Ultimate Guide To Role play Cheating

Ultimate Guide To Role play Cheating

Ultimate Guide To Foreplay Cheating – Some people have the fantasy to cheat on someone for the thrill of it, this can sometimes destroy relationship, after relationship, so I’m here today to stop that ever being able to be the case. I’m going to teach you how to get the same thrill without ever actually having to do it. You will need a partner whose happy to be involved and you’ll have to know your limits, remember to get into the mode, but also be careful about your relationship. This will hopefully help you avoid cheating in real life, so it’s sometimes worth trying even if you don’t have the urge like some people. – This is the ultimate guide and in this guide you’ll learn how to get the seriously hot and exciting feeling that’s behind doing something extremely naughty. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you want to have a chat or want advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Ultimate Guide To Role play Cheating


#1. Get Some New Naughty Underwear 

I always start by getting some new naughty underwear, something that’ll really shock my partner. I’m a female so I usually go for this underwear. Once you buy the correct underwear you’ve now got to hide it from your partner. You don’t want him to see it to the night. You want him to think you’re a different women, so by wearing new underwear, something a little more saucy than normal you’ll get a much bigger reaction from him.

Men can also do this, get a nice pair of Calvin klein’s, all women love them…


#2. Don’t Have Sex With Your Partner A Week Before You Want To Play This Fantasy

You want to build up the sexual tension, also one week is the perfect amount of time to forget what your partner’s like, some couples do it for longer amounts of time, I personally avoid vaginal sex for about 20 day’s but we always have oral sex and touching till a week before.

It all depends on how much time you’ve got to prepare.


#3. Don’t Talk About It Once You’ve Planned It

Once you plan it you can’t talk about it, you’ve got to keep it a secret with each other. The only time you can talk about it is through text message. You want to make the experience as real as possible. Me and my partner never talk about it in person, only over text and once we meet on the date, we’re then in acting mode.


#4. Book A Hotel For the Night

My favourite nights are when we book a hotel, the first time you do it I recommend a nice hotel. It really makes the experience. Me and my partner stay in a hotel once per month and sometimes we can’t wait for that time of the month, so we then do it in the house, but act like our partners could be home any minute.


#5. Go To A Bar Separate

The last few times we’ve done it we’ve booked a hotel with a bar, that way we can easily get up to the room. Just be sure to always carry your key so that you can prove you’ve got a room.

Now it’s time for the fun to begin. The man should go and sort out the room, then time it so you go around 45 minutes after he leaves, that way he can sort the room out and then meet you in the bar. This part is important. I never meet my partner on the day of the role play. We only talk through text.

Tip: If the hotel makes you have a room key to enter, just meet outside and trade them, if a hotel does this then I usually get my partner to meet me in a bar instead, just so we don’t ruin the mood.


#6. Make Sure You Bring Condoms (The Fantasies Got To Be Real)

 Condoms make the experience, it can also make sex down the road even more intense. I always made my man wear condoms at the beginning of this role play mission. You want to trick your mind into making it as real as possible.

Condoms also help make the sex last that little bit longer.


#7. Dress To Impress, I always Recommend The Girl Wearing A Skirt

You want to look naughty, skirts are a great way to achieve that, it doesn’t have to be a short skirt, just a little more risky than normal. Something that allows easy access later on. The man can wear something smart, depending on where you’re going dress for the occasion.


#8. Don’t Touch Yourself For At least 4 Days Prior To The Date

For women I recommend to not touch yourself for at least a week maybe even more and for men you can’t do anything for at least 3 to 4 days before.


#9. You Both Need to Learn Some New Moves And Go That Extra Mile On The Night

I always learn new tips so it’s like my partner is having a new women, I recommend that both men and women do this. You want to impress your partner and to impress them you really need to go for it. Don’t be shy, remember this is all acting so you can be as naughty, dirty and as playful as you want.


#10. Don’t Ever Talk About It In Your Real Life, Only Over Text

As I’ve mentioned before, you never want to talk about it in real life. It ruins it if you’re talking about it in real life. You need to keep it all over text, make sure you delete the texts, you’re trying to be secretive about it. It really completes the fantasy.

If you do all of the above, I guarantee you’ll have the most explosive sex ever. You can then go on holiday for weekends of excitement, it’s just like being in a new relationship.

Ultimate Guide To Role play Cheating

Ultimate Guide To Role play Cheating


Ultimate Guide To Foreplay Cheating – Always be extremely carefully about your partner and remember to never really cheat, even though you might think it’s okay, it seriously never is and it will destroy your whole relationship. – So stick to this excitement and make the most of this orgasmic fun. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you want a chat. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Ultimate Guide To Foreplay Cheating

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