Top 10 common and weird sex fetishes.

Top 10 common and weird sex fetishes.

Top 10 common and weird sex fetishes.

Ever wondered what people get up to behind closed doors? Well we decided to take a little look and this is what we found. This is the top 10 common and weird sex fetishes, people act these out every day and I must admit some are sexy and some are just plain weird. You can be the judge of this. If you want to play a game then write down how many you’ve tried and would try to put it in the comments below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Top 10 common and weird sex fetishes.

Golden Showers.

This is where a person will make their partner urinate on them in a sexual way. This really started to become popular recently and it’s getting more and more popular as the years go on. It’s more excepted among men (women urinating on men) As only a few women will agree to enjoying it.



This is one of the all time biggest sex fetishes for men, it seems that a lot of men love the idea of a girl wearing stockings while touching their penis with their feet, it seems feet are the new vagina and there’s a lot of ways men want to use them. So get some lube on them feet and treat your partner to a night of foot fun ;).



This is comment in both men and women, some people love hair on women, they love it to the point where it’s a fetish and can be a turn off without it.

This has been around for a while and it’s really just down to the fact at 20 to 30 years ago most women didn’t shave, this made a lot of men get used to it and now it’s gone they miss it. Same goes for women, it’s only been in the last 2 to 4 years men have started shaving and already women are missing a real man.



This isn’t so much of a fetish, it’s more of a sexual act. More and more men are becoming hooked by the idea of their partner being shared with another man, it’s not swinging because the man don’t enter any of it, he just gets turned on by the fact someone is giving his partner pleasure, you often find this being a turn on for men and as it gets on it’s becoming more and more popular.



People using food in the bedroom is getting more and more frequent, a lot of men and women enjoy wrestling, having sex, and rubbing food on each other while doing the other two, it’s a big fetish and there’s even groups that meet up and have these big food orgies.



Bizarre as it seems some people have a fetish for objects like cars, buildings, toys, teddies and other things. There’s some people who have sex with cars and get in all the little cracks and slips of the car. If you’ve got a nice car look out for people who want to F$#k it.


Domination and submission

This has been going on for sometime now, it seems like more and more people are getting involved in reverse roles and after books like 50 shades of grey, it’s quickly becoming a famous sex fetish and getting more acceptable to do. This is the Top 10 common and weird sex fetishes hopefully you’re enjoying.


Autoerotic asphyxiation.

This is the biggest killer on the list and has led many men to die though it. It’s basically where you strangle yourself while wanking, this cuts off oxygen to the brain and gives you the most intense orgasm imaginable. it sometimes kills people as they ejaculate and has been the killer of even some famous people. So watch out with this one and it’s probably not the best idea to try it.



Unlike necrophilia, this sex fetish is legal and you can do it. It’s where people get their partners to be motionless and make no sound or movement during sex, it will give them that bit of satisfaction that you’re having sex with someone who’s not living. This isn’t really as popular as the others and is more put down to small groups of people. Some people even lay in cold water right before they have sex just to make it even more realistic.


Body piercings

This is a fetish some men don’t even know they have, it’s common for a man to fantasies about a girl with a lot of piercings, form nipples to nose and other parts of the body, this fetish starts quite soft but can end up being very hard-core and full, it’s not really a fetish that brings any more to a relationship but men will pick girls just on piercings alone. – Top 10 common and weird sex fetishes.

Top 10 common and weird sex fetishes.

Top 10 common and weird sex fetishes.

Top 10 common and weird sex fetishes. – We’ve had a lot of experience with BDSM and pegging and we now understand that a lot of couples do both of these. They can be quite hot and I do suppose you can’t knock it till you try it.  If you’ve got any other weird fetishes that you’ve tried or think need to be told put them in the comments. – Remember to share this post with friends and see what they think. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Top 10 common and weird sex fetishes.

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