.

This is something all first time wife shares must ask, do you want to see her with a friend or with a stranger? There’s pro’s and con’s to both and you’ll need to really think about this.

Stranger Pro’s.

  • Don’t know you or friends.
  • Never have to see them again.
  • Can stop wife getting attached.
  • If it goes wrong can stop it.

Stranger Con’s.

  • Have to wear a condom.
  • Might not complete that fantasy.
  • Don’t know the person.
  • Might take advantage and not be what your partner is looking for.

See you really need to observe the goods and bads, in the con’s you’ll see the take advantage one, this is a big deal, if a guy is way to rough and doesn’t know you, he don’t really care about your please, so make sure you’re careful and maybe meet him yourself a few times. – This is the The Guide To Wife Sharing.


Friend Pro’s

  • Look after her.
  • You can ask them questions in person.
  • More natural.
  • She will probably enjoy it more.
  • Condom – If you know them and know they’re clean you can ditch the condoms (your own choice).

Friend Con’s

  • Falling in love.
  • Seeing them daily.
  • Telling friends and family.
  • Relationship will never be the same again.

In my experience there’s a lot more chanc of the girl meeting up with the friend on her own again after you have this night, it seems to me that they get more turned on when it’s someone you know and it’s not hard for them to hock up again.


Which one?

Well it comes down to what suits you better, personally for the first time I would go to a hotel out-of-town and do it with a stranger, it’s not as safe but will be better for your relationship and you’ll not have to deal with the worry of it getting back to your friends.


Questions you need to ask?

Some of these questions seem a little weird but you need to ask them as it may change your sexual experience.

  • What sexual orientation are you?
  • How big is your penis?
  • What’s your favourite sex position?
  • How long do you last in bed usually?
  • Do you prefer it in a hotel or a house?
  • Is there anything you want to try?

I realize the penis one is personal, you need to know what they’re packing, some men don’t want a man having a bigger penis than them as it may be a lot more enjoyable the sex, as some men only want a big penis, make sure you ask these questions and maybe re-word them and don’t do them all at once.


Condom or no Condom?

This is really a risky one, I’ve met women who only do it without, they like that bit the most and it’s all part of the sexual experience, I’ve also met men who are completely against it and make the guys use condoms.

In my personal preference I’d always use a condom every single time, it doesn’t matter if they tell you they’re clean, there are things that people lie about and there’s some people who have STD’s that won’t go away with a simple dose of penicillin, so it’s best to not take that chance.

Remember you’ve also got pregnancy to think about, if your partner got pregnant like that, it wouldn’t go down too well for your relationship.

I would use them all time no matter what.


Guide to Wife sharing sites.

If you want to get going quickly then you can always use a dating site, I think POF has some couples on their and if you google swinger sites, wife sharing forums and wife sharing dating sites, you’ll usually find some people who are after exactly what you are, and you never know there might be a wife for you to enjoy. Always be careful while using the internet.



  • Don’t use the same person twice

If you want to stay in a relationship then avoid doing the same person twice! I find if your partner has sex with a man on two separate occasions she’ll we become a little attached to him, they will start building a bond and it won’t be long till she’s having sex with him and thinking it’s okay even when you’re not there, to stop this happening try to never use the same people twice.

  • Don’t toy with the idea.

The worse thing you can do is toy with this idea, don’t ever get your partner thinking it’s happening and then don’t, it just screws the relationship up.


  • Don’t get made

Something I tell everyone before they swing or try wife sharing is: don’t get mad if he makes her orgasm or she enjoys sex better with him, it’s most likely she’ll have a better orgasm and have better sex with him as it’s all part of the fantasy, you can’t stop that and it’s very hard to get around it.



The Guide To Wife Sharing – Do you still think it’s a good idea? Hopefully this will have guided you through it all and opened your mind up a little. My job is to make it easy for you to be pleasured and get the most out of your sex life. If you need any more help then please contact me or post in the comments below – Hit them sexy share buttons and feel the power of hotness – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

The Guide To Wife Sharing

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