Things girls like more than a big penis

Things girls like more than a big penis

Not all of us are blessed with a massive tool, sometimes you need to look at the other sides and understand that there are things girls want more than a big penis. So here is some things girls like more than a big penis and these should really help you meet a perfect girl and keeping her. Remember there’s always sex toys that will improve your sex life if worse comes to the worse. – Commenting is amazing of you, remember to comment if you want to as it makes us really happy. – By hitting the sharing buttons below you make us extremely happy. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.


There’s a few types of girls in this world but in honesty most like the same thing, if you’re a player that usually means you’ve got a big dick, it’s really just the way it goes. Some girls love players for their charm and some girls love players for their sexual skills.

The things girls like though have nothing to do with the penis, it’s all to with him. So take the best bits of being a player without actually playing. This means be funny, strong, pay her compliments, and talk to her. If you take all of them things and work well, there’s no reason why having a big penis even matters.

Just remember don’t pretend you’ve got a big dick, it’s not going to do you any favours, even if you’ve got a big dick in honesty girls don’t find penis all that attractive, so keep it to yourself and surprise her.


Honesty is a lost art and it seems to be going away day by day. Girls don’t like you to be harsh but being honest and telling the truth won’t go far wrong.

Make sure that you don’t lie and don’t do things that you’ll later forget, girls like a man who will own up to the stuff he did and make it up to them.

So be honest tell her that she’s beautiful, tell her if something’s wrong. – Things girls like more than a big penis.


Trust goes a long way, it takes years to build trust and seconds to break it. You don’t get a medal for the years of being true and honest but you do get a kick in the balls for one second of temptation.

Remember that you could sleep with 100 girls but there’s always going to be one girl who you’re doing it because of. Why leave the best girl when you’re just going to compare every other girl to her?

So remember to be truthful as it is one of them things girls like more than a big penis.


Listening is key, remember to listen to what she say’s and how she say’s it, you don’t want to not listen to something really important to her.

It is hard to listen to everything a women says, as it’s hard to listen to everything a man says, just look at her and listen to the things that matter, be more than just a man be a friend.

That’s probably one of the most important things when it comes to things girls like more than a big penis so remember to keep them ears open.

Oral/finger skills

So what you’ve got a small penis, that means nothing! Just get really good at giving oral sex and fingering. Most orgasms women have are not down to the penis and in honest I don’t know many women who orgasm of the penis alone.

Just get really good at eating her out and you’ll go really far, trust use. Also fingers are always a good way to get a girl to think less about the penis. Just make sure that you enjoy it and ask her what she likes, you always need one girl who will teach you.

Sex Toys 

Let’s be honest even our site shows you ways to get a much bigger penis and if you go up you’ll see them penis pumps and many different toys that will help you give a girl an orgasm.

There’s penis extenders that will add size to your penis and there are penis pumps that will make your penis bigger.

You could even get her a bullet vibrator and really stimulate her in all the favourite places.

The sky is the limit and as long as you keep her sexually happy there’s no reason why penis size will even come into it, in honesty it all comes down to what you put in.


 Caring is always a good one, I do think that it’s not something you should do lightly but it is something that many women care more about than a big penis.

A girl wants to feel safe when she’s with you, you want her to know that you’ll protect her. A great way to create this Vibe is to be there for her but keep a distance as friend zones are all around us.

So if you’re a caring guy then you’ll go far and if the women at your age don’t appreciate it you can always date a little older, older women appreciate it a lot more and most of them will find it so much more appealing than a big penis.

Remember that not all women are nice and some do only care about penis size. But, there’s some girls why only care about auto-Erptoc asphyxiation, just because some girls care doesn’t mean they all do. So YOLO To you all!!

Things girls like more than a big penis – See there’s a few things, I think girls just don’t like men that sleep around and honesty is always a treat that will work well for women, seriously you just need to be nice and maybe don’t brag about how big your dick is, if it isn’t that big, there’s no need. – Sharing is caring so hit them share buttons below. – Commenting is also amazing so please comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Things girls like more than a big penis

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