TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review

TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review

TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review.

TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review. – This is one of the best rated prostate massagers/butt plugs so we really had to give it a review. It’s been talked about a fair bit and we’ve had some good fun with it and so this is our review, hopefully it will help you and remember to comment if there’s anything you want to know about this toy. – Sharing is caring ūüôā – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.

TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review

Product Description:

The Doc Johnson have done it again with the¬†TitanMen Curved Master Number 1, this plug is out of the world and really does feel better than the rest with its rounded head and smooth body the pleasure is intense, it’s built-in such a way that penetration is perfect and once you use you’ll never be the same man/woman again.

The¬†TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 is different to other prostate massagers/plugs and that because it’s perfectly angled to tease and pleasure the prostate glands but also will feel out of this world for girls, so couple play is on the books with this toy. The toy doesn’t just look the part it feels the part with its spongy but firm material and being TPR with its anti-bacterial sil-a-gel formula. It will stay in place and provide you with the ultimate pleasure time after time and that’s why this plug is one of the best toys a man/woman can get, you won’t find a better one and this one will feel so great that you’ll never be able to not use it again. So if you want to feel pleasure like never before take a jump and buy yourself one of these great male/female sex toys. –¬†TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review.

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TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review


My Opinion:

Where can I start with the¬†TitanMen Curved Master Number 1. I’m a fan of this kind of sex toy and have been for a while, I needed something that was a little bigger but not to scary and I didn’t want any paid after use, when I saw this toy it looked perfect as it’s a good price, a nice size and looked like a great toy. I got it within days and I started writing review notes down, it comes with nice packaging and at first it was bigger than I thought, I always find that with toys, same happened with a fleshlight. –¬†TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review.

Firth use.

I used a nice amount of lube and I got ready for a bit of fun, it went in no problem and it was a big part of my excitement was getting it in, once it was in the fun really begun though. It gave me the most blissful feeling of being full and stimulated my prostate so much that I couldn’t start-up and use it, I can sit down with it in so it’s not to big and it won’t just go inside as it’s good a very nice sized base. After using it a bit more I realized that this toy was made to hit the spots every time and if I use with a lot of lube there’s nothing I can do to stop that pleasure.

Would I recommend it?

In a heartbeat, it’s the most under-rated toy I’ve tried and it creates enough pleasure to be the top anal toy in my collection. I do find myself ¬†using this toy more and more every day and right now I use it most days without fail, once you’ve had one of them orgasms that are so built up and through prostate massaging it will change the toy a lot for you. –¬†TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review.

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 TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review

The Good:

– One of the best.

This is one of the best anal toys there is, I didn’t even touch on how girls can ¬†orgasm through this toy and for that price you’d be silly not too.

– Size.

The size of this, is just right for me and as long as you like a little size you’ll be grand.

– advanced.

It’s a bit more advanced than my last toy but that makes it all the more fun.

– High quality.

It’s one of the highest quality plugs I’ve had and the chances of this thing breaking are little.

– The full feeling.

When it’s inside it really does do a good job of making me feel really full and satisfied.

– Orgasms.

You don’t know orgasms till you’ve tried an anal toy like this, it really will make your eyes roll and your legs shake.

The Bad:


It’s a good and a bad thing, I need size but beginners might want something a little smaller.


After reviewing the¬†TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 I’m more than happy to say it’s really worth the money and one of the best there is, it comes down to so many factors but really it’s just a good toy. It will give you orgasm after orgasm and is really high quality which means longer lasting and easier to look after. It may not be the best toy to start off with but it’s a great toy to build up to and get in your collection as it’s feeling out ways a lot of great anal sex toys. So if you’re ready for that kind of pleasure this is the one for you. –¬†TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review.

TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review

TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review.

Where to buy: TitanMen Curved Master Number 1.

Price: $22.99.

TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review. – This is really an underdog as they call it and in honesty I had no idea this toy would be so good and create so much pleasure. It’s a very good all round toy and a must have for men who like anal play. You won’t regret getting a toy like this if it’s for them reasons. Would you like to be a reviewer? Then contact us or comment below as there are places opening up soon. – Mr Male Sex Toy Reviews.

TitanMen Curved Master Number 1 Review.

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