Top things that turn all women on.

Top things that turn all women on.

Top things that turn all women on.

Top things that turn all women on. – These things are what every woman gets turn on seeing, if you do, wear, say any of these things you’ll be in with a chance of taking her home or being stuck in her memory. This just our advice and hopefully it will help you. If you enjoy it leave a comment and remember to share as it’s awesome of you and will help us out. – Read this and be ready to be a real ladies man. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.
Top things that turn all women on.

 Dress sense. 

Suits, suits and more suits. I think it’s safe to say every lady has a thing for a man in a well fit suit. Whether you where it with cuffs, tie, open shirt, it all looks good and every lady will check out anyone who’s a teen or adult who’s wearing a suit. It’s something about being proper and a suit always looks good. – Top things that turn all women on.

Some tips on what to wear:


Just put on a nice pair of jeans some lace up’s or even normal black shoes and then a nice black shirt, you could go out anywhere with this and it really will look amazing and women will be looking at you all day.

Dressed up:

Get a nice suit jacket, and either jeans or suit pants, and then a nice white or black shirt depending on the suit jacket, 2 buttons undone and maybe a nice watch and shoes on. This is the ultimate wow he’s got it look and no matter where you are you’ll get attention. – Top things that turn all women on.



When a girl see’s a man open a door for someone or help someone out it’s a really attractive thing and will more than likely be a turn on. Inside a girls mind she will have a check list and you being nice to someone or being polite will mean your great to meet her parents and will automatically make her keep an eye on you.


– Always say please and thank you.

– Open doors for her and always let her enter a room first.

– Pull her chair out.

– Look at peoples eye’s when they talk to you.

– Most importantly don’t ask really personal questions when you first meet.

Making her laugh.

Yes brushing up on some jokes is a sure thing to a girls heart, if you’re funny and make jokes not about everything but about stuff that matters then you’ll have her turned on and in fits of laughter. Just have a good sense of humor and don’t be scared to make a joke even if it goes wrong you can still joke about it. Girls don’t like taking stuff too seriously so just chill and have some fun. – Top things that turn all women on.

– Watch some funny comedians.

Watch a few comedians that aren’t sexist and will tell some good jokes that everyone can get and laugh at,

– Watching comedy for a few hours a day will make you into a really funny guy.

Just chill out in your spare time or when you’re doing stuff just have it in the background and just work so you pick up some good jokes and you’ll have her in stitches if done right.


Most girls will admit a confident man who leads the way is a really big turn on and it’s not even that hard to really pull off, just talk and say hello to people and just don’t think to much about stuff, a confident man will go in for a kiss and if it goes wrong laugh about it and maybe express why it went wrong as a non confident man will never even go in for the kiss and can sometimes get friend zoned. – Top things that turn all women on.

Asking about them. 

They say when you meet someone it’s not what they say it’s how they say it, girls will love talking about themselves and if you let them then you’ll remain always on top form and you usually leave the being on top and having them thinking about you and maybe even feeling bad about not asking you, this is a great way to make a girl like you and do more than turn her on get her wanting to date you.


This is more about things to turn on all girls when you just see them but an amazing thin is touching their lower back, neck and thighs these all have lots of  nervous and still remain one of the quickest ways to make a girl et and turned on.

– Touching the neck is a sure thing every time.


whispering to a girl is an instant turn on and can even give them shivers down their body so it’s a great way to turn them on and keep them coming back, this is great for foreplay and when you’re trying to flirt.

Taking control.

The easiest way to get most girls turned on is to try some BDSM it sounds silly but there’s a fase going on and will be going on where the girls want men to just take complete control in the bedroom and leave everything up to them, it can do amazing things for you and her and if done right it can lead to some very spice bed time fun. – Top things that turn all women on.

Extra things:

– Being good with kids.

It’s a massive turn on for most women to see a man who gets on well with kids and looks after them, this is something that most men have to learn and in a girls genes her number on priority is to find a man who will be good to father a kid so if you have that ability you’ll be sorted. – Top things that turn all women on.

– Smiling.

Being a smiley person will get you far not just in relationships but in life so keep things like that happening and remember to keep smiling and every now and then have a cheeky grin at her 🙂

– Doing nice things when you don’t have too.

Being nice to her when you don’t need to and just getting flowers for her is a great way to show her some love and make her feel happy, something as easy as that will go along way.

– Smelling nice.

Something as simple as smelling nice is a huge benefit and a very good way to get attention, most women will never date a bad smelling man so keep that in mind. – Top things that turn all women on.


That was the top things that turn all women on. – This will help you to be a hit with the ladies and more of a ladies man than ever, just stay sharp and remember that you’re awesome. Having self respect is a big one and can go a long way not just with girls but with everyone. – Remember that we love earning from you so please comment below and just hit the share buttons and show some love to us. – Have an amazing day. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

Top things that turn all women on.

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