Ultimate Guide To Lasting In The Bedroom

Ultimate Guide To Lasting In The Bedroom

Ultimate Guide To Lasting In The Bedroom – It’s the most frustrating experience ever when you’re a few minutes maybe even less into sex and bam you cum, this has got to be the most annoy thing that can happen to a man, so after a while I felt like it was enough, it’s now time to do things differently. I decided to start testing some little tips that would help me last longer in the bedroom, after a few months of trial and error I finally found the perfect mix of love in order to last longer in bed and really enjoy the sex I was having without having to think of ugly people. – Sharing is caring, so once you’ve found out how to last longer in bed please share this advice. – Comment below if you want any more advice, I really love seeing comments and helping you guys out more. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Ultimate Guide To Lasting In The Bedroom


#1. Get Delay Spray

The first step is always to get some of this delay spray, it’ll usually do the trick. You just apply it to your penis around ten minutes before sex and then you’ll added around 20 minutes onto your sex time. This is usually the first place I send people who suffer with premature ejaculation, it’s a very quick fix and sorts out most of the problems instantly.

So far after using delay spray for a while I’ve found that this delay spray is the best, it works quickly, feels amazing and doesn’t have any negative effects.

This is the key that I say and if you’re looking for a real way to get rid of premature ejaculation you really have to try delay spray, you just can’t go wrong with it.


#2. Watch Porn

Watching porn desensitized your brain to sex, this can be a bad thing for men who have trouble getting erections, but to thoughts who’re just to stimulated at the though of sex then you need to just watch some porn, it’ll make your mind less shocked by sex and help you last longer, but it can also have negative effects on how hard your erection is and what the sex you’re having feels like, so be careful, because you don’t want to cause more problems by fixing one problem. I recommend the delay spray first.


#3. Get A Male Sex Toy

If you’re looking for a fun way to last longer in bed your best bet is to get a fleshlight. You can get an STU fleshlight that’ll take care of your pleasure while also taking care of your premature ejaculation. You just use the toy for ten to twenty minutes per day and within no time you’ll have succeed it.

So get yourself one of these STU’s and start living like a sex god today!


#4. Train Your Penis

By doing kegal excercise you can actually strengthen the power of your penis, giving you control over your erection, making it possible for you to train your penis to last longer in bed. Now what you’re learning to do is injaculate, this is something that takes a few weeks for some and a few months for others and with that power you’ll unlock multiple orgasms and a much better sex life.


#5. Wear A Cock Ring

You can just get yourself a cock ring, probably one of the easiest fixes when it comes to making you last longer in bed. You just apply a cock ring to your penis and then it’ll help you martian a strong erection, while also helping you last longer in bed. Two things that most men want help with and it gets even better as they vibrate as well. You can get the best vibrating cock ring here or an amazing normal cock ring here. 


#6. Don’t Think About It

Don’t think about it, there’s nothing that’ll help you while thinking about it. You need to just enjoy the sex, slow down, don’t rush and just don’t ignore whats going on. You don’t want to make it a problem, you just want enjoy the sex that’s going on and get it done.


#7. Wear A Condom

Wearing a condom can lower down the stimulation that’s felt while having sex, another great way to get the pleasure sorted. IF you’re looking for ways to enjoy sex, but last longer this is the way to do so.


#8. Breath In And Out 😉

Sometimes it can be as simple as being in and then breathing out. Try it next time you’re about to have an orgasm and see if it helps you. Just break in and then out and try to make yourself feel better.

You’re just trying to calm yourself down to stop you blowing your load.


#9. Have More Sex

The best fix is to just have more sex, if you’re having sex every single day then you’ll start lasting longer in bed within a week. Give it a try to see how much more sex will help you. You partner needs to help you and allow you the sexy time you need to get used to the pleasure and lower down your sensitivity to sex.


#10. Let Your Partner Help You

PArtners can help by communicating, going slow and understanding your problem. You don’t always need to last longer in bed for her to have a nice time and the quicker you understand that the better it’ll be for both of you. So communicate with her and work out what she really wants you to be like in bed, once you know you can start being more like that.


Ultimate Guide To Lasting In The Bedroom

Ultimate Guide To Lasting In The Bedroom

Ultimate Guide To Lasting In The Bedroom – There you have it. Not as hard as you thought in the beginning right? Sometimes things feel like they can’t be stopped, but once you start trust me the rest becomes easy. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as much as you can. – Comment below for more advice or to add something new to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Ultimate Guide To Lasting In The Bedroom

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