Top 10 songs to listen when having sex

Top 10 songs to listen when having sex

Top 10 songs to listen when having sex

Sex to music is the best kind of sex! Agreed? Well we think there’s a music for every moment and sex is the best time to listen to music, it can help you move and help you get into rhythm and make sex a lot more fast or passionate. These are the top 10 sends that we love having sex too, so you can see what you think and tell us if you agree. – Remember to comment below if you’ve got a song you want to share with us. – Remember to hit them share buttons. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog

Marvin Gaye – Lets Get It On

Most of you guys will know this song and hopefully you’ll know the sexual power of it, it’s a very sexy and full song, great for sex and getting sext up too, god for not just starting sex but also ending sex. I highly recommend playing this while getting ready to have some fun, it will calm the mood down a little and make the sex a little more fun, that’s just what you need.

You may have also heard this song in countless love making scenes in movies, it just reayy is that good, tell us what you think. Would you listing to this song while having sex?

Goldfrapp – Ohh La La 

This is a little newer than most the songs on the list and has a very sexy vibe to it. It’s like no other in the sense of how weird it is. But, weird in the best pay possible, if you’re having some sex time then this is a great song to save for the middle, it should get you both worked up.

It’s well known too, your other half might have something to say about it after. – Top 10 songs to listen when having sex.

Ella Fitzgerald – Sunshine Of Your Love

If you’re into having slow, passionate sex then it’s a great idea to mix this song and the first and all the others that we mention like this song into one play list, they go really well together and will be hot from beginning to end.

This song had to be in here in my opinion and I’m glad it’s been added, it’s got a nice bit of soul and is also great for dancing round the room. It had to be in the Top 10 songs to listen when having sex in my opinion.

Kelly Rowland – Motivation

This is one of the ultimate sex songs, it’s a little new and not in the same league as the others, but this does hold some power in it’s own way, it’s a great song to get down and dirty too and the words are just as hot.

Good beat, medium speed vocals for speeding things up and just a good sex song. What do you think of this song? Do you think it should be in the list? Comment below and tell us :).

Usher – Make Love This Club

Getting even better now, nothing like a bit of Usher to get the hotness started, the words are hot and so’s the song, it’s a great song, not one of my favourites but still does the job and is a must to be in this list, I can’t complain when I say how well this song works.

So put it near the end or middle of the playlist, and feel that hotness build up when it plays, totally worth having.

Teddy Pendergrass – Turn Of The Lights

Mmm, we’re back to basics with this song, it’s just down to a good old track again. There’s something so hot about the older music for having sex, I’m not sure what it is. Personally I couldn’t imagine having great sex to any songs released this year.

Another one to add to the soulful list, this list will be so hot by the time we’re finished.

Rihanna – S&M

Every tried S&M? Well this could be a great song to do it too, get that sexual anger and take it out on your partner. 😉 Well this isn’t the normal kind of song we’d add to this list, just what it stands for makes it so hot and with a bit of Rihanna who can really complain?

It’s worth having in the list and is good for getting your rhythm in check, just make sure you don’t accidently start singing it.

Mayer Hawthorne – Don’t Turn The Lights Off

Another song about lights being on/off. This is a very sexy song and I don’t think anyone could fully disagree, it has that old school beat that just falls into place and makes sex fun, this is the kind of song the movies play and that automatically makes it super hot and very sexy. This is another song that had to be in the Top 10 songs to listen when having sex.

Curtis Mayfield – So In Love

Nothing is better than a bit of Curtis to get things going. This song is very fly and I don’t know how a man/woman could say no to anyone why this song is playing in the background, whether it’s a slow dance or while sex is in full swing this really is a go to song that always gets me going. – What do you think about the Top 10 songs to listen when having sex?

Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg – Je T’aime…. Moi Non Plus

This is very different to our other songs and really wanted to be in here just for the pure hotness of it, this might not go with the songs above but in it’s own little world this is one of the best. This is a Top 10 songs to listen when having sex and if you try with this song then you’ll end up pushing all the right buttons in my opinion.

Top 10 songs to listen when having sex

Top 10 songs to listen when having sex

Top 10 songs to listen when having sex – These songs are my personal favourites and they should get you in the mood, just create a playlist on YouTube and make it so it repeats and you can have your perfect action songs right there. – Remember to share this post with your other half and see what they think. – Comment if you want to add anything to the post and help us out even more.

Top 10 songs to listen when having sex

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