Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker Review

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Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker Review.

Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker is here because it’s a great toy and really fun to use! Today i’m going to tell you all about this sex toy and give you a full review. So I hope you enjoy and I hope it makes you picking a sex toy easier. – Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker review. To buy the Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker for the best price and free shipping go here: Tracy cox male masturbator.

Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker review


The Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker is at the hight of male masturebators and penis strockers this stroker is amazing for all kinds of sex whether it’s great solo play or adding something amazing to foreplay with your partner this sex toy has it all.
If you want to try the number one male stroker and see what all the fuss about the only way to go is the Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker.

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My Opinion:

The Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker Is a great stroker and brings some fun to the sex toy table. I am mike and I got this male masturbator sent to me by mr. fleshlight Thanks guys! I tested it in a few ways: on my own, with my partner, in foreplay and on cam sex after using it and really testing it out I made a good opinion so here it is:

On cam sex this adds a whole new level of fun! I work in away and so when I got the chance to call my partner and try this I was excited. Being the first review I have done wanted it to be good so tried a lot of areas on cam sex it’s great feels so like the real thing and made cam sex 1000x better for me the tightness and the inside texture made it really easy for me to cum the size made it really easy to control.
Now on my own I really tried using it and tested out somethings I found it was a great toy that could be used in multiple ways it also added something new to porn but shhh don’t want my partner finding out 😉 It does have a down side you need a lot of lube I tried two types and one you can get on mrmalesextoys it was the best and within seconds it felt amazing and stayed that was so not a problem at all.

Main one in foreplay I use this now all the time. My partner loves giving me a handjob with it and has now started giving me them loads more which is a massive win for me. It feels different that’s why she likes it and it’s a lot of fun to use she said. Also great for the nights she has a “headache” 😉 So my opinion is amazing. 

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Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker review

The Good:

– Ribbed feeling.

The ribbed feeling is a massive plus I’ve only had a few sex toys and to have this feeling made me get a shiver and I now use this most time I masturbate.

– Tightness

The tightness is perfect makes it feel even better than the real deal.

– Easy to use and quick.

It’s super easy to use and is really quick to get going there’s no need for instructions you’ll be on your way with this male sex toy in no time.

– Adds something for the partner to play with.

As I said my partner loved it and I started getting a lot more handjobs they said it was fun and that it adds something new to it.

– So easy to clean.

I see mr fleshlight always has a problem with cleaning so he’ll love this it takes seconds and couldn’t be easier.

– long lasting.

This toy I have used for a bit now most days and is still just like new looking at other people it seems like it stays this way for a long, long time.

Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker review

Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker review

The Bad:

There’s only really two little cons and they’re not deal breakers and really won’t matter in the long run.

– Needs lots of lube.

When I first got this I didn’t have a great lube It kept drying up once I got one of mr fleshlight the: Give Lube Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel Lubricant 100m It lasts ages and is slippery and so much fun to use and you can use it in sex too.

– A little noise.

It can make funny noises! Not anything that’s weird with sex toys though nothing that couldn’t be covered up.


Only: $39.99

Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker Review - Male Masturbator

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If you’re looking for a good male masturbator or stroker will be great for you. Even after doing this review I still use mine daily and will continue too, it feels great and is a lovely starter in the male sex toy game. You could use this sex toy if you was just starting out or had been for years because it’s so easy to use.
So If you’re looking for a well priced male masturbator and want something that’s full on amazing go for the Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker it will be the best choice you’ve made. Thanks mr fleshlight for the Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker loved reviewing it.


That was the Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker review we hope you liked it and hopefully it will make it easier to buy a male masturbator or some sort of great male sex toy. Check out our other reviews and products we have a few. Have a lovely day – MrMaleSexToys.

Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker Review

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