The Secret to giving her an orgasm.

The Secret to giving her an orgasm.

The Secret to giving her an orgasm.

The Secret to giving her an orgasm. – All men want to know the key to getting women to orgasm and a lot of sites seem to have a way of telling you without really telling you, well we’re going to show you exactly what to do to get her screaming with pleasure every time you have sex. These tips are some of our best so we hope this helps you out. Remember the comments are below if you need help and feel free to ask some questions. – Click the share buttons. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

The Secret to giving her an orgasm.


One of the keys and big secrets to giving a girl an orgasm is being passionate and taking your time and letting them know they can take all the time in the world, usually a guy after learning some basic sex tips can give a girl an orgasm, the problem lies when they give up or feel like it’s taking to long.

A girl will see they you’re not enjoying it and make you stop because she’ll feel bad, just be ready to last longer and do it like you want to do it, this why she’ll be okay. – Time is on of The Secret to giving her an orgasm.


– Never ask her to hurry up.

– Never just stop.

– Make sure you act like you’re enjoying it.

Learn what she likes.

Well if a girl likes penetration get her that, if she likes oral sex then give her that, if she’s sensitive be gentle if she likes it rough be rough. These are things that you’ll need to learn because every girl is different, over the space of a few minutes see what gets the best results, if she starts moaning and moving while you give her oral then learn more tips on oral sex, if she starts go crazy when you’re being gentle and slow learn some tips on that. This will all get her to the point of orgasm quick and will make life a lot easier for you, just pay attention and take it slow. – The Secret to giving her an orgasm.


 Touching is another secret way of giving her an orgasm. 

Girls love  a bit of touching and you’ve got to treat a girls climax much like slow cooking, a guy is like a microwave meal and usually quick and easy to do as a girl is more of a slow cooking meal, you need to get the preparatory just right to make it work.

Use your hands and glide around her body, try get some tingles and make her wet go near her thighs and lightly massage up and down with your hand or fingers, and slowly after a while lightly go near her vagina and move round her lips. Do  this for about 10 minutes, you want her to be pulling your hand and trying to get you to touch her.



Massaging her is a good way to get her bad and can work to help you in millions of ways as it helps her relax and well make her want sex even more.


Kissing her while doing all this while make things go even better and quicker.

A big secret to giving her an orgam is Fingers. 

A bo with magic fingers will go a long way, you need to learn to use your fingers well and a great way to do this is to look at some tips on our site, we’ve got loads. Here’s some quick tips though:


The good old-fashioned circles are still the way to go and once she’s bad she won’t be able to resist the feeling of you going round her clit with small, gentle circles, it may take a few minutes to start getting reactions but once it hits her she’ll be screaming, remember to go clockwise then change to anti clockwise to mix it up even more.


Do the one above then gently go down to her vagina opening and slowly put your finger inside then straight away take it out and get back to the “circle” then repeat and you’ll see by how she reacts whether she wants you to go inside her more. If she does then you’ll need to do this: slowly go inside her and start moving back and forth at  slow but firm speed, make sure you don’t go to quick and keep it slow and constant. Girls would rather have a steady speed all the time than quick and out of rhythm so just keep to the speed and slowly start to speed up, you’ll see by her reaction whether or not shes enjoying it and wants you to go faster, if she does then do but make sure you stay at a speed you can do for 5 minutes straight, as something like this she’ll need you too speed up at the end of her climax not the beginning.


Boobs are another way to help orgasm but can be very weird and you’ll find every single girl likes something different done with their boobs so don’t be to firm and just see what she reacts too, if she likes gentle then that’s the way to go, remember that too much focus on the nipple can sometimes make a girl feel sensitive.  – The Secret to giving her an orgasm.

Oral sex.

This can be the money make and oral sex can get a girl where she wants to be in the best amount of time. You’ve just got to be ready for a long wait and you’ve got to be committed, there’s no good in going down there and deciding that you’d rather not have because then nobody’s going to have a happy ending.

oral tips:

Whole vagina.

Don’t just keep to the clit like more men do, explore the lips and opening and just see what she likes best, use your whole mouth and really get down and dirty, be really gentle but you’ve got to go down and see exactly what she likes, so lick the lips and opening the clit and be slow but make sure you’re committed as we said.


It can be a very sensitive place but if you use the circles again and a little bit of flick action with your tongue you’ll do amazing and have her cumming in about 10 minutes.


If you’re trying this your best bet is to use one of these vibrating cock rings and this delay spray so you last long enough to try everything that could bring her to orgasm.

Final note.

Orgasms are not anything like porn and all girls are different some will scream some will be quite some will fake and others don’t make much movement, so don’t give up just keep going, you need to understand that she probably won’t orgasm through penetration because not many girls can and it will take a few years or at least a year of practice to make her cum through penetration, there is ways but they involve sex toys so check our sex toys out as they may help you make her reach orgasm, keep an open mind and remember to have fun. – The Secret to giving her an orgasm. The Sexual Happiness People

The Secret to giving her an orgasm. – Remember to be gentle and just keep on trying, orgasms can be a difficult thing to learn but practice make perfect so if you learn now you’ll be better in a few months. If you want some more tips just check our site because we have loads that will make you perform better in bed and last longer. Go check them out now. – Remember comment if you want more advice and sharing is caring so be amazing and hit one them share buttons. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

The Secret to giving her an orgasm.

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