Ways To Have Sex If You’re A 40 Year Old Virgin

Ways To Have Sex If You're A 40 Year Old Virgin

Ways To Have Sex If You’re A 40 Year Old Virgin

Sometimes sex is a must and people really don’t know where to start, it could be a lot of bad timing or insecurities that have stopped you from finding the one. Now it’s not always going to be easy and you’ll probably not find the one by using this list, you will how ever find out how to meet people who want sex and learn how to release the tension by having fake sex, this will make life a lot easier and relive some of that all so stressful pressure that most men have. This is amid at men but you could just change it to fit a girl if you use your mind and google. – Remember sharing is caring so help others by sharing below. – Disclosure: We use likes to affiliate sites where we get a commission without costing you anything. – Comment below if you’ve got anything more to add. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

Ways To Have Sex If You're A 40 Year Old Virgin


Sometimes it can feel like sex is never going to happen and that we just want to have it so it’s over.

Okay well if all you think about is sex it’s going to be hard to get it, it’s usually when people don’t think about it to much they end up getting it.

Now if you’re 18 or under and reading this then turn away, you have nothing to worry about and as long as you’re patient and wait your turn it will happen, that’s no need to rush and once it’s happened you’ll never think about before it happened.

It can sometimes seem likes it so hard away and it’s not going to happen.

Well I’m going to teach you a few ways that will get you sex or help you easy the wait.



Okay sex is pretty amazing, but you have to understand there’s a certain hype to it that ends up letting certain people down, taking your time really is the key.

Don’t spend your whole youth worrying about it, it’s not worth it and won’t get you anywhere.

Also women don’t like men who only want sex, always keep that in mind, a nice women doesn’t want to rush things.

Lower standards, this is the most simple and effective one. I’m not saying you can’t get what you want in life, but sometimes it’s hard to fall in love if all you care about is girls who look like models, there a small % or the world and you’ll basically lower the chances of it happening.



Okay here some options for you to take, some we recommend and others are just there for the sake of it, this is just so we had everything in the list. – Remember to pay attention to the Ways To Have Sex If You’re A 40 Year Old Virgin as it could help you out.


Pay for sex

Okay one of the biggest and most popular ways of getting sex when you can’t is to pay for it, this way has been used on a few men and personally I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s not going to be romantic and the person you’ll be dealing with will most likely have had a few people just like you,it won’t be special and it will probably ruin the sex.

This is a last option and something I would only use if I couldn’t think of any other way to give it a go.


Sex toy

Okay a great way to hold down your need is to get a sex toy, you can get a sex toy like this and it will feel the same as real sex, that’s perfect if you want real sex and will help you just release some of that tension which is always a good idea.

It’s not hard to get one and it’s a great place to start if you want to feel what sex feels like while you wait. There also a lot better than hands so if you use them you’ll turn porn and other things into a lot more fun.


Using Dating Sites

Okay if you want to meet someone and have sex there’s loads of sites that will help you, you’ve got dating sites for meeting someone and falling in love like POF which is free and then you’ve got others which are just for sex, there’s loads of dating sites which are just for meeting people and having sex.

Depending on what you want you’ll most likely find something and someone to help you out, I recommend the dating site more as it’s a little more safe and will be nicer.


Use forums

If you want you can use a forum, if you’re a fan of something you can look it up, join a forum and look for other women who like what you like, there’s naughty forums for meeting people too so if that’s what you want, I’m sure there will be something out there for you, so just keep an open mind and be ready for it.

I would say this way takes the longest and you need to be very careful and use a lot of common sense when it comes to it. Don’t rush and make sure you take your time. – This is Ways To Have Sex If You’re A 40 Year Old Virgin and I hope you’re enjoying it.


Social apps 

There’s things like tinder and other phone apps that will help you meet people in your area, these can work really well and a lot of people have meet and started talking which is always good.

Just keep an open mind and make sure you try as much as you can, I’m sure there will be something out there for you if you look hard enough.

Ways To Have Sex If You're A 40 Year Old Virgin

Ways To Have Sex If You’re A 40 Year Old Virgin

Ways To Have Sex If You’re A 40 Year Old Virgin – Hope you enjoyed it and if you want any help or advice then please just use the comments below, this will help us help you even more. – Share by hitting them buttons below. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

Ways To Have Sex If You’re A 40 Year Old Virgin

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