What Women Look For In A Husband

What Women Look For In A Husband

What Women Look For In A Husband – Have you ever had a women tell you that you’re not husband material? I have and after I was confused, I had a think and I thought about what it could mean, I eventually found out and changed the game, I know am husband material, but also have that bad boy inside me, the best mix. I’m going to show you how you can achieve what I did and really drive women crazy, you need to go for it and work hard to achieve this. – Sharing is caring, if you want to add anything to this article then be sure to comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

What Women Look For In A Husband


A good earner who can provide

Without even knowing women are looking for someone who’s got a good plan and earns money or at least will earn money in the future. Even women who claim that money isn’t important will still look for a man with money without even meaning too.

If you’ve got a nice job or the possibility of a nice job then you’re going to be a lot more able to impress a women. It’s not all about money, but it will make the chances of her wanting you as a husband a lot higher.

Quick bit of knowledge: Men don’t care about a woman’s money, infact men usually go for women who’re less wealthy than themselves because girls with money appear more scary to be with.


Someone whose good with kids

If you’re good with kids then the woman will be a lot more attracted to you. I’ll explain this theory, once me and my friend went out with his baby and went to a few different events. We got so much attention from women it was crazy. Without even knowing the women are attracted to someone who’s mature enough to look after and be good with kids. If you don’t believe me then just look at a mate who’s got a kid and see the attention he has around him.


Someone who they can trust

Trust is the most important things in a relationship, the more trust you’ve got in a relationship the better it will be. If you’ve broke her trust on more than one occasion and she’s deemed you unreliable then you’re going to have a hard time showing that you’re husband material.

Women like man they can count on and trust, so if you want a girl to really want you then gain and try to never break her trust.


Doesn’t care how they look without make up

This is little but means a lot. Women love to wear makeup, but getting up at 7am to put it on before you get up is a little silly. Women want someone who doesn’t mind them without make up and enjoys their attention. Provide this and you’ll be grand.


Has a plan for what he wants in the future

MEn need to have a clear plan what they want to do in the future, if you’re lost and don’t know where you’re going then it’s going to be hard for a girl to put trust into you. Create a plan and have a really good idea where you want to go with your life, if you get that then you’ll seem a lot more attractive to a girl. Women love a man who’s passionate and does what he says.


Clean and tidy

You don’t have to be massively clean, but it helps if you’re tidy, women can sometimes be messy and they enjoy someone who’s clean, but doesn’t mind their mess, it’s hard to explain and I can’t really explain what I mean. You’ll probably understand if you’ve lived with a girl for a few months.


Cooks a nice meal and then does the washing up

Look there’s a lot of power to a man who knows how to cook a real meal and do the washing up after. I’ve had women amazed with this. Just learn how to make a nice meal, something like mac and cheese, or fajita, something that you know she’ll love.

Then after you’ve done this nice meal just let her put her feet up and do the washing up, it’s a small price to pay for an easy relationship, trust me.


Likes their friends but doesn’t find them attractive

Look you need to get on with her friends even the annoying ones. You’ll also need to not be attracted to them, you don’t want to be even a slight bit of flirty with them. It’s always a bad idea and it’s a big red flag. You’ve also got to understand how annoyed you’d get if she flirted with one of your friends. So think about your actions and be careful with what you do and how you do it.


Looks after themselves

Girls love a man who looks after himself and I mean body wise, hair wise, health wise, everything. Girls love a man who gets things done for himself and doesn’t take no for an answer. Give it a try, I really recommend  going on a run a few times per week and putting some effort into yourself and what you look and feel like. It will make you happier and make life easier. Give it a try to see what you think about it.

What Women Look For In A Husband

What Women Look For In A Husband

What Women Look For In A Husband – You need to be there for her and gain trust, that’s the main thing they look for. It’s sometimes hard to make a girl fall for you, but once you do you’ll be able to play her and make her want you a lot more. – Comment below, sharing is caring, if you found this useful then please share it as much as you possibly can. – Check out our other dating tips. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

What Women Look For In A Husband

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