Top 10 places that you should have sex

Top 10 places that you should have sex

Top 10 places that you should have sex.

Top 10 places that you should have sex. – Want to get more sex or add more excitement to bedtime fun? Well now you can! These are the top 10 places you should have sex, some are easy some are a little hard but all you should try to do and see how you get on with, it will take time but try to tick off these ten places and we guarantee you’ll be having more hot and spice sex after. – Remember to share as it helps us keep going. – Comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Top 10 places that you should have sex

1. Car.

Car sex is a must try and if you’ve never tried it then you’re missing out, it’s exciting and involves that you both be very close and very quick, it can be a great release while driving and will spice up your sex so much, the best way to do this is to find a quiet place maybe in a slipway or a part or country side just out of the way and then just both enjoy it and have a good time. you can try it on the back seats or do it on the front with the girl ridding and the boy sitting. Trust me this gets very sexual and fun.

2. Beach.

Beach is a place that most people fantasies about getting it on, if you live in a warm country this is easier and will make a lot more sense to try, just got to a really quite bit and maybe find some shelter and give it a go. Make sure it’s out the way and it can always be good to try it standing up first then maybe try bringing a towel for laying down. – This is the top 10 places that you should have sex.

3. Hotel balconie.

This is exciting and nuaghty, go on the balcony and just try having some fun, this is a massive turn on as you’re exposed and will have to do it quick, it should be a nice way to spice up sex and a great way to get some fire back into the bedroom. This only works if you’re on a high floor as if you’re low people on the ground will see and it might be a turn off. Just keep low and enjoy.

4. Friends house.

This takes a little nerve and a lot of luck, if you’re out somewhere and want to try something new then this is a great way of doing it, go round a friends for a night round there’s if you have friends like that and usually you’ll get your own room, you’ve got to keep the noise down while having fun, this is all part of the fun and will make for great sex.- This is top 10 places that you should have sex.

5. kitchen.

Just try somewhere new in your own home, easy as it seems the kitchen has loads of exciting things you can try, from having her on the surface,to the table, to the floor, while washing up 😉 there’s loads of fun ways you can do it and one involves the washing machine being on and her ontop of it.

6. Water bed.

This is a very hard thing to get but if you’re going away you can get hotel rooms with them in, they’re very fun and something so new that it will have you falling, bouncing and having great sex with each other in a matter of minutes. If you do this then there’s some brilliant tips online, they will tell you the best way to do it and the best positions. – Top 10 places that you should have sex.

7. Tent.

Again if you like the outside feeling then a tent is a great place to start, go camping for the weekend when it’s hot and have some sex in the tent, you’ll feel exposed and it will be really fun, you can be loud and stop and start as much as you want. It is a great experience and all couples should try it.

8. Shower.

Shower sex is amazing, if you want to have a slippery fun time, both go and wash each other and have some fun, you can get anti-spin stuff so it’s easier and you can get suction handles so you can do it in the shower without any risk and with more grip to thrust, some of the funnest sexual experiences I’ve had have been in the shower.

9. Bath.

Depending on the size of your bath this can be tricky. If you’ve got a big bath then just give this ago, try teasing each other and just having sex, this will be very hot and create a lot of pleasure for both of you, if you do it right this can lead to hot slippery sex then and after the bath. Must try for all men and women. – Top 10 places that you should have sex.

10. Swimming pool.

A pool is a very sexual place and if it’s just you too in there it’s more than enough to have some fun, you’ll be surprised at how sexual the pool can be, as you’re both light you can chuck her around and try things that you’ve neer done before, this is brilliant if you like to try new positions and there really is so many things you can try, you’ll find some way of having fun. – Top 10 places that you should have sex.

Top 10 places that you should have sex

Top 10 places that you should have sex

Top 10 places that you should have sex. – Some of these places really will make sex so much more fun and exciting. You’ve got to act a little more and just try and find something that makes you both turned on and will create hotter better sex. It’s all just playing out fantasies and getting excitement from them all. So be safe, careful and try something new today! – Remember comments are below and we’re more than happy to give you a hand with something. – Remember to share this post with the buttons below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Top 10 places that you should have sex.

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