Waterproof Flexible Vibrating Anal Probe Review

Waterproof Flexible Vibrating Anal Probe Review

Waterproof Flexible Vibrating Anal Probe Review

This is something unusual and we’ve not really had too many probes in for review, we haven’t really had to many people who get them. This is the ideal simulator for both men and women and it will stimulate all them sweet spots. It comes at a great price and that’s one of the reasons we wanted to review it and see if it lives up to the name, it’s getting a lot of press and we will help tell you if it’s worth buying. – Remember to comment below and if you’ve got anything to say then tell us. – Sharing is caring so please share and get this post out there. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Waterproof Flexible Vibrating Anal Probe Review

Product Description for the Waterproof Flexible Vibrating Anal Probe:

 Hit all your pleasure zones with this flexible anal probe. The four smooth beads will massage your sweet spots and leave you with deep, powerful, waves of pleasure.

The first bead is designed to make insertion easy and then after that you’ve got 3 circular beads that will make your sex even better.

The shaft is firm enough to insert with easy and easy enough to move into them places that you want to be pleasured.

The design is long enough to be gripped easily and used however you please with ease.

It comes with multi speed vibrations and an easy to use twist base where you can control power/speed and get exactly what you want.

If you want even better play then get some anal lube so you can enjoy this toy even more and hopefully get pushed closer towards that orgasm.

The material is PVC and the toy is waterproof, bath play is on the cards.

The length is 8.3 inches but it’s insertable up to 5.2 inches, a nice size for beginners/intermediates. And finally the circumference is 3.3 inches, again a great sex, lots of pleasure mixed with the vibrations and very easy to use and enjoy at that size. – This is the Waterproof Flexible Vibrating Anal Probe Review.

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Waterproof Flexible Vibrating Anal Probe Review

My Opinion of the Waterproof Flexible Vibrating Anal Probe:

 Time to explore some anal sex I guess. To review this I got my play partner and we had some fun.

This is probably my 3 toy I’ve ever used anal and I wanted it to be fun, I got one of my sex friends to come and help me out, we’re basically dating, but not quite there yet.

She wanted to try it first so I let her, we inserted it after applying lube, she started getting pleasure and when I went inside her, while this was working it drove her crazy.

I have never felt a girl be so wet before. A huge plus to using this toy on a girl is you feel the vibrations while in her vagina. It’s a bit weird to explain, I could feel the vibrations while she was riding me all through my penis very good fun and something everyone should try.

After she went I gave it a go. I lubed up and wanted to see what it felt like on my side.

After inserting I just left it in places and let the vibrations do their thing. I’m trying to think of something I can match the pleasure to but, I just can’t think of anything.

It was very orgasmic and mixed with masturbation I couldn’t last more than 5 minutes using this. So as I’ve had a lot of fun I would recommend it.

It’s very easy to clean, it’s waterproof so I just wash it like my other toys.

The only thing that happens to me sometimes is the bas gets a little hard to turn when I’m in mid flow. The toy is great and worth a try.

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Waterproof Flexible Vibrating Anal Probe Review

The Good


The first bead is easy to insert and then all the other just pop in right after. Having them inside is great fun and really drives me wild.


The vibrations are key to making this toy a great toy, they take it from normal to amazing instantly. I think both men and women will agree with that.

Good for men and women.

The toy is made for both men and women and can be used easily by both with loads of pleasure.

I’m a beginner.

It is suitable for a beginner just trying out toys looking for a good one, it’s not hard to use and really didn’t take me any skill.

The Bad

Can be hard to change vibration.

The twist changed can sometimes be a little hard to use, I didn’t find to much of a problem with it, but I’ve heard others are finding it a little hard to use when they’re near orgasm.


Probes are amazing, not sure why people don’t use them more often, I feel like I’ve missed out on loads of anal play through my life, it’s good I’m finally unlocking it and I really am excited to use this toy again and again, on both me and my play girl! I think most men will agree when it comes to using a toy like this, it’s all about the P-spot and as this does a great job of getting right in there! I think if you want a toy that’s going to stimulate you anally and can be used for both boys and girls, this one is worth a try.

Waterproof Flexible Vibrating Anal Probe Review

Where to buy: Waterproof Flexible Vibrating Anal Probe

Price: $19.99 

This is the Waterproof Flexible Vibrating Anal Probe Review – I hope you enjoyed this post and it will have hopefully taught you a little about this anal probe. We love to help out and if you’ve got just one second then click the share buttons, it helps support us and makes us little sex geeks happy. – Comments are below if you’ve got any questions for us to answer. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Waterproof Flexible Vibrating Anal Probe Review

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