Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender Review.

Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender 7 Inch

Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender Review.

Vixen Colossus a very good penis extender maybe the best? We will let you make your mind up with our review of the vixon colossus penis extender here’s our review and advice on this penis extender.

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Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender 7 Inch

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With the vixen colossus vixskin penis extender you can increase your penis length and girth instantly! With it’s textured life like feel and ultra-realistic silicone design it will feel just like you but bigger.This toy will give you a nice 6 inch boost to your length.

Key features of the vixen colossus:

– Veins

The veins are so life like and real it’s so nice and different, also if your partner has got a thing for veins this will be a big turn on.

– Large, life like head

The penis head is so life like along with the whole penis it’s so life like I don’t think a girl could tell the difference.

– best quality silicone

The silicone is such high quality! You can really feel how amazing it is when you try it on and get going this isn’t a cheap toy this is the best penis extension.

– stretch ball support

Again looking at this penis extension I was worried about my balls if they’d be comfortable. It turns out this toy fits lovely and is stretchy so takes away that problem.

Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender Review.


Length: 9.5

Insertable Length 7 Inches

Circumference 7 Inches.

Internal length 6 inches.


My Opinion: 

Very Impressed. This is taking both our words, my partner couldn’t get enough of this toy whether we was acting out her fantasy’s or just adding a bit of confidence it was all round great. My thoughts are the vixen colossus is an amazing penis extension it feels just like the real thing my partner didn’t even know it wasn’t it felt the same only bigger. It feels and looks the same as a penis and really doesn’t look out of place which is a huge pluss with a penise extender. This will change your bedroom fun forever and really add something to special nights in.

The feeling for me.

A big stress with buying this kind of toy is how it will feel on you and whether you’ll be able to have nice sex. This felt amazing it was just like wearing a condom I was worried I wouldn’t be able to feel much given the size but put it on started going and it was just like a condom I came and so did my partner so can’t recommend it enough.

The Good.

I could go on all day about the good on this penis extension but here is a breakdown.

– The feeling for him and for her

– Life likeness

– How much it changed my sex fun.

– easy to clean

The bad.

To be really honest there isn’t any bad. Sounds silly the only thing I can really think of is the price but if we’re real it’s not a lot. Most men would pay 145$ to have a 7 inch cock well those who didn’t already have one. So for that price it’s a steal.


Only: $144.99

Link to cheapest place to buy. 

Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender Review.I hope you enjoyed the review of the vixen colossus vixskin penis extender we really love this toy and our happy to say it’s one of our new favourites and is worth a lot in the bedroom. If you want to try something new this is really the way to go and it is for the price as good as it gets. Have a lovely day and check back for more reviews on the best male sex toys.

Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender.


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