Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review

Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review

Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review.

Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review. – Want to have the best cleaning you can? Well today we tell you exactly why you should or shouldn’t get this anal douche, we tell you everything you need to know and hopefully will help you make a decision on it. We go through the good and bad and also have a breakdown at the bottom. – Remember to share as it’s caring and comment if you need any help or advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.

Product Description:

Want to get as clean as possible? Well with the Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit that’s never been so easy. This anal douche with release a fountain of clans and will not just get you’re a little it will get all of it, stays with the general head to get the normal cleanliness then turn to the whirl head to get all the sides and make sure that you stay clean for longer. If you want a douche that will take all the scariness out of anal sex and make it so it’s never messy for you then this is it. This anal douche is quick and easy and from start to finish it won’t take you longer than a few seconds.

It can take up to 200mls in one squirt and that’s plenty to assure you get a great anal clean and remain feeling fresh for the day and the night. This isn’t just a normal anal douche it will clean you better and no matter whether you’re using anal toys or having a partner this will be the best anal douche for you. So don’t waste time get your anal douche now. – Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review.

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 Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review

My Opinion:

Fan of anal sex? You need the Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit in your life. I’m a big fan of anal sex with my partner and with toys, me and her started about a year ago and have learnt a lot of tips and ticks one of the biggest is her being clean and there’s one reason to this, girls can’t relax neither can boys when they’re not clean, so something as simple as buying the whirling douche will make anal sex a whole not better, it did for mr. – Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review.

Is this any good?

Yes, so far this has been my favourite anal douche and it’s because it has the variation of the whirl tip and the normal tip, this make a difference and leave me and my partner both really clean and feeling good, it’s also great for people who like that ultra clean feeling and once you start using it, it becomes so easy and quick. If you use toys this is also a much too as it will just keep you clean for hours and hours well until you got to the toilet usually so it’s great for them long nights of fun,

It’s really simple to use and only took me about 45 seconds or so to get completely clean, you’ve just got to fill with water, add a little lube, put it in, and sit on he toilet, then just squeeze the water in and push out, repeat till you’re clean it usually takes anywhere from 1 to 3 goes, usually 2. Not hard right? And if you’re a beginner the first tip is perfect and will be completely comfortable for you. Another huge reason to get this one is there’s no bits that will catch your sensitive spots, I’ve had a few douches that weren’t as smooth and sometimes caused me pain. This did no such thing and all in all is great. – Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review

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 Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review

The Good:

– Well made.

There’s no roughness or anything that would cause any kind of discomfort.

– Easy to use.

Anyone could use this and be clean within minutes, it’s very easy and I explained above if you want more help.

– Does the job.

It will do the job and it keeps me clean for hours after and never get a problem with anal toys or play while using it.

– Great capacity.

It can clean you in one blast and that’s because one it’s well designed and two because of how much water it can hold.

– Good for beginners.

If you’re a beginner looking to join the world of anal play this really is the way to go and you really need an anal douche of some kind.

The Bad:


The packaging is a little random and a bit rubbish, could have been nicer. That’s not a big deal or even a reason not to get it though.


This is a very good anal douche and if that’s what you’re looking for it’s the best, you really don’t want to go into anal play without one of these and if you use it, it will keep you clean for hours and hours, it’s a great anal douche and is smooth as you like so there’s no pain or anything that will stop you using it, just apply a little lube and you’ll be ready to go, as easy as that. It’s great for both beginners and regular anal users, must have for anal play. – Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review.

Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review

Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review

Where to buy: Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit.

Price: $19.99. 

That was the Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review. – This is a great anal cleaner and is brilliant for people who have regular anal sex, I don’t think it gets much better for cleaning than this anal douche it cleans it and makes it stay clean which is a very important thing to have with an anal douche so if that’s what you’re looking for this will be perfect. – Remember free shipping if you spend over $40. – Sharing makes us happy so please share. – MR Male Sex Toys Reviews.

Whirling Spray Anal Douche Kit Review.

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