Why man want anal sex so much

Why man want anal sex so much.




Why man want anal sex so much. – Most women know that men want anal sex and you guys all wonder why it’s such an important thing and why most guys try their luck so much with it, well we put together some reasons why ta man loves anal sex and why he will keep bugging you till he gets it. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Why man want anal sex so much

 Where it starts:

Most women at some point in there life will most likely be with a man who wants or asks for anal sex and this isn’t unusually there’s some real reasons why they like it and why they won’t stop at no to get it.

The start:

As times go on men are become more butt and less boobs, boobs are important but even if you look at 10 years ago women would have been offended if you said their butt looked big and no thats a massive complement and most women love to hear there butt looks big, so as that changes so do men and that’s one of the massive reasons men want to try it. – Why man want anal sex so much.

The bigger reason why men want it.

Because no man has been there. This is usually why most men will want to try anal sex, most women have had sex but not very many have tried anal so if he gets you doing that then it will be one of the firsts you’ve had with each other. Also means no man has gone there so there’s nothing to live up and he will be your best without even trying. That’s one of the main reasons.

Want it can’t have it. 

Another reason why men want anal sex so bad is because it’s like a hidden hole and it’s there but there not allowed it, how much sweeter does that chocolate taste when you’re not ament to eat it? And how much do you want to eat it when it’s their but you can’t have it? That’s the same as anal sex, a good way of imagining it is lets say a man had two penises and one was he’s normal one and the other one was a little bigger and you couldn’t have it, it was there but you wasn’t allowed to try it? Most girls would be drove crazy, it’s a bit off a different ball game but that’s another reason. – Why man want anal sex so much.

 Being close.

There’ a bond that people who have anal sex have, because not many people try it, it put’s you above the rest and gives you something naughty and soucy about your sex life, that one makes you closer and two makes more sex happen because of how turned on with the idea you can make him. So it’s not always about just the sex it can be about the closeness you’ll share together.

Why man want anal sex so much


Some guys love the work it takes and how easy and gentle you’ve got to be, this can be a massive turn on and can change the whole dynamic of sex, he’s now got to let you take control and apply lube, clean, all things like that, it’s all part of the attraction.


Some men just want to much porn, most men once they’ve watched a lot of normal porn they’ll give anal a try as the next level and then after watching it so much they see how much girls “like it” and want to try it, it’s not true that girls hate anal it’s just not true that they love it. If done right it can be a big turn on for some girls and easily lead to multiple orgasms but not something that girls will be queuing to try. – Why man want anal sex so much.


Some men just like it, some men do it for pleasure, and some for intimacy, the only thing matters is if you want it to happen and enjoy it yourself, anal sex can be fun and if done right there’s no worries attached and you won’t have to worry about all the myths and things happening that are not ament too. If you don’t want anal sex then maybe wait as it you need to relax and be open minded to enjoy otherwise it will most likely fail right away. We’ve got loads of anal sex tips on this site so if you want any more advice then just check them out as it will make your anal sex a lot more safe and fun. – Why man want anal sex so much.

Why man want anal sex so much

Why man want anal sex so much

Why man want anal sex so much. – This is something women and men should both read as a way to understand. Most men will try it and it can become a regular thing if you both enjoy it, but as they say it takes two to tango so you both have to be committed and wanting it otherwise it won’t work or feel as good. – Please share. Mr Male Sex Toys Blog

Why man want anal sex so much.

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