Top 10 scariest male sex toys

Top 10 scariest male sex toys

Top 10 scariest male sex toys.

After being in sex toys for a while you see some really funny and damn right scary sex toys come and go, some are just weird-looking, others are fantasy driven and some are just unexplainable. Really these something that you will never be able to explain is what people think when they make some of these sex toys. So to scare all you men out there we’ve got the scariest male sex toys we could find and have used. – If you’ve got scarier then post below as we love to hear from you. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

 10. Betty Fat Girl Bouncer Doll.

Top 10 scariest male sex toys

I think we can all agree that this is messed up? I had to do some funny editing with this pictures to hide the boobs but on the other side this is crazy. This is a fat girl bouncer doll and you can get her for about 30 bucks it’s a sex doll and she has 30 holes you can use, mouth, vagina, and ass, if you’re into this kinda thing go for it.

Where to buy: Betty Fat Girl Bouncer Doll.

9. Realistic Life Size Love Doll

Top 10 scariest male sex toys

As a sex toy goes these aren’t to weird but in a way it’s messed up. This toy is so real it even has warming hands and vibrates in different places, again it’s got 3 holes and all are extremely real and in all honesty I feel so confused when I see a toy that warms it’s self up to feel even more like a real girl, if you go through the link there’s even more weird stuff like that.

Where to buy: Realistic Life Size Love Doll.

8. Thru-Hole Penis Plug

Top 10 scariest male sex toys

As we go on they’re going to get more and more messed up. This is personally something I will do my best to stay away from. You put it inside your penis and leave it in all day, it will give you a stretching feeling and apparently it feels orgasmic.

I’m very open-minded but come on! I mean I can’t imagine shoving something up my penis, that’s one place pleasure is not meant to go. If you ever see a guy with a massive penis opening, then you know what he’s into.

Where to buy: Thru-Hole Penis Plug

7. CB-6000 Designer Male Chastity Cage with Chrome Finish

Top 10 scariest male sex toys

Imagine you’ve just finished having sex with a girl you’ve just met, you’re a happy man maybe? Feeling good that you’ve just got laid! Then she offers a blow job, you accept. Bam she connects this to your penis and runs, what the f$#k would you do? Haha, this is made to stop you having sex and is a control factor among the BDSM groups, I think bondage is amazing just don’t involve penis locks and electric stuff.

Where to buy: CB-6000 Designer Male Chastity Cage with Chrome Finish.

6. ElectraStim Pure Vibes Anal Probe

Top 10 scariest male sex toys

It just got personal! This is an anal probe, they are very pleasurable for men and can be great… But, when you mix a butt plug with electric, something tells me it’s not going to go to well. This kinda toy takes balls to use and personally I’d be scared to have this near any part of my body.

Where to buy: ElectraStim Pure Vibes Anal Probe.

5. ElectraStim Uni-Polar 5mm Small Urethral Sound Probe

Top 10 scariest male sex toys

This is weird, you get this plus a main board and a second sound probe and then you insert them places both you and your partner then every time you touch you’ll get little electric shocks, they won’t hurt but still I found this very bazar.

Where to buy: ElectraStim Uni-Polar 5mm Small Urethral Sound Probe.

4. Perfect Fit 2 Inch Ball Stretcher

Top 10 scariest male sex toys

For you men who like your balls being played with! This toy takes a bigger man than I am, we sent this to a few reviewers a few months ago and they said it was amazing, but I can’t see myself putting that anywhere near my balls. You basically just pop your balls in and it stretches them :O

Where to buy: Perfect Fit 2 Inch Ball Stretcher.

3. ElectraStim Bi-Polar 7 Inch Electrosex Wave Metal Dildo

Top 10 scariest male sex toys

Another crazy toy that takes new levels of craziness to use. This is an electrical vibrator, it can be used anally and on a female and basically electrocutes you while you play with it, we have a lot of electric toys in this list as I once had a play with some and got a little scared, haha. What do you think about the Top 10 scariest male sex toys?

Where to buy: ElectraStim Bi-Polar 7 Inch Electrosex Wave Metal Dildo

2. Kinklab Wartenberg Wheel 7 Row Pinwheel

Top 10 scariest male sex toys

If you’re into pain this is a very interesting way to go about it, I have personally tried one of these and it wasn’t as bad as you’d think, it made my back tingle and felt good! That was until someone used it how it was meant to be used.. F$#k it’s painful when they want it to be, lets just say that. – This is the Top 10 scariest male sex toys which is the one you thinks best?

Where to buy: Kinklab Wartenberg Wheel 7 Row Pinwheel.

1. Real inflatable doll

Top 10 scariest male sex toys

Shit, how has it all just became so real, I missed out the part where this happened. This is a new type of sex toy created by japan that is so similar to a real girl who if you dress it right and took a good picture people would think it was real. The hands and feet are so real and it comes with heating rods to make it a real heat. It’s so real and if that’s what you’re looking for then this is the toy for you! – Top 10 scariest male sex toys.

Where to buy: Real inflatable doll.

Top 10 scariest male sex toys. – Making a post like this is the best, it’s funny to see just how weird some sex toys can be. I’ve used my fair share of sex toys and I honestly don’t think non of them could compare to how bad these are. It’s crazy to think what some people enjoy, I suppose everyone’s aloud their own types of pleasure. – Remember to follow/like us on social media and use the comment below to tell us what you think about it. If you need any help then just ask. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Top 10 scariest male sex toys.

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